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Innova DX Teebird (172g) Newest Disc
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Disc Type
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Vulcan Star 174g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Whats in the bag...
     Innova XCaliber Champion 175g -- Excellent
Discraft XL Elite Z 174g -- Good
     Innova TeeRex Star 175g -- Good
    Notes: My Fav. Driver
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 172g -- Good
     Discraft Avenger Elite Z 172g -- Good
     Discraft Magnet Pro D 175g -- Good
     Discraft Nuke ESP 174g -- Good
    Notes: Bomb Hyzer Disc
Discraft Surge Elite Z 170g -- Good
     Discraft Drone ESP 172g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Whats in the bag...
     Gateway Voodoo -- 174g -- Good
     Discraft Putt'r Elite X 174g -- Good
     Innova Boss Star 172g -- Good
Innova Eagle Champion 174g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Whats in the bag...
    Notes: 11x
     Innova Pig Pro 174g -- Good
     Innova Pole Cat DX 174g -- Good
Innova Teebird Champion 175g -- Good
     Innova TeeRex Star 172g -- Good
Discraft Flash Elite-Z 170g -- Good
     Innova Pole Cat DX 172g -- Average