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Recent content by random guy

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    It may seem harsh, but when I see somebody reach for their Mamba I cringe a little

    Your card mate steps up to the tee. There is a 10mph headwind and a water hazard in play. What to throw here? Why, his trusty Mamba of course! I've seen this scenario play out too many times to count. This is not an indictment of people who may have slower arm speeds, or flippy discs in...
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    Par 5’s are good for the game.

    Yeah, we have a few holes at my local course that people are always complaining should be Par 4s, but then 90% of people would just birdy them. While that birdy on your scorecard might feel good, at the end of the day it's about strokes.
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    Innova Factory Store freebie Friday

    So glad I waited a week, I love the Mako3
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    Sometimes I like to power grip my putters and mids, am I a bad person?

    I only power grip putters when I'm 70-80 ft out, but I find more often then not I power grip my mids. I just can't seem to get that effortless spin that so many people get out of their fan grips. Am I going to disc golf hell?
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    Innova Factory Store freebie Friday

    I really enjoy buying flipping discs in champ plastic because they tend to be a bit more on the stable side and beat in a lot slower
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    Innova Factory Store freebie Friday

    Dammit. I really need to pick up some factory seconds but I refuse to buy a mamba.
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    Another Newbie question.

    Probably shouldn't be throwing anything over a 9 speed. Feel free to bag higher speed discs, they'll come in handy on occasion, but you aren't to get noticeably better results throwing them over lower speed stuff.
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    I feel like overstable approach discs are a crutch

    They definitely have their uses, but I find the more I develop my game the less I actually...use them. It's so easy to chuck one down the fairway and park it next to the basket. I found myself often times avoiding more challenging lines and upshots to rely on my trusty overstable approach. I...
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    Does anyone notice a difference in F2 Star plastic?

    It could just be a 'me' thing. I'm used to throwing Ken Climo and Ghost Stamped Wraiths. My F2 Wraith I just bought might be based on a different run.
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    Does anyone notice a difference in F2 Star plastic?

    Whenever I get F2 Star plastic it always feels really stiff and tends to be more stable. The off the shelf stuff is always a lot softer and tends to be less stable.