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Recent content by Dr.feelgood

  1. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Airborn Disc Golf - Lynx

    3.50 star(s) Shorter, but comparable - decent shot variety - some water hazards - great baskets - scenic - easy to navigate - expensive - minimal elevation change - not many obstacles This course is a good alternative to the Timberwolf one if you can't throw as far, or just prefer shorter holes. Some...
  2. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course C.P. Adams Park

    3.00 star(s) Could be great - Mix of wooded and open holes - Mix of short and long holes - Several holes have significant elevation changes - Teepads were large and in good shape - Difficult to navigate - Signs don't tell you where the basket is - Many holes involve throwing over walking paths -...
  3. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Kenwood Trails DGC

    4.50 star(s) Championship Level - Shot variety - Challenge - Good tees and baskets - Easy to navigate - Few opportunities to use distance drivers Very good course. Most holes are challenging, but not unfair. Some of the holes are open, but for the most part, it's in the woods. Real par 4s that require set...
  4. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Alimagnet Lake Park DGC

    2.50 star(s) No long holes - Some variety - difficult to lose a disc - pretty easy - no long holes - difficult to navigate Not a bad course if you're in the area. There weren't any opportunities to use a distance driver, and I only needed a fairway driver a couple times. There are a lot of mostly open short...
  5. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Bear Cave Park

    3.50 star(s) Best course in the area - good shot variety - mix of wooded and more open holes - bathrooms - pars are off - can be confusing to navigate - inconsistent tee signs Overall, good course with a mix of short, long, technical, and open holes. Most of the holes were challenging without seeming...
  6. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Hyland Hills Ski Area - 18

    4.00 star(s) Fun course if you've got the arm -good baskets -lots of long drives -elevation change -scenery -usually not very busy -good tees -chalet open most of the time -Porta potties -hiking paths -chalet closed sometimes -can be easy to lose a disc in some spots -pars seem off I really like this...
  7. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Todd Park

    3.50 star(s) Long and hard -Only a few easy holes. With the exception of the first two, every hole requires you to hit a gap. No easy birdies or ace runs. - 2+ hours of play (if you don't lose a disc). - Water hazard on a couple holes. (water is usually, but not always clear enough to find discs easily)...
  8. Dr.feelgood

    Review by Dr.feelgood in course Tall Grass DGC

    2.50 star(s) Expensive -Good shot variety. Mix of wooded holes and open shots with some elevation changes. Mix of short and long holes. Had to drive with almost every disc in my bag. -difficulty. The course offered a good mix of difficulty with some difficult pars and some birdie shots. None of the holes...
  9. Dr.feelgood

    [Latitude] Diamond (in the rough?)

    I would love a stiletto os. 300 feet is just too far for a distance driver.
  10. Dr.feelgood

    [Compare] Mako3 or Prodigy M4

    The m4 holds any line you put it on. When thrown flat it holds a nice anhyzer all the way to the ground without cut rolling. I can also hyzer flip it for some nice distance. I don't have any experience with the mako tho.
  11. Dr.feelgood

    [Prodigy] 300 Mids

  12. Dr.feelgood

    [Prodigy] 300 Mids

    Isn't this thread called 300 MIDS?
  13. Dr.feelgood

    [Prodigy] F-series drivers are out

    I've only baged the f2 so far. But I'm sure I'll be getting an f1 and f7 eventually. still deciding between the f3 or patriot.
  14. Dr.feelgood

    [Compare] What am I missing?

    As much as I like prodigy, the m1 isn't nearly that stable.
  15. Dr.feelgood

    [Putters] best putter (read first)

    I already know that the best putter is the one that feels most comfortable and you have the most experience with, but I'm training a new player and every putter feels the same to them. So I essentially have the ability to decide what putter they'll be using. with this in mind what putter do you...