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Recent content by Razor

  1. Razor

    Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

    Basket 3 at Ferrum College after high winds in early March. Basket has been replaced.
  2. Razor

    How do YOU prepare for tournament rounds?

    I think I've met him
  3. Razor

    How "NOT" to get your disk back

    was the disc a Katana? but seriously, WOW
  4. Razor

    New guy from Martinsville va

    Hey man, I'm in Henry Co. Gotta go to Sontag. Best course in this area, if you want a challenge
  5. Razor

    Disc Caddy - app for iPhone and Android

    this App is crashing hard and it is not offered at the Apple App store anymore. anyone else having issues? Hoping the DGCR scoring app will soon be available for IOS. friend of mine has it and it appears really nice.
  6. Razor

    How Do You Throw Overhand?

    Exactly what Sscarmana said
  7. Razor

    [Discraft] Avenger SS experts out there?

    Z for sure.
  8. Razor

    replacing discs during a tournament

    Interesting thing happened in a one disc tournament I played in a few years ago. Register for tourney, get a Roc to play the round with. thats the only disc we could use. I finished my round and was walking back to hand in score card and 2 guys behind me from another card start talking. " Hey...
  9. Razor


    Anyone know where Brawl results are posted? Farmdiscgolf site appears to be down.
  10. Razor

    Post a cool disc golf photo

    nice tailgate stickers, very nice. but the update you made should have included removing that Obama/Biden sticker
  11. Razor

    I'm old and I throw...

    GM here, I tend to throw heavier discs too, except for 1 blizzard Katana I like to throw.
  12. Razor

    Putting practice logs with 1025 game.

    First time using this app today and went 3 rds. 460, 535 and 600, falling off at 25ft each rd. However I improved from 30 and 35 that last rd, making 5 of final 12. I can't seem to find a way to save the actual scorecard with the checks in the boxes. I see scores but I want to see where the...
  13. Razor

    Critters on the course you ran into...

    Found this guy on #7 sign post at Ferrum College DGC
  14. Razor

    H.O.D. 6/10 #8 Sontag DGC Rocky Mount, VA

    Champ roc small hyzer down the right side from red and white, there is a alley on the right. Flat top roc that turns over from blues. All RHBH I consider this my home course and it's the first time I've seen any course near me on HOD
  15. Razor

    [Help] Your go to anhyzer disc, short and long.

    Beat DX Coyote Z Avenger SS