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Latitude 64 Gold Line Halo Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
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48 Total
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Latitude 64 Halo Gold Line -- Driver (D) New
    Notes: Golden Disc Golf Club membership disc
     Innova Leopard Champion 165g -- Excellent
    Notes: Doodle Designed
     Innova Destroyer Pro 165g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Fast Meat Hook
     Innova Valkyrie Champion 167g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Using more and more
     Innova Teebird DX 167g Driver (F) Good
     Innova Starfire Star 168g -- Excellent
    Notes: Souvenir from SF DGC
     Innova Aviar DX 170g -- Excellent
     Innova Roadrunner Star 171g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Tunnel Driver
     Innova Firebird Champion 171g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Meat Hook
     Discraft Avenger-SS ESP 172g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted, Travel Bag
    Notes: Easy to Find
     Latitude 64 Fuse Opto Line 173g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: H!O Open 2010 Disc
     Discraft Predator Elite Z 173g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Overstable Drives, starts turning half way to the target
     Discraft Buzzz Elite Z 174g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Travel Bag, Disc Addicted
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 174g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: Backup Buzzz
     Discraft Wasp Elite-Z 174g Midrange Excellent
     DGA Aftershock Pro 175g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Overstable Midrange
     Discraft Avenger-SS ESP FLX 175g -- Excellent
    In Bag(s): FLX for Bad Weather Days
     Discraft Comet Elite Z 175g -- Excellent
     Gateway Wizard E Series 175g -- Good
    In Bag(s): Travel Bag, Disc Addicted
     Gateway Wizard S Series 175g -- Average
    In Bag(s): Disc Addicted
    Notes: Medium, Main Putter
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