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Latitude 64 Gold Line Claymore (175g) Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
19 Lost
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20 Retired
65 Total
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Archon Champion 163g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 5/10/2017
     Innova Destroyer Star 165g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 7/23/2014 @ Benedict Park on #2
     Innova Archon Champion 162g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 5/10/2017
     Innova Orc Champion 165g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 6/3/2012 @ Exposition Park on #13
    Notes: Lost after only a few throws
     MVP Ion Eclipse 175g Putter Excellent
    Lost: 6/25/2014 @ Lakewood Dry Gulch on #20
     Discraft Wasp Elite-Z 179g Midrange Excellent
    Lost: 6/24/2013 @ Optimist DGC on #5
    Notes: Headwind midrange
     DGA Squall Proline 177g Midrange Excellent
    Lost: 6/20/2014 @ Arapahoe Community College on #3
    Notes: Super straight. Generally goes where thrown
     Innova Tern Champion 164g Driver (D) Excellent
    Attributes: First Run
    Lost: 6/12/2013 @ Exposition Park on #11
Discraft Buzzz CryZtal Sparkle 175g Midrange Excellent
    Lost: 3/19/2013 @ Exposition Park on #18
     Innova Teebird KC 11x / 12x Champion 167g Driver (F) Excellent
    Lost: 5/22/2014 @ Camenisch Park - Blair Witch Project DGC on #3
    Notes: KC 12x - Guy found it and won't return it
     Innova Archon Star 160g Driver (D) Good
    Lost: 7/17/2014 @ Exposition Park on #14
    Notes: Middle of the lake on 14. Headwind flipped it over.
     Discraft Buzzz-SS Elite-Z 175g Midrange Good
    Lost: 6/3/2013 @ Johnny Roberts DGC - Old Layout on #3
    Notes: Lost at Johnny 2013
     Innova Tern Star 165g Driver (D) Good
    Lost: 11/3/2013
    Notes: Lost at Deer Mountain during Winter Warriors 2013
     Innova Wraith Blizzard Champion 139g Driver (D) Good
    Attributes: First Run
    Lost: 6/10/2014 @ Exposition Park on #8
     Innova Dart R-Pro 175g Putter Good
    Lost: 7/29/2013 @ Exposition Park on #14
    Notes: Upshot putter
     Discraft Buzzz Titanium 175g Midrange Good
    Lost: 3/3/2015 @ Freedom Lakes on #15
    Notes: Disc won in 2012 at tournament in CT
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 161g Driver (D) Good
    Lost: 6/10/2014 @ Exposition Park on #13
     Innova Dart R-Pro 175g Putter Good
    Lost: 3/18/2013 @ Exposition Park on #13
    Notes: Upshot Dart
     Innova Archon Star 163g Driver (D) Good
    Lost: 3/23/2013 @ Camenisch Park - Badlands
    Notes: Main Drive (1b) - lost during 303 Tourney on Silver Course
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