Ocean County Park DGC
Lakewood, NJ 

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Nice park!
Review By: Meglovin
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 3 Years
5+ 12/4/2017 12/7/2017
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Pros: This course is awesome. It has some tricky shots in the trees, some really nice open long shots, and even a little water. Something for everyone.

Cons: The park staff has been rude or just downright nasty on more than one occasion. Give a guy a uniform and an SUV with a light on top and he's suddenly chief of police.

Other Thoughts: The dog has picked up a few ticks here but nothing unusual or abnormally frequent. Just check yourself or treat your gear in permethrin and you're good.

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so much potential
Review By: globetrotter
Played: 105  Reviewed: 93  Exp: 5 Years
1 8/7/2017 8/7/2017
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Pros: - beautiful property
- multiple par 4 and par 5 holes
- solid finishing hole

Cons: - too many wide open holes
- does not utilize the abundant water

Other Thoughts: Ocean County Park is a mostly open course with a couple of more wooded holes set in a beautiful park on a former Rockefeller estate. It is a longer course than others I have played in the area. This course has so much potential. There are a couple of very nice holes, including a solid finishing hole, but too much of the course is just wide open with maybe a tree or two to avoid next to the basket. It's a shame, because this could be a very good course. There is water in multiple places on the course, but it only came into play on a couple of holes. The course plays slightly better if you play roads and across as OB, and would benefit from some artificial OB lines for tournament play.

It's not a bad course. I had fun playing it. If I was in the area I might play it again, but I don't see myself going out of my way to play it again.

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Beautiful course in a nicely maintained park
Review By: guitarjock73
Played: 3  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 0 Years
5+ 1/1/2017 1/2/2017
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Pros: So many great updates since I started playing this course! Expansion from 9 to 18 holes. All the main tees are pavers and alts are flypads. Very well maintained and great signage. Good variety of open and wooded holes. Many of the open holes have well placed baskets near trees and OB that help keep the course interesting. A hanging basket and raised basket are also great features.

Cons: The only con I have is when there are multiple basket placements, like on hole 1, an indicator of which location it is in would be helpful

Other Thoughts: Formally a property of the Rockefeller family, this is a beautiful park with many non-disc golf activities as well. Some may not always know a course is there, so be mindful of patrons in the area before letting your plastic fly.

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Good course to score!
Review By: iHitTree
Played: 63  Reviewed: 38  Exp: 16 Years
5+ 10/22/2016 12/28/2016
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Pros: OCP is a really nice course to score on. For competitive players in Advanced/Open divisions, you can get way under par here, but the shots are still fun. The birdies aren't free, but they're super "gettable" on a significant number of holes. For lesser skilled players, you will find it easier here to score closer to par than you will at other courses in the area. This is a great course to learn the game for new players or younger kids coming to play with mom and dad.

Hole 1: Par 4, though open off the tee, you must set up a good angle to throw your approach into the woods to get a decent line to the pin.
Hole 2: big controlled distance and a crush to get birdie, open off the tee, but very protected basket.
Hole 6: nice big hyzer over some tall bushes to a protected basket, pretty cool hole.
Hole 7: par 4, open off the tee, but heavily protected basket can make the medium range approach tricky
Hole 8: nice turnover putter par 3 hole; easy, but it has its place.
Hole 9: pretty open, but 2 small trees create an obstacle to narrow your line options off tee, and basket is a hanging basket, pretty cool
Hole 11: par 4, wide open off tee, but the approach is very constricted as there is a shed and bunch of trees to navigate on the 2nd fairway drive (which is still a big pump), very tough birdie to get
Hole 12: fantastic left to right drifting par 3, open off tee guiding into a woods tunnel in the later half of hole; great for midrange turnover shot
Hole 13: possibly the hardest hole in relation to par. It's a 3, but there is an OB/across road on the right, and it's nearly 400 ft. to get via a big flex shot, roller, or RHFH; basket up on a pyramid makes putting tough; many 4's and 5's carded on this hole.
Hole 14: nice long-ish smooth hyzer shot around a big tree w/ telephone pole threatening on the right
Hole 15: tight short putter shot through tunnel.
Hole 16: probably the toughest and tightest hole on the course, so a controlled shot that goes 250 and stays in the fairway will serve you better than trying to crush on a distance driver and playing pinball off the fairway.
Hole 17: short tight turnover putter shot providing relief between 2 difficult holes.
Hole 18: par 4, OB road left, OB creek right in shorter end of landing zone. Need to play the tee shot smart; approach requires forehand skip or big anhyzer to penetrate low-ceiling of the heavily protected basket; very nice par 4 finisher.

Cons: This course is a little on the easy side, so if you're looking for a challenge, this may not be what you're looking for. There is a lot of police activity on the grounds, so be careful if you like to imbibe in any way while playing. Be smart, be discreet, respect the reputation of those who put in hard work crafting this course and the image of the players using it. Another con is bathrooms. This is a pretty wide open and busy park, so there are limited places to sneak away and pee, and there are otherwise only bathrooms at the beginning of the course. Sometimes, there is a port-a-potty around hole 13/14, but it's locked many times. Holes 3-5 are a bit filler for my taste, but they each still do offer some features to keep them entertaining.

Hole 3: gimme hole, somewhat filler if it weren't for the cool canal in front of basket.
Hole 4: nothing special about this hole, somewhat filler
Hole 5: another filler hole, midrange straight shot w/ OB road on right, or forehand w/ fairway driver.
Hole 10: wide open hyzer around 1 tree, nothing special.

Other Thoughts: I got my first MPO win here on 10/22/16 at South Jersey Open B-tier! Needless to say, I'll always have nostalgia for this course as a result, but I do truly enjoy it as well! It's mostly a more open style course with protected baskets, although there are a few wooded holes to mix it up.

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Review By: HWard_67950
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 0 Years
5+ 11/27/2016 12/5/2016
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Pros: OCP is a great course for all skill levels. It has great paver tee pads, it's well maintained, has great Innova Disc Catcher baskets, and some beautiful shots. The course has recently become a full 18 hole course from a 9 hole course. Recently they have moved a few pins making the course different each time you play. Ocp has 2 leagues. 1 in spring and 1 in fall. It is an overall great club and a great course. Go & Throw!

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 One of the best in NJ
Review By: DiscFlicker77
Played: 8  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 5 Years
5+ 3/5/2016 4/6/2016
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Pros: Awesome mix of throws, obstacles, and lengths.
Challenging for beginners and intermediate players.
Great for working on different types of approaches/new throws because of a lot of open fairways.
Always well-kept and a very nice park.
Practice basket.

Cons: Some holes don't have the best throwing routes.

Driving a car in the area can be a little frustrating on Sundays...

Other Thoughts: I enjoy the open field, long holes for big drives. The mix of technical, tight shots and long, big-arm drives is awesome.

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Review By: jkdisc
Played: 117  Reviewed: 110  Exp: 9 Years
1 8/20/2014 7/20/2015
7 Helpful / 4 Not

Pros: The course was spread out well on a large piece of property. There are many long open drive opportunities. The park itself was very busy with other activities but none interfered with my game. I only saw one other group playing dg, however. There are some wooded holes for a nice mix, and OB and water holes, but not much risk of losing a disc.

Other Pros:
- nice baskets, signs, benches
- clean and safe
- bathrooms
- next tee signs

Cons: The open holes get fairly repetitive. The road into the course was a one way, so if you miss the parking area you must go all the way around. I missed the parking area twice. I just ended up parking away from the 1st hole and pulled up a map on DGCR.

Other Cons:
- tee boxes need some more gravel
- area doesn't have an elevation to work with

Other Thoughts: There really isn't much great or terrible to say. It's an average course on a nice piece of property. I understand there aren't too many courses nearby so I hope this helps promote the sport in the area.

I expect this review won't be popular for the locals but the course is what it is.

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 Bring your big arm!
Review By: Buchajs1
Played: 90  Reviewed: 43  Exp: 6 Years
1 4/25/2015 4/26/2015
This review was updated on 7/11/2015
3 Helpful / 2 Not

Pros: This course is set on a beautiful piece of property, which features an abundance of amenities, well maintained grass and other features, and beautiful massive softwood pines.

The course shows great design techniques on a handful of holes, however, many of the holes out here feel as if there was not much thought put into them, and feel lackluster in comparison to the abundance of enjoyable holes.

Many of the holes have OB lurking near the basket, or in the fairway, which adds some risk reward approaches and drives, and makes the player contemplate what they are going to do. This appears on holes such as 3, 11, 16, and 18, which happen to be my favorite holes on the course. These holes present variety in shots required to come out with a good score, and feel as though careful thought and planning was used to add to the course.

The wooded aspects of this property are put to good use on this course, with many short tunnel shots that require a player to execute a precision shot in order to come away with birdie. I do however feel as though the woods could have been incorporated more, as many of the holes lack risk reward, where one can shank a drive and still end up in just as good of a place as a player that throws a good drive down the middle of the fairway.

Cons: There is a crew of hard working volunteers that frequents this course, however, it does not seem as if anyone with any previous design experience designed this course, as many of the par 3s are reachable for only those that throw 400-500 feet, and an abundance of such holes makes this course very mentally frustrating. Additionally, the locals are interested in adding alternates, most of which add distance or challenge to the hole, without adding strokes to par. Many of the holes lack a proper challenge, as many of the holes are unreachable for the general population, but easy pars, that provide little scoring spread.

The course overall lacks variety, as in many cases the holes are so open that only a very awful shank is punished, and somebody with a good drive may not even reach the basket because of its length.

Other Thoughts: As the rating of 3.5 states, this is a very good course. With a little tweaking and adjusting hole lengths and pars, this definitely has the potential to be one of the best courses in the area. I applaud everyone who worked to get this course into the ground, as it is a great addition to the other local course, and have a good deal of faith that this course will continue to grow and develop.

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 Open Bomber's Paradise
Review By: MichaelWebster
Played: 60  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 12 Years
5+ 3/28/2015 3/28/2015
5 Helpful / 1 Not

Pros: This course has a few standout holes that require thoughtful course management through good risk-reward opportunities. Holes 3 and 18 both have tradeoffs for distance and accuracy with OB to punish errant drives. I wish there were more of these challenges on the course. There are also a few interesting elements in other spots on the course. Hole 2 has many small trees surrounding the basket to challenge easy putts. Hole 6 is an interesting shot over a group of tall bushes. Hole 9 has a hanging basket to mess with your putting game.

Cons: Overall the course has too many holes that lack a strong risk-reward factor and play the same. Many shots are nearly wide open and require 350+ of distance with little danger. I am not really forced to throw many complicated shots on the course either. I think I throw one hyzer-flip on hole 16's drive, but other than that there are few areas where an unusual line is necessary. I threw a rhbh hyzer on holes 1,2,6,9,10,14,15 with little worry about recording a bogey.

Other Thoughts: Hole 18 is the standout here, and I wish there were more like it. I really respect the designers for all they have done for disc golf in the region, and for getting this course in the ground, but I think the course can see some great improvements with emphasis towards creative shot making and risk-reward on the course.

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 Newer Course in Lakewood
Review By: EWSdiscgolf
Played: 85  Reviewed: 28  Exp: 4 Years
5+ 9/15/2015 2/26/2015
This review was updated on 10/19/2015
4 Helpful / 2 Not

Pros: - Some new features & improvements include one hanging basket and one elevated basket
- Also, great mix of dog leg left and rights with variations of open and wooded holes. Several holes tee off in the open and finish wooded.
- Awesome use of property and pretty sections of woods with big pine trees and pine needles
- Holes are fairly long with alternate tees.
- Smart course design
- Enjoyable & fun course to play. Park is also nice.
- Course and baskets in great condition.
- Plenty of bathrooms and water
- Very nice tee signs with "Next Tee" signs at every hole. Big homemade log benches at every tee.
- Great mix of shots - straight, left, right, mandos, Hole 3 sports a small brook running along side from tee to hole, with basket planted just before lake. Beautiful!
- Practice basket that is clearly labeled
- Course terrain is mostly flat, with a couple of slight slopes.
- Large course map on post sign at Hole 1. Also printed hard copy maps to take along. Lost disc box available as well.

Cons: For people who like short and tight, there might be a problem with not many holes at all in the woods. Also, there really isn't enough or not specific enough signs to locate the parking lot for Disc Golf. The first post of signs has a sign that says "Disc Golf", but no arrows. Also you won't see another sign until you go far enough along the left road to get to the correct parking lot. A big con is that there are the loose gravel tee boxes. While they are better then teeing off at a line in the sand/ground they can cause bad drives due to slipping or running into/onto the frame if the gravel is low.

Other Thoughts: Rating Breakdown (Either 0 stars or 0.5 stars):
TEE PADS: 0.5, brand new concrete tee pads
SIGNAGE: 0.5, brand new tee pads and also there are next tee signs everywhere
AMENITIES: 0.5, disc bag hooks, benches, bathrooms
PARK AMENITIES: 0.5, tons of playgrounds, water fountains, and BBQ places. Also like 10 tennis courts
TERRAIN USE: 0, the designer did a good job on the back nine, but the front nine was a little boring/too open
ELEVATION: 0.5, there are so many uphills and downhills and/or flat holes.
HOLE LENGTH VARIETY: 0.5, great use of going from a 580 foot par 4 to a 200 foot tight hole. I love that kind of design
ALT TEES/BASKETS: 0, alt tees for only 9 holes, no alt baskets
SIGNATURE HOLE: 0, really no signature hole in the course, none that really stand out in front of the others
FUN FACTOR: 0.5, I have fun every time I play the course. I love coming back to the course.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

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