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Innova Champion Roc (176g) Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
3 Lost
0 Wanted
0 Retired
18 Total
2 Bags
15 Bagged
0 Loose
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Fade lite (0 discs / --)
Bag Notes: First bag. Holds 12 discs. I've only got 6 for now but will probably upgrade when I max it out. Or I may retire some discs and continue with this bag since I like its small size.
Innova Deluxe (15 discs / 5lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Discraft Banger-GT Pro D 173g
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 178g
     Discraft Buzzz Pro D 175g
     Discraft Putt'r Elite-X 172g
     Discraft Soft Magnet Pro D 173g
     Discraft XL Elite-X --
     Innova Aviar Star 173g
     Innova Orc Champion 172g
     Innova Valkyrie Star 158g
     Innova Wraith Star 164g
     Innova Shark Star 169g
     Innova Stingray Star 172g
     Discraft Soft Magnet Pro D 172g
     Innova Beast Champion 168g
     Innova Roc Champion 176g
Bag Notes: Just got this bag for my b-day. Need to buy some more discs to fill it up!