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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
Innova Valkyrie Champion 169g -- Good
    Notes: Long straight distance driver
     Innova Wolf DX 175g -- Average
    Notes: My first disc!
     Innova Wraith Pro 167g -- Average
    Notes: to throw over water in the winter.
     Innova Wraith Star 164g -- Good
    Notes: sidearm disc
     Latitude 64 Pure Zero Line 170g -- Excellent
    Notes: Main puter
     Latitude 64 XXX Opto Line 173g -- Good
    Notes: Extreme meat hook
     Quest Rock-It Nike 134g -- Excellent
     Quest Rock-It (UL) Nike 144g -- Excellent
    Notes: Donated by Bikinjack - thanks
     Quest T-Bone -- 135g -- Excellent
    Notes: got from bikinjack
     Quest T-Bone -- 145g -- Excellent
    Notes: Donated by Bikinjack - thanks
     Quest T-Bone Nike 136g -- Average
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