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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Avenger Elite-Z 169g Driver (D) Average
    Notes: FIRST ACE! Disc is too flippy for any real use now. I'm afraid she's got nothing left.
     Discraft Buzzz ESP 168g Midrange Good
    Notes: FOUND! It was in someone's bag at Sander's Ferry.
     Discraft Nuke ESP 172g Driver (D) Average
     Gateway Voodoo SSS 173g Putter Poor
    Notes: Slightly warped.
     Innova Aviar Star 171g Putter Excellent
    Notes: Cotton Candy swirls underneath.
     Innova Aviar Yeti Pro 175g Putter Average
    Notes: Found at hole 6 at 7 Oaks. Text no answer...
     Innova Destroyer Blizzard Champion 150g Driver (D) Average
    Notes: First effort with either Blizz or a Destroyer. Great on RHFH annies
Innova Orc Champion 165g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Replacement for my blue on blue green stamp I lost at Sander's Ferry.
Innova Roadrunner Champion -- Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Found at Barfield in the middle of a field. Like new.
     Innova Shark DX 150g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: Bought at a random gas station. Barely thrown.
     Innova Shark DX 176g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: Found somewhere at 7 Oaks, no name
     Innova Valkyrie Champion -- Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Probably the oldest disc remaining from old days. No clue where or when purchased. Too Flippy to use.
     Innova Valkyrie Star 171g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Found at Seven Oaks, hole 15. No name. Beautiful disc.
     Innova Vulcan Star 170g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Found, notified name on disc.
     Innova Wraith Blizzard Champion 150g Driver (D) Good
     Innova Wraith Champion 171g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Bought at Shell by Seven Oaks. Flash rips my skin, need to sand it.
     Innova Wraith DX 167g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Xmas present. Rarely thrown.
     Latitude 64 Core Gold Line 176g Midrange New
     Latitude 64 Diamond Opto Line Sparkle 150g Driver (F) Poor
    Notes: Disc has an indention in the dome
     Latitude 64 Trident Gold Line 174g Driver (F) New
    In Bag(s): Flak
    Notes: Very Overstable. Speed 7 driver. Hard Right w/ sidearm
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