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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
Discraft Avenger-SS -- 172g -- Excellent
    Lost: 10/8/2008 @ Benbrook Park DGC on #16
    Notes: Damn!!! make good BH turnover/straight discs
Discraft Avenger-SS -- 172g -- Good
    Lost: 8/22/2008 @ Galloway Hammond Rec Center
    Notes: DAMN!!
     Discraft Comet ESP 177g -- New
    Lost: 3/10/2010 @ Benbrook Park DGC on #3
    Notes: lost in the full creek in front of the basket...guy actually found my disc and messaged me on this site, but i never got to him, so i gave it to him.BH understable midrange, Limited edition, replaces my elite x Comet
     Discraft Crush Elite X 173g -- Good
    Lost: 3/10/2010 @ The Highlands on #6
    Notes: truned over in a headwind into pond just barely---------found at Rivery, 2/10----main BH driver for now
     Discraft Drone Pro D 175g -- New
    Lost: 9/12/2009 @ Rivery Park on #13
    Notes: great FH midrange disc, won't turn over on me
     Discraft Nuke ESP 173g -- New
    Lost: 9/28/2012 @ FBCgT DGC on #6
    Notes: 2/10-- main FH driver for now, replaced Wraith, like the wide rim for FH drives, bit too domey though
     Discraft Pulse ESP 173g -- New
    Lost: 3/10/2010 @ The Highlands on #5
    Notes: lost on edge of pond in front ' basket------bought to replace my Groove, a bit more overstable than it perhaps at 173g. tried 169g. and it was too understable, yet before I tried 166g. and it was good??!! damn this inconsistency!-----2/10--- It's now gott
Discraft Surge ESP 174g -- New
    Lost: 10/6/2009 @ Rivery Park
    Notes: understable FH driver or overstable BH driver, fits in between the Beast & Groove--- lost, then found again at school next to Jim's- 6/17/09
     Innova Archangel DX -- -- Excellent
    Lost: 9/10/2008 @ Benbrook Park DGC on #12
    Notes: threw a sidearm, wind carried it into the jungle
     Innova Beast Champion 166g -- Good
    Lost: 7/14/2009 @ Bartholomew Park on #1
    Notes: main BH driver, found at Pinnacle, lost at Bart
     Innova Destroyer Star 175g -- Excellent
    Lost: 3/4/2009 @ The Highlands on #3
    Notes: Damn!!!!
     Innova Destroyer Star 175g -- Excellent
    Lost: 1/7/2009 @ Williamson County DGC on #4
    Notes: unbelievable loss- it was frozen over with ice on ground, very little vegetation, a FH in the trees
     Innova Groove Champion 173g -- Excellent
    Lost: 6/17/2009
    Notes: I think it was stolen while i was looking for surge at Jim's!! still main FH driver, good headwind overhead & BH driver, and FH downwind & rightwind as well
     Innova Groove Champion 175g -- New
    Lost: 3/11/2009 @ Old Settlers' Park on #5
    Notes: DAMN!!!
     Innova Max Star 175g -- Good
    Lost: 7/17/2010 @ Benbrook Park DGC on #7
    Notes: my most overstable disc, not as long n' good feelin' as Flick
     Innova Sonic DX -- -- Excellent
    Lost: 9/4/2008 @ Rivery Park on #6
    Notes: threw a sky hook over the trees towards basket; never saw again
     Innova Starfire Star 175g -- Average
    Lost: 11/2/2012 @ Austin Ridge Bible Church on #18
    Notes: found at benbrook, BH overstable driver
Innova Wraith Champion 175g -- Excellent
    Lost: 11/1/2010 @ TxState Campus West Park on #9
    Notes: found at Rivery,2/10---overstable BH driver, was main FH driver, slippy Champion plactic, backup for Nuke too
     Innova XCaliber Star 172g -- New
    Lost: 7/17/2010 @ Benbrook Park DGC
    Notes: overstable driver, FH
     Innova XCaliber Star 175g -- Excellent
    Lost: 4/2/2009 @ The Highlands
    Notes: damn!!
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