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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Putt'r Elite Z 174g -- Good
    Notes: up the middle,long approach/driver flies straight 300'
     Innova Aviar KC 175g -- Poor
    Notes: main putter,anhyzer drive/approach
     Innova Aviar KC 175g -- Good
    Notes: windy condition driver/approach,back-up putter
     Innova Aviar KC 175g -- Excellent
    Notes: drive/approach
     Discraft XL Elite Z 175g -- Average
    Notes: straight/anhyzer tight fairway driver
     Innova Beast Champion 175g -- Good
    Notes: open distance driver
     Innova Katana Pro 175g -- Good
    Notes: long distance
Innova Firebird Champion 175g -- New
    Notes: sidearm
Innova Banshee KC 175g -- Poor
    Notes: roller/thumber/get out of trouble throws
     Innova Aviar XD DX 175g -- Poor
    Notes: anhyzer flick approach
     Innova Gator Star 175g -- New
    Notes: midrange sidearm
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