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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Aero Champion 180g Putter Excellent
    Notes: Gold Champion Aero. I shoulda bought a ton of these.
     Innova Aviar DX 175g Putter Poor
    Notes: bottom stamp, flippy
     Innova Aviar JK 5x JK Pro 175g Putter Excellent
     Innova Aviar JK 5x Pro 175g Putter Good
     Innova Aviar KC 11x/12x KC Pro 175g Putter Average
     Innova Coyote Glow Champion 180g Midrange Average
    Attributes: First Run, Glow
    Notes: flippy - first run stamp
     Innova Coyote Glow Champion 180g Midrange Good
    Attributes: CFR, Glow
    Notes: Double Stingray stamped
     Innova Destroyer Star 175g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Jacksonville stamp
     Innova Firebird Star 167g Driver (F) Average
    Notes: Long thumber disc
     Innova Leopard Star 175g Driver (F) Good
     Innova Mako Star 180g Midrange Excellent
    Attributes: First Run
     Innova Monster X Champion 167g Driver (F) Average
    Notes: Spike Hyzers and thumbers
     Innova Nova Pro 171g Midrange Excellent
    Attributes: First Run
    Notes: Red rim, yellow center "Rise of the Hat" stamp
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 175g Driver (D) Good
    Attributes: CFR, First Run
    Notes: USDGC stamp - Rollers and Renny Gold Hole 2 eagle drives.
     Innova Roc (Ontario) Special Blend 180g Midrange Excellent
    Attributes: CFR
    Notes: One of 3.
     Innova Stingray Champion 180g Midrange Average
    Notes: my flippy Stingray.
     Innova Stingray Champion 180g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: My new straighter Champ Stingray
     Innova Stingray Star 180g Midrange Good
    Attributes: First Run
    Notes: Mormoney... my semi flippy Stingray. Blunt nose.
     Innova Super Stingray Champion 180g Midrange New
     Innova Teebird L (TL) Star 175g Driver (F) Good
    Notes: Controlled distance flips
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