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    A case for disc rollback

    Gold level, +10,000 foot courses are fine for pros, but I have no desire to see one in my area. Even when I did play Maple Hill & Idlewild I didn't play the pro configuration as I had no desire to destroy my arm throwing as hard as I could every time. I agree that the pendulum is swinging back...
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    A case for disc rollback

    I think the main reason ball golf is looking at this because most courses don't have the room to expand, not necessarily to keep scores down. Yes, players are definitely hitting the ball a lot farther than a generation ago.
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    Stop asking if you are outside the circle!

    I love when someone is about 45 feet out and asks "am I in or out?" I love it! I also love when someone is at 28-30 feet and they ask if they are in or out and I say "in" and they get mad. I love it!
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    Another tee pad thread.

    Very interesting indeed! Does anyone happen to know the square foot cost on this material?
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    Mapping Out Woods for Tee Signs

    Hole #3 is roughly twice as long as hole #6, but the images are basically the same size.
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    Mapping Out Woods for Tee Signs

    I would not consider this. The images used on your tee signs should all be the same size whether it's a satellite photo, drawn image or whatever. The image for a 200 foot hole should not be smaller than the image for a 500 foot hole. When a player sees the distance for a hole they will figure...
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    Proposed rule changes for 2024

    I would like to see a rule change for situations where a disc falls through the bottom of the basket/tray as happened to Corey Ellis.
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    Cold weather gloves ?

    Good quality mittens are the way to go. They go on and off easily and are much warmer than gloves. You can probably fit a hand warmer inside. I have played many times when it is under 20 degrees with no problem and I don't use a hand warmer.
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    Proposed rule changes for 2024

    1. pulling out the card, writing down 4 scores, putting it away: 15-20 seconds. 2. pulling out a cellphone, opening up an app, punching in 4 scores: 20-25 seconds.
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    [Innova] Innova Rollo

    Can you explain what kind of crazy flights you got? Do you see a real use for this or will it be too flippy for most players?
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    Proposed rule changes for 2024

    If all 4 players are using the PDGA Live Scoring app wouldn't hole scores get entered on everyone's app at once when any player submits a hole score?
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    [Innova] Pro Tern?

    In my experience, Pro plastic will fly great for awhile, but then it becomes too beat in and gets very, very understable. I had a Pro Destroyer that I could flip and it would fly great. Now it flips and keeps heading right or dumps over completely. The nice thing about Champ plastic is it...
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    Lost discs!

    I've found 69 discs so far this year. I maintain my local course and found 25-30 in the lake which I check every week or two. The rest I found while doing course maintenance. I probably found 10 in the middle of fairways that people must have left behind. I give the ones with phone numbers to...
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    USDGC 2023 - 25th edition

    806.02C A disc that cannot be found is considered to be out-of-bounds if there is compelling evidence that the disc came to rest within an out-of-bounds area.