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North Potomac, MD Westleigh Rec. Club DGC
12/17/2017 11:39 AMPosted by: Crooow

Anybody have any details on this? I added the link to the Club website and my reading of the rules say that you still have to be a guest of a real member to use the guest pass. $50 is also pretty steep to pay a course 10 times especially if you find out that it isn't any good on the first play. I live nearby and will drive over and see what I can see from the outside.
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heelboycraig Instead of interpretations, here(TM)s what the website states: “Guests that live in the general area are limited to 2 visits to the club per season, as guest passes are not to be used to replace membership in the club. Guests living beyond a 3-mile radius of the club have no restriction on visiting on a guest pass.”

Guest pass is for the entire club. Based on everything else on the website, the club isn(TM)t going to care and/or welcome people who are showing up just to play disc golf.
Reply · 12/17/2017 3:30 PM

12/15/2017 5:05 PMPosted by: joecoin

Park has a lien put on it, trustees plan on selling it to housing developers.
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Crooow But it's so clean.............
Reply · 12/17/2017 11:40 AM

12/14/2017 1:18 PMPosted by: wellsbranch250

Does anyone know when this one will be complete or have updates?
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12/12/2017 5:19 PMPosted by: Vintage Folfer

Note: this course now has 9 holes. The 3 new ones circle the soccer field and have no numbers or tee locations that I could find but they're easy enough to figure out or guess.
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Madison, WI Door Creek DGC
12/7/2017 3:06 PMPosted by: ElementZ

Is this available to play year-round?
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ElementZ It looks like it is, but would like confirmation at some point.
Reply · 12/10/2017 10:53 AM

Algonquin, IL Quarry View DGC
12/6/2017 9:05 AMPosted by: airspuds

lost blue wraith metal flake on hole 7 in start of schulle / weeds/ name and # on it , reward offered
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Austin, TX Apache Shores
12/5/2017 4:25 PMPosted by: Pizza God

What happened to this course?
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timg The course is in part of an HOA or something and they asked me to remove it from the site as they don't want the general public playing here.
Reply · 12/6/2017 9:17 AM

Niskayuna, NY Blatnick Park
11/30/2017 7:31 PMPosted by: CaptainAnhyzer

Tee pad installation was started this week.
Plans for a PDGA tournament are in the works for March 31st 2018
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timg Looking forward to checking this course out next season
Reply · 12/6/2017 9:18 AM

11/30/2017 9:04 AMPosted by: JayCizzo

Sunrise DGC Handicap League, Saturday @ 9:30 am.
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timg You should post this under the "Regular Events" on the course page too.
Reply · 12/6/2017 9:19 AM

King of Prussia, PA Sweetbriar Park
11/29/2017 11:12 PMPosted by: Crooow

First timers should definitely park at the Hansen Road cul-de-sac. That way you can scope out the five baskets as you walk to the other end of the park to start your round.
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