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Legacy Pinnacle Ghost (180g) Newest Disc
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
DGA Hurricane Proline 173g Driver (D) Good
Discraft Crush Elite-Z -- Driver (D) Excellent
     Discraft Flick Elite-Z 173g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: I have been trying this as a Tomahawk disc and it's pretty good
     Discraft Force Elite-Z 174g Driver (D) Good
     Discraft Predator Elite-Z 172g Driver (F) Good
     Discraft Surge-SS Elite-Z 173g Driver (D) Good
     Gateway Warlock SSS 175g Putter Excellent
     Gateway Warlock Supersoft 174g Putter Good
     Gateway Warlock Supersoft 175g Putter Good
     Gateway Wizard Medium 175g Putter Good
     Gateway Wizard SSS 173g Putter Good
     Gateway Wizard SSS 175g Putter Good
    Notes: Doesn't get used as much as my Warlocks
     Innova Aviar JK Pro 165g Midrange Good
     Innova Beast Star 166g Driver (F) Excellent
     Innova Boss Pro 168g Driver (D) Average
     Innova Dominator Champion 175g Driver (D) Good
     Innova Firebird Special Blend 175g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Champion Metal Flake. Special stamp. Back up to my thrower
     Innova Groove Champion 168g Driver (D) Good
     Innova Leopard Star 175g Driver (F) Good
    Notes: Straight Flying Fairway driver can get to do whatever I want
     Innova Roc KC 10x/11x/12x Pro 177g Midrange Good
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