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Recent content by locuno1

  1. locuno1

    Backpack bag help

    Okay so a little background on me I’ve been a member on here since 09’ but haven’t posted since like September of 09’ as I stepped away from the game. I only have my dx wraith, aviar, and xd from back then. But the point of this post after doing research I see backpacks are the new thing so as...
  2. locuno1

    need bag advice

    okay so i haven't played in about three years and have been wanting to get back into it. when i did play i never did perfect a good technique so my shots and distance were inconsistent. i'm looking for some advice on what disc, plastic, and weight i should use. Vitals: Years playing/experience...
  3. locuno1

    Okthrowberfest - VOTE NOW!!

    i voted for #1 but my second choice was #7 good job everyone on the dyes.
  4. locuno1

    [Innova] KC Eagle

    what molds are the kc eagles made in 10x 11x etc...? and are the tops of the disc different for each mold?
  5. locuno1

    Stolen Bag and Discs on Ebay?

    I still like the idea of tying to a tree and practicing our aim.lol j/k In all seriousness good job everyone for helping with the recovery of his stuff. Now let's sit and wait to see if he gets it back for sure since that's all we can do now
  6. locuno1

    [Selling] Selling Everything

    When I get back to a computer which will hopefully be in the next hour or so I will pm you a list of his rocs if no one else has by then.
  7. locuno1

    [Selling] Selling Everything

    try google chrome or firefox
  8. locuno1

    Fantasy USDGC

    Day 3 round ratings: Ken Climo-1039 Christian Sandstrom- 1004 Valarie Jenkins-962 Blaine Kinkel- 1009 Round 1 & 2 Total:1988 Day 3 Average:1003.5 After 3 Rounds: 2991.5
  9. locuno1

    [Selling] Selling Everything

    that's not good because he has a lot of good looking disc in there lots of different mold rocs and aviars
  10. locuno1

    Stolen Bag and Discs on Ebay?

    I love waking up in the morning knowing we all did a great thing last night. Especially Meulen for noticing it on ebay. This was just a all around good effort for the disc golf world.
  11. locuno1

    Stolen Bag and Discs on Ebay?

    not that i know of. I think we were all waiting for meulen to report back whether it's stolen or the original owner ending up quitting.
  12. locuno1

    [Trade] Trading a Few Discs

    on a scale of 10 what condition would you say the monarch is in
  13. locuno1

    Stolen Bag and Discs on Ebay?

    lol yeah after reading that it would have been the better choice but at the time i was posting that didn't come to mind, and lets hope people on here have the common courtesy not to do that. maybe the admin can edit the post before something like that happens and i can just pm him the number.
  14. locuno1

    Stolen Bag and Discs on Ebay?

    lol. nope just trying to do what i can to help
  15. locuno1

    Stolen Bag and Discs on Ebay?

    i did some googling on his name and i found this phone number for him so you can give him a call and hope he answers. (xxx)xxx-xxxx