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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Buzzz -- -- Midrange Excellent
    Notes: My only Discraft disc. Very similar to my Coyote, and I really dig it.
     Innova Archon Star -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: When a valkyrie just isn't enough...
     Innova Aviar DX -- Putter Average
    Notes: My oldest disc. From a 3-pack I purchased at MC Sports years ago. The Gazelle and Stingray that came with it are loooooong gone.
     Innova Aviar DX -- Putter Excellent
    Notes: Back-up Aviar in case something awful should happen.
     Innova Boss Champion -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: I won't lie. I have no idea how to make this disc work for me.
     Innova Coyote Champion -- Midrange Excellent
    Notes: I use this when I don't want to risk damaging my DX Roc. This disc happens to have 2 aces to its name.
     Innova Dragon DX -- Driver (D) Good
    Notes: It floats. Flies like a light Roadrunner when I rip it.
     Innova Leopard Champion -- Driver (F) Excellent
    Notes: Often lent to new players. Flys straight, easy to handle.
     Innova Monarch Champion -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Have not worked this disc out yet. Behaves almost identical to my Valkyrie most times.
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 166g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Super understable, never rarely comes back from a left to right glide.
     Innova Roadrunner Star -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: More stable that my champion Roadrunner. More distance for tighter, longer shots.
     Innova Roc DX -- Midrange Good
    Notes: Fantastic midrange. Great from the tee and for nailing 30-70 foot putts.
Innova Starfire Champion -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Just found this on hole 14 at Oshtemo DGC. Looks good from the stats.
     Innova Valkyrie Star -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Probably my 5th Valkyrie. Always need to have one on hand.
     Innova Wraith Champion -- Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Predicatable. I use it like a short Valkyrie.
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