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    [Other] Kastaplast

    Bought one, here's my review based on around 10 throws: Not as much turn as Stig, not as overstable as the older original Kaxe's (or so I assume), pairs nicely with the former.
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    [Other] Kastaplast

    Sad to be the messenger but Finland's Powergrip has the retooled ones on preorder, release ninth of November, the description says "this remade Kaxe has better glide than the original and bit less fade". So looks like New Kaxe is old Kaxe Z?
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    [Other] Berg-X

    Yup watched a couple videos, seems like it's just a Berger Berg. Might pick one up when they make some blue soft K1's, I like em Bergs on stable side.
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    [MVP] Streamline Drift

    Been digging the Drift lately. Bought some OTB Ohms and Echos during the summer and picked up some Drifts to go along with them, three protons with mild dome each. Pretty straight disc, if I give it slight hyzer it rarely flips over with my handspeed. Thrown with little anhyzer it goes ways...
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    [Other] Kastaplast

    Any Kastaplast experts here? This summer we played the Järva over at Sweden, on same trip I bought some kasta discs from the club house to test out. Turns out they're pretty nice. However the Kaxe(K1 plastic) does not seem true to it's numbers(6 4 0 3), bit too straight. Anyone know which...
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    UDISC ups price to $30/year - does DGCR still have a free mobile app for scorekeeping?

    The euro price is actually 35€ yearly. And you cant buy it for 1 month / quartely / etc, I usually have 5-6 month break during the winter so this is 👎🏻
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    Im from Finland so my local dealer, Powergrip.
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    FinHatch ITB

    Summer simplifying: Putting: K3 Berg(174g) Throwing putters: K1 soft Berg(173g) eclipse glow Envy(176g) neutron Watt(172g) Mids: eclipse glow Reactor(178g) (overstable) prism plasma Hex(170g) beat up flat top KC Roc (180g) (straight/turnovers) Drivers: neutron Resistor(168g) (overstable...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    Dropped the Proxy for now, Watt is so **** neutral disc. And it was in top 3 favourite discs of my bag too :\
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    My soft neutron Proxy is on the stable side so it has bit more fade in the end, thus sacrificing a hint of distance. But I couldnt get that big of difference in the distances. Biggest bonus so far is that I can use same grip with the Watt that I use with Envy/Proxy, Glitch feels bit too deep...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    Just got mine and couple throws on the field, pink 172g stock neutron, flywise it's between my Glitch and soft neutron Proxy, flies far. dare I say its the Comet of putters :popcorn:
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    [Drivers] Streamline Lift

    Yeah. To my experience, from most to least stable Lifts: eclipse -> cosmic neutron/neutron -> proton (dunno about stock runs, only thrown the SE ones). My (ordinary runs) Insanities have all been less stable than any of those
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    [Drivers] Streamline Lift

    Never thrown those Millenium discs but my proton Lifts fly very similarly to my old beat up plasma Volt, if I some day lose my Volt I know my replacement disc.
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    [Discmania] FD1 Stable Fairway 7 | 4 | 0 | 2

    So lets recap. First there was the original FD2. I recall it didnt have good glide and was pretty fadey. So no Teebird by any means. So few years pass and they tweak the mold, these new version FD2 included the Konopiste shimmer FD2 and glow Royal rage FD2. More glide and then a decent fade...
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    [Drivers] Closest thing to krait

    I currently bag a Trace and have thrown some Wraiths and one Krait. Trace is less stable Wraith and if you buy one in plasma plastic/lighter weight its another notch less stable.