Mark R's Discs
Westside Tournament World (172g) Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
26 Lost
0 Wanted
2 Retired
72 Total
3 Bags
20 Bagged
24 Loose
0 Market
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Disc Type
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Destroyer Star 168g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Gave back to Landon
Innova Firebird Champion 172g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Main Arsenal - May 2017
    Notes: Tournament thumber driver, used at 5/22 tourney. Two time California trip veteran. Retired in 2013; brought out of retirement in 2017 for Kensington Toboggan round
     Innova Firebird Champion 172g Driver (D) Good
    In Bag(s): Main Arsenal - May 2017
    Notes: Very overstable firebird. Cuts through the wind.
     Innova Katana Champion 171g -- Excellent
    Notes: vying for forehand driver
     Innova Katana Champion 172g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Stable Distance Driver - Forehand
     Innova Katana Pro 175g -- Average
    Notes: Downhill Bomber
     Innova Katana Pro 175g -- Good
    Notes: backhand wide-open distance driver
     Innova Katana Star 171g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Gift from nickrockey
     Innova Pig Pro 171g -- Average
    In Bag(s): 2011 California Trip Bag
     Innova Rhyno KC Pro 174g Putter Good
    In Bag(s): Reserve Bag
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 167g Driver (F) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Main Arsenal - May 2017
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 171g -- Good
    Notes: Long Range Driver, Team Captain
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 171g Driver (F) Excellent
    Notes: Fairway Driver
Innova Valkyrie Champion 175g -- Good
    Notes: Wind Driver, understable
     Innova Wraith Champion 171g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: fighting with star wraith for starter status
     Innova Wraith Champion 171g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Competing with Star Wraith for starter status
     Innova Wraith Champion 171g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: gift from nickrockey, backup in case of loss on course
     Innova Wraith GStar 171g Driver (F) Good
     Innova Wraith Star 172g -- Excellent
    Notes: currntly vying for forehand driver
     Millennium Omega Super Soft Millennium 166g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Reserve Bag
    Notes: understable putter