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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Avenger-SS ESP 173g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: Straight drives with a little turnover
     Discraft Drone ESP FLX 177g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: A hog...super consistent mid...super overstable
     Discraft Flash Elite Z 171g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: My Tomahawk/Overhead disc
     Gateway Magic Supersoft 170g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: New money putter...sticky and straight
     Innova Coyote Star 170g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: My straight low speed approach disc
     Innova Destroyer Star 168g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: Booming a drive with little to no wind
     Innova Leopard Champion 172g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: Fairway driver holds any line
     Innova Max Star 175g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: Can handle any headwind
     Innova Roc (Ontario) DX 177g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: Great feel...stable mid
     Innova Teebird Star 170g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: Holds a better line then the Avenger SS
     Innova XCaliber Star 172g -- --
    In Bag(s): My Bag
    Notes: First Run-Very Overstable
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