Franklin Park
Purcellville, VA 
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Jewel in Loudoun County
Review By: DumfriesLizzie
Played: 55  Reviewed: 47  Exp: 2 Years
2-4 3/8/2021 3/8/2021
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Pros: Very spread-out course in a large and beautiful regional park with mostly open holes. However, for some distinct challenge, baskets are often placed in groves among guardian trees or on slopes, and the course largely skirts the perimeter of the park so that a treeline is often present.

There are 3 pads per hole and 2 baskets per hole. I believe there is plenty variety for all skill levels.

There are slopes to walk up and down throughout the layout. I think the natural elevation changes were really taken advantage of quite well.

The red tee to the near basket is distinctly get-able. If you are an advanced beginner, this layout is very encouraging. I made 10 pars on my first two rounds played.

Some of the holes are particularly creative. Though I played to the short basket, playing to the far basket on no. 5 (unbroken rise on a steep slope) would be a challenge. No. 8 is rising along a natural bridge. Need to stay out of the water park. For bombers with aim, they can get up the hill with one precise throw. Rest of us might want to think about itI threw three careful 1-steps with stable discs. Then putted in for bogey. Bogey is better than a lost disc, in my book. No. 10 is something of a blind drive from the blue tee and has a mando to keep one out of the street. White and red continue up the steep hill on the opposite side, but you can see the short basket among a thicket of trees on a downslope (from the red tee). No. 12 has all 3 tees firing over a vegetated sink (is there a pond in summer?) to a near basket on another raised ridge/natural bridge.

There are benches to be found either on the course or just off the course. Where one can rest from walking if needed.

Cons: Even though the long tract is spread out, there are conflicts with other activities on a regular basis. E.g., there are picnic tables along the fairways of nos. 1 and 18, the hill of no. 5 seems to be a popular sledding location (during winter, of course), nos. 7-9 are pinched by a walking/running/equestrian trail on the left and the water park, tennis courts, paved hockey rink on the right. The blue tee of no. 10 also is near picnic facilities. Nos. 16-17 have a lot of walkers and a lot of horses.

Drainage is an issue in many areas. Probably always a good idea to wear ankle-high hiking boots. Happily, there are several foot bridges over the parts of the creek(s) that are harder to jump over. Most welcome.

The roadway could come into play on nos. 3, 4, 5, (possibly 6 whenever it is restored), 10, 11, 12, and 14. Less the case for weak arms like me; more the case for those of you who are bombers.

Other Thoughts: I suspect the park used to be a horse farm. There are equestrian facilities and trails that still exist for said, and the side-by-side fields divided by treelines would have been open meadows for the horses. Now the open meadows are largely for us disc golfers. However, the two meadows between holes 14 and the pond get a lot of walking and equestrian action still. Probably picnickers too. I cannot imagine said get left alone in the warm months.

I think the disc golf course layout is quite excellent here. It's a jewel of a course.

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 Well Maintained, but little variety
Review By: listentomorejazz
Played: 55  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 11 Years
1 7/5/2018 7/6/2018
7 Helpful / 0 Not

Pros: - 3 sets of well marked, well built concrete tee pads
- 2 baskets for each hole
- Well maintained, which is key with the large amounts of grass this course plays over. They were mowing the day I was there and it was evident that it is mowed frequently.
- A few unique water holes, or shots where a carry over a creek is required.
- Elevation on the property was used successfully
- Signs (when present) were helpful
- A few well-executed multi-shot holes, which are always enjoyable for me
- Nice to have a course that has huuuge length, although it becomes a con (see below)

Cons: - Largest con is that this course is almost completely open and somewhere on the back nine I found myself bored. I didn't want to throw another destroyer into an open field to throw another destroyer to see if I can get close to the basket in an open field.
- In tandem, the course definitely lacks in variety. As noted above, it uses the elevation well and there are definitely some cool holes, but it is not a course that requires every shot in the bag
- Where trees do come into play, they are either easily avoided or there were no true gaps and over them was the only way. If you don't have 450+, this course is not accessible for birdies, at least in the long to long layout.
- A few of the holes are in highly trafficked areas; there were picnic tables doting one of the greens. It didn't interfere with my round, but easily could.
- In a few places the rough was a pit of doom. As in don't even bother looking, you'll only get poison ivy (a con in and of itself).
- Lack of benches on tee pads. A course this long needs a couple more places to sit.
- There is a note somewhere on this site that the signs are no longer up to date, so while they helped somewhat with navigation, it's frustrating because at one point they were well-made signs. Now they are cracking and fading and missing in multiple locations.
- Navigation was definitely an issue long to long as well. There are a few places one must backtrack, and a hidden tee pad or two

Other Thoughts: The elevation and multiple ways to play the course keep it from sliding too far down on the rating scale. I definitely enjoyed parts of the round, but have rarely felt as disinterested playing disc golf as I did on 13-16.17 and 18 are cool finishing holes, but the back to back open field par 5s sucked a lot of the fun out. A break in some wooded holes between 9 and 10 would be great, if the county would let them do that much work.

The remarks about the lack of shade are to be taken seriously. I played a fairly quick solo round on a very warm day and it took it out of me by the end.

I enjoy throwing frisbees a far way, but don't think there is much to bring me back to the course. That being said, I'm glad to have played it because there were fun bombs and multi-shot holes that a lot of East Coast courses don't have.

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 Well maintained, beautify landscapes
Review By: smallshot
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 0 Years
5+ 9/22/2017 11/22/2017
2 Helpful / 3 Not

Pros: 3 tee pads and 2 baskets on every hole. Beautiful views, very open. Well maintained.

Cons: Many long straight holes. Few technical shots.

Other Thoughts: It's mostly challenging due to the distance, but there are a few uniquely challenging holes. I enjoy being able to just let it rip on most holes and like the variations you can play due to the multiple tee pads and baskets. it's a solid 2 mile walk at least.

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  Best course in Loudoun County
Review By: SpykeHyzer
Played: 115  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 9 Years
5+ 8/16/2017 8/16/2017
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Pros: Rolling green fairways and long bombs, exactly what I want out of an open course such as Franklin Park.
Three tee-pads and two baskets on each hole lead to an endless number of layouts to challenge every player, regardless of skill level.
Beautiful scenery and a near-pristine park is a great environment for a disc golf course, and when the wind cranks up, the fun really begins.
I love this course, totally worth checking out.

Cons: Navigation can be tricky for first-timers. To get to the first hole: drive to the T intersection and take a left, the lot nearest the pond is right next to hole 1. Most locals usually play from hole 10 however, next to the pavilion, first parking lot on the right.
OB is not described well on the tee signs. For most holes, (barring 9, 11, 13, 16, 17), long grass (unmowed) is considered OB. Also the flat section of the basin on hole 12 is OB. 15 has OB left: beyond the pine trees, and right: beyond the metal stakes. Other than that, pretty much just water and roads are OB, which are marked for the most part.
Playing with full OB makes the course significantly harder, requiring actual accuracy as opposed to pure distance shots.
Be prepared when playing this course! It is more demanding than the usual "park golf" course. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Other Thoughts: Look, this isn't a life changing course, it's just really fun. Isn't that why we play disc golf anyways?

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 Bring your own horse cart?
Review By: sidewinder22
Played: 234  Reviewed: 197  Exp: 14 Years
1 2/21/2016 8/21/2016
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Pros: Beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Multiple concrete tees with two permanent Discatcher baskets per hole. Good use of the available elevation, few trees, and the pond on 18. You get to watch some discs seriously fly and be exposed to the wind. You could probably bring your own horse and cart and play and ride around if you wanted.

Cons: Bring sunblock! This course seriously lacks in the tree and shade and diversity department. Only one big loop of 18 holes back to main parking lot. Frost and thaw conditions appear to be slanting some of the baskets. Holes 8 and 9 play a little close to the pool and courts. Police station in the middle of the course - beware of speed traps on highway coming in or going out. Horses and horse people.

Other Thoughts: I try to be somewhat object in my reviews however all course reviews are by nature subjective and this course is certainly no exception, especially given it's raw lack of diversity. I'm not a huge fan of open courses and this one may take the cake of the most wide open and long course I've played. I'm not sure if the whole course gets mowed in the summer- which would be a massive undertaking, or if there are tall grass hazards which I so loath, however I'm unlikely to ever find out in person because you would have to pay me to play here in the summer. Likewise on the flip-side of the coin, if you really love wide open courses, then Franklin Park is for you my friend. Thus my rating reflects the love/hate average value people will likely have with this course.

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 Solid Course in Loudoun County
Review By: cecilthelionfan
Played: 28  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 9 Years
2-4 12/11/2015 12/13/2015
1 Helpful / 2 Not

Pros: - A great tester for big arms!
- Good change-ups for elevation.
- Excellent tee pads (3 skill levels).
- Two baskets on each hole!
- Very easy to navigate the course.
** Favorite Hole - #12 - Cool tee shot over the big water retention area.

Cons: - Several holes were very swampy (and it hadn't rained in days).
- Very crowded for a Friday.
- A little more variety would be nice.

Other Thoughts: I've seen several negative reviews about all the open holes on this course, but that really didn't bother me. I enjoyed being able to air out some distance drivers! Anytime I am near Purcellville, I really enjoy getting to play this course.

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 Open, Open ,Open
Review By: iri01001
Played: 22  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 0 Years
2-4 11/28/2015 12/4/2015
1 Helpful / 2 Not

Pros: Open spaces, good for first timers

As others have said, 3 tee boxes and 2 baskets on each hole gives lots of playing options.

Beautiful setting and an enjoyable park

Cons: Start of course not clearly marked. We ended up starting on 10 and working our way around

Other Thoughts: If you are looking for a technical course, this is not it.

If you want a nice open course in a great setting, this course is for you.

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 Bring Sunscreen
Review By: BAH618
Played: 18  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 0 Years
5+ 9/5/2015 9/5/2015
0 Helpful / 1 Not

Pros: Good use of elevation changes to very the feel of holes and to help shape fairways, the course is also very well maintained. Being that the course is largely in fields you shouldn't have to worry about fighting through weeds and underbrush to find a lost disc. Signage is good and navigation is easy.

Cons: The course is almost exclusively wide open holes with very few trees or underbrush to punish bad shots.

Other Thoughts: While the course is largely wide open, the placement of the course was designed well in order to very the feel of each hole. The distance also provides for a descent challenge. I think this is a great "change-up" course, for this course you can worry less about accuracy and more about distance.

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 Open course in beautiful park
Review By: djros
Played: 37  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 11 Years
5+ 1/13/2013 11/11/2013
3 Helpful / 2 Not

Pros: Three concrete tees and two permanent basket positions on every hole, means there is a layout here for pretty much any skill level. The course is nicely maintained, with mowed grass fairways, and in a park with nice amenities, including a swimming pool and baseball diamonds. The longer tees/baskets have water on the 18th hole. There are a couple of fairly large hills on this course with a couple nice downhill tee shots to let it rip, and a couple of tough uphill holes that challenge your distance. The 17th is a fun, but frustrating tunnel shot through a tight fairway with a low canopy. It's fun to try to get to the end of the tunnel, but I only got to an open shot a couple times.

Cons: Most of the holes are pretty open, at least to the short baskets. Only a couple holes that really force you to shape your shot. Most holes, you just throw your tee shot as far as you can, throw your approach, and then putt.

Other Thoughts: The 18th is a water hole from the long tees/baskets, but there are often people having picnics or fishing near the lake, so there could be a risk of these people being in the way of flying discs. I only played to the long basket once, but often saw people that would be in the flight path for that basket. Trees and long grass do come in to play on several holes, but it is mainly an open course, and is a nice course to practice driving. The longer baskets/tees do have more trees that come in to play, but I never played these layouts, so I can't offer much input on those other than that a couple of the long baskets looked significantly more difficult than the short baskets. This course is similar to Giles Run in terms of length, and relatively open shots on most holes, but without the thorns.

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  Great for beginners
Review By: davedove
Played: 10  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 7 Years
1 9/28/2013 9/28/2013
This review was updated on 10/4/2013
1 Helpful / 1 Not

Pros: Wonderful course for those of us who are just starting out. Three tees and two baskets on each hole make for some variety, but none of it is difficult. Signs on all the holes and mostly on two of the tees at each, along with concret tee pads for almost all the tees.

Cons: Because the course is so well marked, it makes you notice when it's not.

The red tees don't have signs. Not a big deal except signs on the other two tee pads spoils you.

No tee pads on hole twelve. Again, normally not a big deal except all the other holes have them.

One biggie: since there are no tee pads on 12, the red tee doesn't seem to be marked. The other two tees have the signs, but nothing for red. You have to estimate where the tee should be.

Other Thoughts: Experienced players will likely find this course boring and unchallenging, but not everyone is experienced. Sometimes it's nice to have a simple course like this one when you're a beginner.

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