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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
Innova Eagle Champion 167g Driver (F) Excellent
    Lost: 8/20/2011 @ Muldoon Park on #13
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 167g -- Excellent
    Lost: 5/2/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #8
     Innova Teebird Champion 168g -- Excellent
    Lost: 1/8/2013
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 175g -- Excellent
    Lost: 5/2/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #8
     Innova Aviar Champion 170g Putter Excellent
    Lost: 5/26/2010 @ Maple Hill DGC on #8
    Notes: Lost from Drop Zone :-(
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 168g -- Excellent
    Lost: 5/2/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #14
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 168g -- Excellent
    Lost: 5/2/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #8
     Innova Leopard Champion 168g -- Excellent
    Lost: 7/4/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #8
    Notes: In the water
     Innova Orc Champion 161g -- Average
    Lost: 6/16/2009 on #
    Notes: In the lake behind the house
     Innova Monarch Champion 175g Driver (D) New
    Lost: 1/8/2013
    Notes: Procured with a gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods 7/2/2009. The gift card was for $25.00. The disc and a golf towel totalled $25.18 with tax. It was the only model on the shelf, that I hadn't thrown before.
     Innova Orc Champion 161g -- Excellent
    Lost: 8/8/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #7
    Notes: SFDGC Hammer & Sikcle Stamp
Innova Valkyrie Champion 172g -- Excellent
    Lost: 8/30/2005 @ Stafford Lake County Park on #15
    Notes: My first lost disc, a beautiful Flye Dye Valk, lost at Stafford Lake, Novato
Innova Sidewinder Champion 175g -- Good
    Lost: 3/21/2010
    Notes: Bought used at Maple Hill in Leicester, MA
     Innova Sidewinder Champion 175g -- Excellent
    Lost: 9/6/2007
    Notes: I don't remember when or where I lost this one, but probably Stafford Lake
     Innova Teebird Champion 168g Driver (F) Excellent
    Lost: 1/8/2013
    Notes: Old Reliable
     Innova Wraith Champion 165g -- Excellent
    Lost: 1/8/2013
    Notes: Really Understable for a Wrath - Love It! SFDGC 2007 Safari Stamp
     Innova Roc Champion Ed. 180g -- Excellent
    Lost: 9/1/2006 @ Aquatic Park on #12
    Notes: I drove it on the back 9 somewhere and it was a great drive, right down the middle. Either an animal ran off with it or it went down the cement drain well thing. I looked for it for about 30 minutes.
     Discraft Zone CryZtal FLX -- Midrange Excellent
    Lost: 11/21/2015 @ Devens - The Hill
     Innova Roc DX 180g -- Poor
    Lost: 5/2/2009 @ Maple Hill DGC on #16
    Notes: SFDGC Tree Stamp. Lost in the woods/ brush on the left of 16 at Maple Hill. Beat to hell but I love this disc.
     Innova Leopard DX 150g Driver (F) Excellent
    Lost: 1/8/2013
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