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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Archon Star -- Driver (D) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Backpack
    Notes: Pretty much my favorite driver right now. Gives me the best distance.
     Innova Aviar DX -- Putter Good
    In Bag(s): Backpack
     Innova Aviar Glo 175g Putter New
    Attributes: Glow
    In Bag(s): Backpack
     Innova Dragon DX -- Driver (F) Excellent
    Notes: Just got this because it floats. Wierd plastic. Kind of hard to control with an erratic flight pattern.
     Innova Groove Champion -- Driver (D) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Backpack
    Notes: A lot of people don't like this disc but I do. It's my favorite long fairway driver or longer hyzer disc.
     Innova Shark DX -- Midrange Good
     Innova Starfire Champion -- Driver (D) Good
    In Bag(s): Backpack
    Notes: My favorite short fairway driver or heavier hyzer disc. I use it for longer layup shots because it's consitent and drops down fast.
     Innova Valkyrie Glow Champion 171g Driver (D) New
    Attributes: Glow
    In Bag(s): Backpack
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