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Innova Glow Champion Boss (175g) Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
19 Lost
0 Wanted
3 Retired
72 Total
5 Bags
41 Bagged
9 Loose
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     MVP Ion -- 173g Putter Good
     Innova Destroyer Blizzard Champion 131g Driver (D) New
     Innova Teebird Champion 175g Driver (F) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Back ups
     Innova Teebird Champion 177g Driver (F) Good
    Notes: 11x
     Innova Banshee Champion 175g Driver (F) New
    In Bag(s): Grip-EQ
     Innova Boss Champion XG 171g Driver (D) Good
    In Bag(s): Back ups
    Notes: overhand
     Innova Teebird DX 177g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Trade
     Innova Destroyer DX 168g -- Excellent
    Notes: Safely placed across the Brazos after the 2011 Waco Charity Open
     Innova Aviar DX 175g -- Poor
    Notes: first putter I beat in, great old disc
     Discraft Drone Elite Z 178g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Grip-EQ
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 171g -- Good
    Notes: Got my first recorded ACE, 5th st in Temple on Hole 10
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 177g -- Excellent
     Discraft Drone Elite-Z 177g -- New
    In Bag(s): Back ups
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 177g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Back ups
     Discraft Flick Elite-Z 169g Driver (D) New
    In Bag(s): Trade
     Discraft Wasp Elite-Z 177g Midrange Excellent
     Discraft Breeze Elite-Z 173g Midrange --
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 177g Midrange New
    In Bag(s): Back ups
     Innova Destroyer Glow Champion 175g -- New
    In Bag(s): Grip-EQ
     Innova Firebird Glow Champion 175g Driver (F) New
    Attributes: CFR, Glow
    In Bag(s): Grip-EQ
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