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    [Discraft] CT Wasp popularity

    Roc3 is a Roc that feels like a Roc but flies like a Buzzz. so no surprise you're about to make the leap.
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    [Discraft] CT Wasp popularity

    baseline Rocs are way better than baseline Wasps.
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    HOD 11/15/2023: Kress Creek Farms Hole #17 West Chicago, IL

    don't go left into the long stuff LHBH Z Force, Champ Teebird, putt, putt, putt
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    [Innova] Innova Charger 13/5/-1/2

    Pretty spot on description. I felt the Charger shined cause it was a tick up in stability from the Shryke. You can rip it flat to anny and it won't burn into the ground. Definitely agree with the late fade. For someone that has never clicked with Destroyers, it flies how I always expected a...
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    [Innova] The mythical Innova ROC

    I'm not a fan of the recent Innova graphics changes. that doesn't leave much of the OG artwork left, maybe only Classic Aviar?
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    [Innova] The mythical Innova ROC

    Agree with most of comments about how great the plain jane DX Rancho is. The beef does wear out fairly quickly but most do stay in the middle stability range for a long time. I alternate between keeping a freshie in or a Z Wasp for the OS bookend. On the opposite end, thrashed DX Ranchos are so...
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    kevdiv48's bag

    First round in a while, took (somewhat) refuge from the upper 90's in the woods of Texas Army Trail. Z Force (x2) - Stable/ OS max D Star Shryke (x2) - max D Champion Firebird - hyzers, headwind drives, flex shots, FH chip shots, OH Teebird (3x Champ, 3x Star)- classic TB flight Leopard3 (1x...
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    [Innova] Jolly Launcher Returns!

    agreed. Teebirds in that blend were amazing. I'm curious which blend will be returning. The original ones were stiff and indestructible. the later run(s) were a bit softer but still good.
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    Where have all the DGCR members gone ?

    Welcome back sgamerp. if it weren't for DGCR i'd have no realistically good desktop distractions at work. still in 2023 you can't find a good excuse for perusing your phone in the middle of middle of the workday and appear productive.
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    whar jonny derpth?
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    Post a cool disc golf photo

    came to this thread solely to post a pic of the same course! :hfive:
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    [Innova] The mythical Innova ROC

    Awesome! Glad it worked out for you. My recommendation actually comes at a time when I've been throwing the Wasp less and opting for a fresh heavy DX Rancho instead. doesn't take away from how good a disc it is though!
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    [Innova] The mythical Innova ROC

    I'd agree with that from my experience. I actually like that feature from the Wasp, you can lay into it more than a KC or DX Rancho and have a low likelihood of flipping it all of the way over.
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    [Innova] The mythical Innova ROC

    The answer you seek is a Z Wasp. Very similar feel to a Rancho Roc but a tick more OS than a fresh KC and is not dumpy.