Marys River Park
Philomath, OR 

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Review By: Breh
Played: 185  Reviewed: 183  Exp: 12 Years
1 3/18/2020 3/18/2020
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Pros: Good variety of hole length with holes that allow you to throw distance drivers, and hole 9 gives a nice ace chance. Holes 1-3 are fun couple others are okay. Most the baskets have the number inside them which is good because the layout can be kind of hard to follow in order. There's no tee signs which make the basket numbers useful. Baskets are in okay condition and fairways are still defined

Cons: The biggest problem here is the crazy bad tee pads. This is the one course I would say throw from the side of the pads for sure. They're uneven torn up lumpy tiny sandbox style pads. The field holes 4-6 are pretty boring. There's no tee signs or navigation at all so first timers more than likely will get lost. Just keep in mind you walk towards bridge after 5 and to get to 7 you walk by 3s pad and keep going. There's some gnarly blackberry bushes if you get off fairway on a couple the holes. Couple baskets were torn partly out of ground making them uneven and slightly elevated/awkward

Other Thoughts: All in all decent place to practice try out some new discs or take family as there's a playground right near hole 1 with benches and place to hangout.

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 My Practice Course
Review By: prettyboyfloyd
Played: 16  Reviewed: 15  Exp: 12 Years
5+ 4/4/2012 4/9/2012
This review was updated on 6/23/2013
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Pros: Uses most of the park space. Holes 2,3,6,7,8 are the best. I live in town, so I used this park when I was just starting out two years ago and was perfect for building confidence before hitting the much harder courses in the area.

Cons: Whoever poured the concrete teepads had no idea what they were doing. They are currently rubble. Holes 1,4,5, and 9 are just straight and boring. The layout on these holes could be better.

Other Thoughts: I use this course primarily for practice now. I play putter rounds here a lot, too. As I said previously, if you are just starting out and don't want to loose your mind on a harder course in the area (Adair, Bryant, or Waterloo), this is a good course for you.

I do believe short, simple courses have their place and my rating would be higher if the teepads were fixed and the layout of some holes changed.

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Review By: sillybizz
Played: 255  Reviewed: 240  Exp: 20 Years
1 7/6/2011 7/12/2011
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Pros: This course is played around and across a large open field and does incorporate the few trees into your drives. For only being a nine hole course there is a lot of distance here because of how much land is available but accuracy isn't as much of a factor. There are a couple of holes in the wooded section of the park that play down and around the walking trails. Holes 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 are the best of the bunch using trees and different lines. Hole six is a long double dog leg but open par three hole that will challenge players who can throw over 400 feet but players who cannot throw this far will find it dull and boring. Hole seven is a long left to right with a low ceiling and dangerous rough deep and left of the basket. Hole eight is another double dog leg hole throwing across the grass with serious danger off the chosen path. A great RHBH roller hole if you can do it. I like the way the course flowed around the park and back to the car very well without any funny walkouts and I found navigation is be very easy as a first time player of the course. The benches here are made out of logs from old trees and are really interesting and unique to look out, I enjoyed these very much. Too bad there aren't a couple more around.

Cons: The short, wooded in tee pads with the broken cement and loose gravel combine to make throwing from out of these things almost impossible. You can see the grass next to these tee pads is turning into dirt because local players are just teeing off next to the horrible pads and I can't blame them too much for this. Maybe just natural pads or some carpet would be better served here.

Holes four and five are just wide open holes with no obstacles. They are also on the longer side for most recreational players (350 feet or so) and not being able to reach these distances makes these holes ultra boring and with the tee pads which I've already mentioned not many players are hitting 350+ feet without an X step or some kind of run up.

Other Thoughts: I really like hole nine for trying to get aces, really short and wide open, hole one is pretty good for this too. Although these aren't really good holes it is kind of nice that they had a couple of short ones out here too. There is a lot more woods in this park and a river that could be utilized as well. It would be nice to take away the two open longer holes, maybe after three you could make a par four hole from tee pad four to basket six and have a huge double dog leg hole. Overall nothing too exciting here but a decent option.

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 Philomaths best
Review By: Discbear
Played: 1252  Reviewed: 24  Exp: 22 Years
5+ 2/10/2011 2/12/2011
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Pros: Offers a good variety of holes.Some of the holes seem like an easy enough 3 but they can be deceptive and there are definitely ways to go wrong especially hole 8 with it's narrow winding fairway and some hideous blackberry tangles ready to snare a misguided missle. I think you can count on very few disc golfers as a rule. There often seems to be a dog party going on near hole 4. There is a long walk to get to hole 7 and 8 so a map would be helpful for first timers. If you have had a rough round just about any level can try for an ace on hole 9. All round it is a nice quiet park.

Cons: The tee pads are awful and I can't believe that they were even put in. They are too short and awkward and seem to be chunky rocks on an uneven surface.

Other Thoughts: Play it a couple of times but don't plan your vacation around it.

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 Some Long Bombs But....!
Review By: The Valkyrie Kid
Played: 1560  Reviewed: 1505  Exp: 44 Years
1 5/31/2010 6/3/2010
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Pros: Mary's River is a little city park with a slight out of the way feel to it. Because it's not surrounded by houses I think vandalism could be a problem here. The park is flat playing mostly across some fields but a couple of holes do play through the woods. Water could come into play on # 9. The course does give you the opportunity for some long throws and 4-5 of the holes are just 350' to 450' throws across the open fields. The course tends to more than just a little "vanilla."

Cons: There are no tee signs except for the hole number on the tee pad. The number is a house number screwed into the railroad tie. This is a great idea, an even better idea would have been to use a brighter colored house number. One has already been broken off by the local vandals. The pads are pretty bad. We just teed off next to them on every hole. They're boxed in on all four sides with railroad ties which are slightly above ground.. They are 6-8' long. The boxed in back tie prevents you from getting a longer run up. I think someone tried to make them concrete but maybe they just poured concrete over rough ground. Actually, they look like one of my many failed construction projects

Other Thoughts: This is somewhat of a cool little park. This course could be improved with some work to the teepads and tee boxes. I don't know where the police station is but it still feels to me like a park where the local skateboard punks could cause some havoc. I'd play it if I lived close but I's be just as happy throwing at the little middle school course.

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 A City Park That Needs Guidance
Review By: Flies to the Left
Played: 55  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 14 Years
1 2/16/2009 2/18/2009
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Pros: A real nice park with lots of open space and wooded areas.
It has 9 baskets, 8 of them have decent distance. 4 of them require some skill.
I don't think vandalism is a problem, it's right next to the police department. I hope that's a good thing.
It has good grass and the walking paths are in good condition. The place has at least 3 wooden bridges.
The DGA baskets are still in new condition.
The place has restrooms and running water, but they are out of order from frozen pipes. Maybe they will get fixed before spring.
This is a very clean course. There are some really cool benches near #3 and #5 baskets, they are made of a redwood tree that used to be downtown.

Cons: The course has no elevation, just flat. Typical for a city park.
There is a box at Tee #1 that I assume should hold some maps/scorecards, it was empty. Navigating the course is good until you get done with 7. #8 Tee is quite a walk that you might need map for the first time. This would have been a good place for some signs.
There are no tee signs except for the hole number on the tee pad.
The Tee Pads are the worst I have ever played on. They are elevated and boxed in with railroad ties. About 8 feet in length. It looks like someone filled the pad in with redi-mix and spread gravel on top. The best way to describe them is "they are lumpy."

Other Thoughts: I was really disappointed with this course after playing it. It could have been so much better. 2, 3, 7, and 8 are OK but the rest are just straight shots. The place has the space to put in some nice long shots with some trees in the way. There is a marsh between 6 and 7, but it does not come into play. The river is also in the park. Hole #9 is near, but not near enough to worry about it.

This course really needs a local club to manage it and make improvements. Corvallis is just down the road and there are many players there.

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