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Grip-EQ L-Series (13 discs / 5lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Discraft Challenger Pro D 168g
     Discraft Zone CryZtal FLX 173g
     Discraft Meteor ESP 169g
     Discraft Buzzz ESP 168g
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 177g
     Discraft Wasp Elite-Z 175g
     Latitude 64 Vision Grip Line 173g
     Discraft XL ESP 167g
     Innova Teebird Champion 170g
     Innova Firebird Champion 174g
     Innova Whippet CE 172g
     Discraft Nuke Titanium 175g
     Innova XCaliber Champion 173g
Bag Notes: This is my primary tournament bag. It holds the lineup that I'm most confident and comfortable with for scoring as low as possible.

The Grip bag was an obvious choice as my primary bag. This is the bag I want to have on my back on long tournament days. Over the shoulder bags, even with quad straps, put quite a strain on my back and shoulder. Even with 64 oz of fluid on board, I barely notice the weight with the Grip bag.
Latitude 64 Pro Bag (21 discs / 8lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Latitude 64 Pure LE 172g
     Latitude 64 Pure Opto Line 176g
     Latitude 64 Spike EZE Line 175g
     Latitude 64 Sinus AP EZE Line 171g
     Latitude 64 Fuse Gold Line 179g
     Latitude 64 Fuse Opto Line Sparkle 178g
     Latitude 64 Core Gold Line 175g
     Latitude 64 Core Opto Line 176g
     Latitude 64 Pain Gold Line 173g
     Latitude 64 Vision Opto Line 174g
     Latitude 64 River Gold Line 172g
     Latitude 64 River Opto Line Sparkle 176g
     Latitude 64 Striker Gold Line 176g
     Latitude 64 Trident Opto Line Sparkle 171g
     Latitude 64 Saint Gold Line 167g
     Latitude 64 Saint Opto Line Sparkle 167g
     Latitude 64 XXX Gold Line 170g
     Latitude 64 XXX Opto Line 171g
     Latitude 64 Flow Gold Line 172g
     Latitude 64 Villain Opto Line 174g
     Latitude 64 Havoc Gold Line 170g
Bag Notes: Latitude 64 is probably my favorite disc company. I love the look and feel of their discs. However, only the Havoc and River have found a spot in my primary bag. So I decided to set up a Latitude only lineup for fun casual play.

At first, these were all housed in an Innova bag, but that just felt wrong. So I picked up a new run Latitude Pro Bag. I'm very impressed with this bag and might even consider making use of it in some tournament play.
Innova Discarrier (19 discs / 7lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Discraft Challenger Elite-X Soft 173g
     Discraft Challenger Elite-X Soft 171g
     Vibram Summit X-Link Firm 171g
     Vibram Ridge X-Link 173g
     Discraft Zone Elite-Z Sparkle 173g
     Discraft Meteor ESP 174g
     Discraft Buzzz ESP FLX 171g
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 175g
     Discraft XL Elite-X 167g
     Discraft XL ESP FLX 173g
     Innova Teebird Champion 167g
     Innova Firebird Champion 171g
     Innova Whippet CE 172g
     Innova XCaliber Star 171g
     Discraft Avenger Elite-X 171g
     Discraft Surge-SS ESP FLX 171g
     Innova XCaliber Star 172g
     Innova XCaliber Champion 171g
     Legacy Cannon Icon 175g
Bag Notes: With quad straps.

This was my first real tournament bag. I got it for the large disc capacity as well as the second water bottle holder.

I use it now to house backups and alternates for my Grip Bag. The Grip Bag simply can't carry all of the discs that I may use on the course, so I try to tailor that bag to the course. Then I have this bag available to scout a course when I want to have more shots and discs available to try things out.
Innova Deluxe (12 discs / 5lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Innova Destroyer Pro 170g
     Discraft Force Elite-Z 173g
     Discmania PD Freak P-Line 167g
     Innova Whippet-X KC Pro 170g
     Legacy Rival Pinnacle 171g
     Legacy Patriot Icon 167g
     Discraft Drone Elite-Z FLX Glo 178g
     Prodigy Disc M2 400 177g
     Prodigy Disc M4 400 178g
     Discraft Zone Elite-Z 174g
     Discraft Magnet Pro D 174g
     Legacy Clutch Protege 173g
Bag Notes: This is my trial bag. I use it for molds that are new to me that I want to try out. The smaller capacity for this bag makes it great for focusing on just a few new molds on the course to really put them through their paces.
Innova Standard (7 discs / 3lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Innova Dart R-Pro 173g
     Innova Birdie DX 172g
     Discraft Comet Elite-Z 176g
     Innova Wolf DX 174g
Innova Leopard Champion 169g
Innova Orc Champion 171g
     Innova Katana Blizzard Champion 148g
Bag Notes: Technically this is my wife's bag. But she plays so sparingly, I've basically inherited it as my beginner/loaner bag.

I like to keep it around to loan out to friends who don't have discs of their own. This generally means they are fairly new to the sport, so I've tried to keep it fairly beginner friendly.
Discraft Weekender (7 discs / 3lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Innova Aviar KC 11x/12x KC Pro 174g
     Innova Shark3 Champion 180g
     Innova Teebird Champion 175g
     Innova Teebird L (TL) Champion 168g
     Westside Northman Tournament 170g
     Innova Katana Champion 170g
     Discraft Avenger-SS Elite-Z 171g
Bag Notes: This is the bag from the 2011 Ace Race. I use it for mold minimization. With this bag I can focus on hitting lines rather than trying to do it all with disc selection.

The small size makes it perfect for quick rounds on shorter courses.