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Discmania C-Line MD3 (180g) Newest Disc
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Westside King VIP 171g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 12/21/2012 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #11
    Notes: Max distance driving.
     Westside Sword VIP 174g Driver (D) Excellent
    Lost: 6/3/2013 @ Ham Lake DGC on #5
     Vibram Ascent X-Link 174g Driver (F) Excellent
    Lost: 8/25/2012 @ Ham Lake DGC on #5
    Notes: Somebody must have picked it up or something
     Prodigy Disc D1 -- 170g Driver (D) New
    Attributes: First Run
    Lost: 4/16/2013 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #19
    Notes: Max distance drives
     Prodigy Disc F7 400 175g Driver (F) New
    Lost: 10/24/2013 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #22
     MVP Ion Proton 175g Putter New
    Lost: 5/10/2012
    Notes: Stolen out of my buddies car!
     MVP Vector Neutron 175g Midrange New
    Lost: 4/21/2013 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #25
    Notes: Straight to stable mid shots
Millennium JLS Millennium 170g Driver (F) Good
    Lost: 6/13/2014 @ The Valley DGC on #11
     Legacy Patriot Icon 175g Driver (F) New
    Lost: 5/10/2014 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #22
     Legacy Rampage Pinnacle 175g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 5/24/2014 @ Crown College on #18
     Legacy Rival Pinnacle 173g Driver (F) New
    Lost: 6/3/2013 @ Lakewood Hills on #10
     Latitude 64 Halo Opto Line 174g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 6/8/2013 @ Acorn Park - Old Layout on #9
     Latitude 64 Pure Opto Line 175g Putter New
    Lost: 7/19/2014 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #22
     Latitude 64 Saint Opto Line Sparkle 171g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 1/11/2013 @ Bunker Hills on #6
     Latitude 64 Sinus SP Zero Line 175g Putter New
    Lost: 6/12/2013 @ Lochness Park DGC on #3
     Latitude 64 Striker Opto Line 175g Driver (F) New
    Lost: 6/4/2013 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #18
     Innova Boss Blizzard Champion 156g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 3/29/2013 @ Lochness Park DGC on #2
    Notes: My long bomb driver.
     Innova Destroyer Star 167g Driver (D) Excellent
    Lost: 10/18/2012 @ Lochness Park DGC on #8
    Notes: X-out. My long bomb
     Innova Destroyer Star 168g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 9/28/2012 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #7
    Notes: X-out. For big hyzers
     Innova Destroyer Star 171g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 3/29/2013 @ Blue Ribbon Pines DGC on #18
    Notes: Long turnovers
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