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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Surge ESP FLX 168g -- New
    Lost: 11/13/2010 @ Cuyahoga County Airport DGC on #6
    Notes: Misprint. My max D driver.
     Discraft XL Pro D 170g Driver (F) Poor
    Lost: 8/26/2013 @ Deis Hill Park on #4
    Notes: Beat in perfectly! Most treasured disc! Anhyzer driver. Unsure of weight.
     Innova Archangel DX 168g -- Average
    Lost: 7/5/2010 @ Arboretum-Spiker Park on #1
    Notes: Found and lost in the same day. This disc did not have my info on it.
     Innova Dragon DX 150g Driver (F) Poor
    Lost: 7/18/2011 @ Happy Hills DGC on #2
    Notes: traded for wahoo.
Innova Groove Champion 167g Driver (D) Average
    Lost: 10/10/2011 @ Arboretum-Spiker Park on #20
    Notes: Junk Disc. Traded my yellow 168g Groove to Dio.
     Innova Groove Champion 169g Driver (D) Average
    Lost: 10/23/2011 @ Arboretum-Spiker Park on #20
    Notes: traded for wahoo.
     Innova Groove Champion 170g Driver (D) Good
    Lost: 11/24/2012 @ Portage Lakes DGC on #14
    Notes: $4
     Innova Groove Champion 171g Driver (D) Good
    Lost: 11/24/2012 @ Portage Lakes DGC on #14
    Notes: Trade nuke misprint for wiz/groove
     Innova Monarch Champion 172g -- Good
    Lost: 6/12/2010 @ Parma DGC on #7
    Notes: Found with no info at Roscoe #1. This disc did not have my info on it :(
Innova Monarch Champion 175g -- New
    Lost: 7/5/2010 @ Arboretum-Spiker Park on #21
    Notes: Lost my best straight driver!! It's waist deep with the leeches now.
Innova Orc Champion 175g Driver (D) Excellent
    Lost: 7/15/2013 @ Tri C West DGC
    Notes: Trade for Shark. Left it somewhere on Tri-C
     Innova Teebird DX 169g -- Average
    Lost: 9/27/2008 @ Freedlander Park
    Notes: MD's disc. It was my first time playing DG.
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 172g -- Excellent
    Lost: 8/18/2010 @ Roscoe Ewing Park on #1
    Notes: Found at Hocking, no info 07-20-09. Straight for short, understable for long drives
Innova Wolf DX 176g Midrange Excellent
    Lost: 8/26/2011 @ Freedlander Park on #12
    Notes: Great Roller and right turn approaches. Very strange sharp edge feel to the disc.
     Latitude 64 Halo Opto Line 177g -- New
    Lost: 6/19/2010 @ Roscoe Ewing Park on #9
    Notes: Forgot it right in the fairway, came back a few minutes later, gone!
     Lightning #3 Slice Basic 172g -- Average
    Lost: 4/30/2011 @ Great Blue Heron on #21
    Notes: My only floater disc. Handy at Freedlander and Arboretum. Unsure of weight.
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