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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Discraft Surge-SS Elite-Z -- -- Excellent
    Will trade for: Discs or Cash  Inked: Yes
    Notes: Ink on inner rim
     Latitude 64 XXX Opto Line -- -- Good
    Notes: Gone, traded. Found on 17 Burns-Blue, previous owner wasn't interested in getting it back.
     Minis Little Flyer -- -- -- New
    Notes: DGCR Mini
     Innova Beast Champion -- -- Good
    Notes: Found at Dupree Park, called previous owner and he said he had already replaced it.
     Innova Beast Champion -- -- Average
    Notes: The color on this disc is unusual, there are small dark green specks in the lighter green plastic. I found it on the course and couldn't contact the # on the bottom of the disc, lots of ink from original owner. Traded away
     Innova TeeDevil Blizzard Champion 150g -- Excellent
    Will trade for: Discs or Cash  Inked: No
    Notes: Field tested only
     Innova Ape Blizzard Champion 150g -- Excellent
    Will trade for: Discs or Cash  Inked: No
    Notes: Field Tested Only
     Innova Boss Champion 150g -- Excellent
    Notes: Blizzard factory 2nd
     Innova Pole Cat R-Pro 158g -- Good
     Innova Zephyr DX 160g -- Poor
     Discraft Ace Race ESP 165g -- Excellent
    Notes: Ace Race 2010
     Innova Viking Champion 166g -- New
     Innova Valkyrie DX 167g -- Excellent
     Innova Wraith DX 167g -- Poor
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 168g -- Average
    Notes: Given to a buddy starting out
     Innova Beast Champion 170g -- Excellent
     Innova Firebird Champion 170g -- New
    Notes: Traded away
     Innova Aviar DX 170g -- Poor
    Notes: Dog got a hold of it and chewed, that will be the last time he ever touches my bag.
Innova Starfire Champion 170g -- Average
     Innova Wraith DX 170g -- Average
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