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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Avenger-SS Pro D 169g -- New
    Lost: 12/16/2010 @ Harlow Platts Park on #9
    Notes: great roller; maybe go a bit heavier (172) on the next one
Discraft Flash Elite Z 171g -- New
    Lost: 12/26/2010 @ Enterprise Community Park
    Notes: Fly-dye blue flash. Stable mid/long range
Discraft Surge Elite Z 174g -- New
    Lost: 1/5/2011 @ Bird's Nest Disc Park on #26
    Notes: Fly-dye red surge. Stable long-range.
     Innova Boss Champion 172g -- New
    Lost: 2/25/2011 @ Camenisch Park - Badlands on #12
    Notes: Medium Stable
     Innova Destroyer Champion 175g -- New
    Lost: 1/15/2011 @ Camenisch Park - Badlands on #12
    Notes: Will be a nice stable driver. Need to throw it more.
     Innova Gator DX 175g -- Good
    Lost: 12/16/2010 @ Harlow Platts Park on #4
    Notes: Someone else's. Called them. Waiting for call back. Stable, a bit less so than the Champ Gator.
     Innova Katana Pro 172g -- New
    Lost: 2/25/2011 @ Loomiller Park on #2
    Notes: Haven't figured this disc out yet
     Innova Roc DX 175g -- New
    Lost: 1/8/2011 @ Edora Park - Old Layout
    Notes: Wanting this to break in a bit. Found. Need to pick up next time in FoCo
     Innova TeeRex DX 172g -- Excellent
    Lost: 10/5/2010 @ Harlow Platts Park on #7
    Notes: Need to call the guy who has this.
     Innova XCaliber Champion 172g -- New
    Lost: 2/25/2011 @ Camenisch Park - Badlands on #16
    Notes: Super Stable. Only can throw into raging Headwind
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