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Recent content by Itsjustcuz

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    Review by Itsjustcuz in course River Oak Park

    3.00 star(s) Basic Walkthrough Course map at the beginning of the course. Decent layout and fairly easy to follow course with directional sighs for the more obscure tee's. Tee's clearly marked with sign post: Hole #, Par, distance, and basic map of the hole. The rough is thick on the first five holes. The...
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    Review by Itsjustcuz in course Rum River Scout Camp

    2.50 star(s) Good For Young Scouts Private course for scouts. Its a fairly small course with short basic shots. Good for young scouts, and beginning disc golfers. NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. (Registered Scouts Only) The terrain is rough. The baskets seem to have been placed in random spots with no real attempt...
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    Review by Itsjustcuz in course VisionQuest

    4.50 star(s) Count Me In Excellent new course. Designed well enough so as not to horribly intimidate an intermediary player who otherwise might shy away from a course like this, but still challenging enough for the more advanced players to come and fulfill there frisbee golf needs.