ERicJ's Discs
Innova Champion XD (173g) Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
460 Lost
0 Wanted
8 Retired
2022 Total
5 Bags
133 Bagged
1421 Loose
12 Market
ERic's Golf Mahal (33 discs / 13lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Hyzerbomb Tank Base Soft 172g
     Hyzerbomb Tank Recon 176g
     Innova Eagle X KC Pro 173g
     Innova Eagle X CE 175g
     Discraft Comet Elite-Z 178g
     Discraft Comet Elite-X 178g
     Discraft Comet Elite-X 177g
     Innova Roc (Rancho) DX 176g
     Innova Roc (Rancho) DX 178g
     Discraft Drone Elite-Z 179g
     Discraft Drone Elite-Z 179g
     Innova Gator Star 175g
     Innova Gator Star 175g
     Innova Rhyno Pro 172g
     Innova Rhyno R-Pro 174g
     Innova Rhyno Champion XG 175g
     Innova Shark3 Champion 177g
     Innova Shark3 Champion 178g
     Innova Monarch Champion 169g
     MVP Volt Neutron 176g
     Innova Vulcan Star 172g
     Innova Destroyer DX 173g
     Innova Destroyer Blizzard Champion 156g
     Innova Archon Star 175g
     Innova Roc (Flat Top) DX 179g
     Dynamic Discs Escape Lucid 175g
     Dynamic Discs Escape Lucid 174g
     Innova Thunderbird Glow Champion 175g
     Innova Thunderbird Glow Champion 176g
     Innova Firebird Star 172g
     Discraft Force ESP 173g
     Innova XCaliber Star 175g
     Innova Shryke Star 172g
Bag Notes: OS on the left.
Mids & Eagles in the middle.
US on the right.
Putter in the pocket.
Fade Lite (0 discs / --)
Jalics (11 discs / 4lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Innova Aviar DX 171g
     Innova Aviar DX 167g
     Innova Birdie DX 175g
     Innova Cheetah DX 175g
     Innova Leopard DX 146g
     Innova Leopard DX 167g
     Innova Leopard DX 147g
     Innova Roc DX 174g
     InStep Mercury Putter -- 158g
     InStep Pluto Driver -- 156g
     InStep Saturn Mid Range -- 169g
Bag Notes: Discs at Julie's house
Jessica's Competition (82 discs / 29lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     1080 Radius -- 165g
     Ching Juju Supreme 176g
     Ching Precision Power 172g
     Ching Velocity Supreme 170g
     Ching Velocity Supreme 175g
     Ching Velocity Supreme 169g
     Ching Velocity Supreme 171g
     Daredevil Beaver Flex Perf. 173g
     DGA Blunt Gumbputt Signature Line 173g
     Discraft Avenger ESP 161g
Discraft Avenger Elite-X 173g
     Discraft Buzzz ESP 168g
Discraft Buzzz ESP 169g
     Discraft Buzzz CryZtal 175g
     Discraft Crush Elite-Z 172g
Discraft Cyclone Elite-X 171g
     Discraft Flick Elite-Z 151g
     Discraft Stratus ESP 165g
Discraft Surge ESP 174g
     Discraft X-Clone Pro D 147g
     Discraft Zone Pro D 173g
Gateway Blaze E Series 173g
     Gateway Sabre S Series 171g
     Gateway Sabre S Series 176g
     Gateway Sabre S Series 172g
     Innova Aviar Glow Champion 175g
     Innova XD DX 170g
     Innova Boss R-Pro 147g
     Innova Boss R-Pro 150g
     Innova Boss R-Pro 152g
     Innova Cheetah DX 144g
     Innova Classic Cobra DX 170g
Innova Classic Cobra Star 176g
     Innova Cobra Champion 167g
     Innova Shark Champion 168g
     Innova Shark DX 148g
     Innova Sidewinder Champion 174g
     Innova Starfire Star 174g
     Innova Starfire L (SL) Pro 146g
     Innova Stingray DX 145g
     Innova Valkyrie DX 174g
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 163g
     Innova Viper DX 168g
     Millennium JLS Quantum 149g
     Millennium Orion LF Sirius 149g
     Millennium Orion LF Sirius 150g
     Millennium Orion LS Quantum 168g
     Millennium Polaris LS Sirius 149g
     MVP Ion Proton Soft 174g
     Quest Backbone 80/20 160g
     Quest Backbone SRP 175g
     Quest Backbone SRP 167g
     Quest Backbone 80/20 169g
     Quest Backbone (UL) Nike 128g
     Quest Inferno (UL) Nike 136g
     Quest Inferno (UL) Nike 128g
     Quest Inferno (UL) Nike 129g
Quest Raging Inferno DT SRP 168g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT Premier 173g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 136g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 137g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 124g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 131g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 131g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 137g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 137g
     Quest Raging Inferno DT (UL) Nike 128g
     Quest Wildfire SRP 173g
     Vibram Ridge X-Link Soft 171g
     Discraft Nuke CryZtal 174g
     Discraft Nuke CryZtal 172g
     Lightning #2 Flyer Glow 131g
     Innova XD R-Pro 174g
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 169g
Discraft Buzzz ESP --
     Innova Ape Blizzard Champion 147g
     Innova Katana Blizzard Champion 138g
     Innova Boss Glow Champion 172g
     Innova Katana Blizzard Champion 149g
     Innova Katana Blizzard Champion 150g
Dynamic Discs Witness Fusion 175g
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 180g
Ted (7 discs / 2lbs.)
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Action
     Innova Shark DX 127g
     Innova Pole Cat DX 106g
     Innova Pole Cat DX 109g
     Innova Shark DX 139g
     Innova Leopard Star 152g
     Innova Viper DX 146g
     Innova Goblin DX 137g