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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Wraith Pro 174g -- --
    Notes: long-straight with tendency to turn over if thrown too flat
     Innova Cheetah DX 172g -- --
    Notes: Straight fairway drives with a fade left at end
     Innova Wraith Champion 172g -- New
    Notes: my overstable driver
     Innova Beast Champion 173g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Ogio back pack
    Notes: use for long, straight drives & turnover shots
     Gateway Wizard Supersoft 174g -- --
    In Bag(s): Ogio back pack
    Notes: go to putter/short approach, holds Anny line well
     Innova Beast DX -- -- Average
    Notes: Club stamp: WNCDGC
     Innova Beast DX 174g -- Excellent
    Notes: Club Stamp: Warriors Path
     Discraft Cyclone Pro D -- -- Excellent
     Innova Eagle Glo 168g -- Good
     Discraft Spectra Elite Z 172g -- Good
    Notes: Supercolor
     Innova Gazelle KC 174g -- Excellent
     Millennium JLS -- -- -- Good
     Innova Leopard Star 172g -- Excellent
     Innova Orc DX 172g -- Average
     Innova Rhyno Pro 175g -- Good
    Notes: Club stamp- Asheville Pizza & Pub
     Innova Sidewinder Champion 175g -- Excellent
     Discraft Talon -- 171g -- Good
Innova Teebird Champion 175g -- Excellent
     Innova Starfire Champion 174g -- Good
    Notes: side-arm 'S' turn & overhead shots
     Discraft Ace Race ESP 167g -- Excellent
    Notes: 2008 Ace Race disc
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