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Recent content by jdggna

  1. jdggna

    MVP Vector Midrange

    This has been my experience with the Vector. I've only had one, and I felt like it was nearly identical to a Wasp when its calm and shows a bit more stability in the wind. As for the amount of dome it has I'm unsure since I've never had another Vector to compare it to. Its definitely not...
  2. jdggna

    Unity's Bag

    Fuse is definitely out for the Comet. It has been a blast to play with. Jury is still out on the Vector...I've been throwing my Comet too much to get a good feel for the comparison between my Vector and my Buzzz.
  3. jdggna

    MVP Disc Sports - Official Thread

    You realize he's answered that question for you already? In regards to what he did: In regards to what it looks like: In addition to the one that you just replied to.
  4. jdggna

    Comet lovers

    Hit a 60 foot putt or so for the second shot, so it wasn't all the Comet's work. ;) The whole is slightly downhill anyways (~5 feet to the pin) and the valley is right before the pin, so it was probably a 340 foot shot with a 15-20 foot drop...the elevation change makes it a bit easier with a...
  5. jdggna

    Soft vs. Hard plastic - Putter

    It admittedly doesn't compare hard vs soft that well (the graphic that is)...its an average vs an extreme. Its probably somewhat accurate, but there are far too many variables in putting style among other things to make a blanket conclusion like that. To the OP I would echo what everybody...
  6. jdggna

    The Gospel of the PD

    I keep trying to move away from my PDs, mostly because I'm assuming the stabilized CFRs aren't going to be easy to find in the future. Eagle-X and Predator sounds like it could be a good alternative. I'll have to try it out when I've got a bit more money to blow on discs.
  7. jdggna

    The Gospel of the PD

    This pretty much sums up why I throw them and why I have such a hard time switching back to other fairways. When my Teebird goes ~20 feet farther than my Buzzz on an average golf line/shot, why throw it? With the PD I'm getting ~40 feet farther, and its a lot easier to justify discing up in...
  8. jdggna

    Comet lovers

    So...as for my impressions on the Comet... A quick way to sum it up would be "Wow." My comparisons to my GL Fuse are as follows: It is definitely more HSS than a Fuse. It is definitely slower than a Fuse. I can definitely throw it much farther than a Fuse. My ESP Comet has replaced my...
  9. jdggna

    It's the Indian, not the Arrow H.O.D. 6/6/11

    Fuse/Comet or and Ion...depending on how I'm feeling. The ceiling would make me question the Ion, so I'd probably be tossing the midrange.
  10. jdggna

    The Gospel of the PD

    I've gotta agree with Booter. I keep trying to switch back to Teebirds and TLs from my assortment of PDs, and I just cannot do it. The PD just seems to work much better in a much wider variety of situations. True, they are not much longer than Teebirds/TLs, but I've only ever expected them to...
  11. jdggna

    The Gospel of the PD

    Don't forget about the Big D in the Desert C-PDs that DGV sold as well. All of those were supposed to be max weight.
  12. jdggna

    Most consistant long thrower?

    Yeah, I was the one with a GripEq bag. Shot good on the first day of singles, horrible on the second. You were the other person there with a Grip bag, right? You crushed a couple out there in the distance comp as well.
  13. jdggna

    Most consistant long thrower?

    Saw Garrett Gurthie throw at the NCDGC this year...the man can absolutely crush...
  14. jdggna

    Comet lovers

    They're 177g and domey...don't know if they're domey for a Comet, but compared to my Buzzzes, Fuses, and Vector they're hella-domey.
  15. jdggna

    Pay to Play?

    I don't need amenities, I just need a good course (challenging, varied, etc) with good upkeep (maintenance and cleaning). I really with we had one or two pay2plays around here, but we're got some stellar freebies, so it would have to be really amazing to draw players to it.