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Other Info/Notes:
I take a comprehensive view when rating a course. While the holes themselves are the primary factor, I also consider tees, flow, signage, "amenities", etc. I enjoy courses and holes that offer variety and provide options.

While not my original intent, I'd categorize courses I rate in the following manner:
0.0: I've yet to give a zero. although there have been a few close calls.
0.5: Are courses I wouldn't bother playing again nor would recommend.
1.0: Are courses I probably won't bother playing again, but may be of interest to others.
1.5: Will play if my time and its location happen to intersect.
2.0: Decent enough to play/practice, but not overly exciting.
2.5: Solid, middle-of-the-road course, with offsetting minor pros and cons - typically fun/relaxing.
3.0: Just a bit above an average course, typically a good play, often for a focused audience-type.
3.5: Typically offers good variety with a steady stream of solid holes, look forward to playing it frequently.
4.0: Highly recommended, just a notch or two below the top courses - definitely worth a play.
4.5: Pretty much has it all - just a blemish or two. Play it if you can!
5.0: I have yet to play one, although Deer Lakes and Moraine are close.

A 72=hour 12=course 6+/-player whirlwind trip to the Indianapolis area mid=August 2014 ended my streak of reviewing every course I've played. Below are tidbits of those courses I played, in the order in which I played them:
2.5 Avon: Novice/Intermediate; More open than wooded; Some elevation changes; Tees a bit small.
2.5 Mt. Gilead: Mostly long. Mostly open. Dead flat.
2.5 Blue Heron: Some holes quite suitable for novice/intermediate, while other had disc-loss out-of-bounds quite close!
1.0 Cumberland: Flat. Soccer games along left. Possible disc-loss creek along right.
3.5 Disc@Fall Creek: Nice variety of open, semi-, and full-wooded, and distances/shot-shapes.
3.0 Hill@Northview: Pretty and well-manicured with elevation changes; Primarily open.
1.5 Lawrence Inlow: A nice, short introductory course initially open (short righties), followed by some woods.
3.0 Elwood: Ugly (former landfill/dump) but effective - wooded (smaller trees) with interesting lines and other challenges.
3.0 Lions@Yorktown: A mixture of (mainly) good holes with elevation and/or woods, along with a few bland, flat, open holes.
3.0 McCulloch: Nice park with rolling elevation and scattered, large trees; Bit too much max huck followed by moderate approach.
3.5 Boondocks: The front, mostly open, front nine is okay, but the back nine up/down/along the wooded ridge is excellent.
3.5 Hazel Landing: Excellent teepads/signage/flow. More wooded than open. Challenging lines. Dead flat.

I also spent a long weekend in New England in mid-October 2014:
3.5 Wickham: Fantastic park. Lots of length. Nice mix of altering open/wooded. Some long walks between holes.
3.0 Cross Farms: Nearly entirely wooded. Nearly entirely flat. Lots of challenging holes.
4.0 Pyramids: Initially across/up/down a wooded ridge with creek, openish/flatter towards end, but still challening throughout
NR. Pyramids Pink: Work on your short game - and if you can putt well on these baskets, you can putt anywhere!
2.0 Wilton: Front nine offers some wood challenge, but also safety issues; Rougher back nine better, but signage/tees need work.
3.0 Otter Creek: An undulating wooded ridge with two tees, offering both birdy chances and difficult pars.
1.0 Granite Gorge: Mostly throwing up open hills, aka bunny ski slopes, from too small/rough teepads.
3.5 Crane Hill: Two tees with a mix of open, wooded, and in/out, mostly flat with some elevation changes mid-course.

July 2015: Primarily Denver, with a WYO-NEB-KAN loop.
2.0 Village Greens: Open, fairly flat, good flow, suitable for lower levels
1.5 Exposition: Open and flat, with nasty water lurking about several holes
2.0 Fehringer: Tougher than similar-appearing Village Greens, but with greater disc-loss probability
2.5 Johnny Roberts: Well-manicured pitch-n-putt
2.5 Edora: Some length and elevation changes, but mainly open with some minor flow issues
2.5 Dry Creek Parkway: Must be recently mowed and no recent rain to be playable
1.0 Deer Run A repetitive open hyzer-fest skirting a small public park
2.5 Flight to 9: A decent niner at the back of a multi-faceted public park
3.0 Kelley: Plenty of elevation changes, with some shot-shaping on the back nine
1.5 Lake Atwood: A large pond surrounded by a walking path surrounded by a road - try not to land in any of these
1.0 Roadside: A few decent holes at a rest stop, but if other patrons are actually resting there, might have to skip some
2.0 Valmont: A small hillock crammed with too many baskets, followed by open cross-field chucking mobbed with students
3.5 Bailey: A big hill with supporting meadows, boulders, and treelines makes for a fine play.
4.5 Beaver Ranch: A refined/established version of Bailey, with hole-7 being my favourite - play it if in the vicinity!
3.0 Lake Dillon: Open with elevation early, gentler changes but more shot-shaping late
2.5 Peak One: Gentler elevation and shot-shaping, recent tree removal opened it up a bit too much

August 2015: Menomonie and Minneapolis
2.5 Brickyard: Extremes - 2xtees, 2xbaskets, elevation all good; upkeep, dampness, mosquitoes, slippyness bad
2.5 Wakanda: open- and flat-ish early, later ridge with large scattered trees more interesting
2.0 Mayo: Erratic - half the holes quite suitable for middleschoolers, while others way too close to tall grass/bushes, awkward throwing lanes
3.0 Valley: a solid mix of hole types with a walking path in the vicinity of some
3.5 Kaposia: classic look and feel, some open with large hardwoods and many shots carved in woods, with minor elevation changes
3.5 Blue Ribbon Pines: Clubhouse, auxillary snackbar, blue baskets, red mulch, log-lined greens, some multi-terraced are its strengths; flatness, 1/3rd open chucks, green-slime ponds as hazards are weaknesses
3.5 Bryant Lake: Top-notch tee areas, elevation changes, periodic view of lake, upkeep are strengths; minimal obstacles/shot-shaping are weaknesses
2.5 Acorn: Multi-tee with a few challenging holes with shape and elevation changes, but majority of holes are a bit under 200' with typically one obstacle to beat.

October 2015: (mostly) Maine, the land of exaggerated pars
3.5 Hollows: Wooded ridge with fair throwing lanes, recoverability, and two tees per hole
3.0 Dragan: Pretty, tree-lined sub-meadows, on the shorter side, compact
2.5 Creative Recreations: Hillside/top throwing lanes, broadly cut through dense, smaller trees
3.5 Timberstone: Up-and down a big hill, filled with big trees and big boulders, fair lanes with minimal underbrush
2.5 Stevens: Maximizes a wet, low-laying former farm field, with a few treelines and a bit of woods towards the back
2.5 Cranberry: Initially a bit dull, improves in the middle, with long, wooded holes and a bit of elevation change
3.5 Bittersweet South: up, down, and across two wooded ridges with minimal undergrowth, front easier than back
3.0 Bittersweet North: a rougher, rawer, tougher version of the South course
2.5 Pineland: A solid niner half open, with a few long, wooded holes
3.0 Pleasant Hill: A pretty, former ball golf course, 1/3rd 200', 1/3rd 300', 1/3rd longer, where straight of the tee works on most everyone one of these openish holes
3.0 Salmon Falls: A bit raw, quite challenging, mistake punishing, flat and wooded with twists and turns galore

November 2015: central Virginia,3 previously-played courses and 5 new ones:
2.5 MeadowCreek Gardens: 2xtees, 2xbaskets, small footprint, flat, wooded, #4 is a swamp
1.5 Fox@Coyner Springs: new materials but a bit dull, shapes of holes 3 and 4 awkward
3.0 TimberRidge: private on farm, either too open or too tight, only a few holes (like #7) hitting the sweet spot
2.0 Highland Park: a counterclockwise loop in a public park with some large, scattered trees to avoid and some elevation changes.
3.5 Greenfield Park: 2xtees, 1xbasket, even mix of open bombs / moderate woods, half with elevation, half flat.

August 2016: Left Coast, 21 rounds at 18 courses, 15 of which were new to me:
2.5 Sacramento River RV Park: 2xtees, variable length; flattish, with a few too many baskets near an ob bog
3.0 University of OB: Plays underneath tighly-scattered pines; rope ob unnecessary gimick
1.0 Crest Street Park: More like a large practice area
3.0 Tree Top DGC: Minor elevation changes through widely-scattered hardwoods in a pleasant park
2.0 Leverich Park: Decent holes with awkward flow and sketchiness abounding
2.5 Lincoln Park DGC: Open then deeped-wooded then scattered trees for decent variety; some flow issues
2.0 GH Hostel DGC: Primarily plays in a plesant meadow with some trees; a bit crammed, and noisy
1.5 Herbert Hoover Park: A big, open hill, and a paritally-wooded hillock
4.0 Pier Park: Undulating thoughout, playing under big trees, with a variety of shapes
3.5 Horning's Hideout - Highland Course: open-tight-open/long-short-long with frequent elevation changes
2.5 Horning's Hideout - Canyon Course: a very solid pitch-n-putt
3.0 Adair Park: Short control early, mid-length wooded middle, openish and long wait
2.0 Azalea State Park: Some interesting tight and moderate holes, but many play too close to other park users
3.5 Brooktrails: Co-exists with a 9-hole ball golf course underneath redwoods, openish with some elevation changes
2.5 East La Loma Park: Nine open pitch-n-putts followed by eighteen openish drive-n-putts, with a few scattered windows

October 2016: New Hampshire and Maine
2.5 Top of the Hill: a solid course with decent variety, but nothing overly memorable
3.5 Woods at Beauty Hill complex: tiny-n-tight Bobcat, quality mid-level and varied Lynx, and developing Cougar provide a breadth of challenges.
2.5 Moose Mountain: open-wooded-open with reasonable challenges for intermediates fromt he short tees.
1.5 Poland Springs: a pretty, decent niner, with single lanes cut through smaller trees.
4.0 Woodland Valley complex: Awesome complex with all the amenities. Between the rec-int Black Bear, int-adv Grizzly, and adv-pro Kodiak, there are wooded, and yet a few open, challenges to be had for most anyone.
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Portersville, PA Moraine State Park
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Danielsville, PA Blue Mountain - Slopeside 9
Danielsville, PA Blue Mountain - Valley Park
Hermitage, PA Buhl Park
Clearville, PA Covenant Village DGC
Lancaster, PA Herr Park DGC
Hershey, PA Hotel Hershey
Holtwood, PA Muddy Run DGC
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Hummelstown, PA Shank Park
Hermitage, PA The Pines DGC
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Abingdon, VA VHCC Wolves DGC
Williamsburg, VA Waller Mill Park
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Augusta, WV Camp Walker
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Bonshaw, PE Hillcrest DGC
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Mobile (Palmetto), AL   Chickasabogue County Park - Original
Mobile (Chickasaw), AL   Chickasaw Community Park
Mobile, AL   Langan Park
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Fountain Hills, AZ   Fountain Hills Park
Tucson, AZ   Groves Park
Marana, AZ   Marana Rock DGC
Tucson, AZ   Santa Cruz River Park
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South Lake Tahoe, CA   Bijou Community Park
Felton, CA   Black Mouse DGC
Willits, CA Brooktrails
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Rohnert Park, CA   Crane Creek
Santa Cruz, CA   DeLaveaga Park
Modesto, CA East La Loma Park
San Francisco, CA   Golden Gate Park DGC
Livermore, CA   Livermore DGC
Petaluma, CA   Lucchesi Park
Lodi, CA   Micke Grove
Moraga, CA   Moraga Commons Park
Stockton, CA   Oak Grove Park - Gold
Stockton, CA   Oak Grove Park - Purple
San Ramon, CA   Old Ranch Park
San Jose, CA   Parque De La Raza DGC
Grass Valley, CA   Squirrel Creek DGC
Novato, CA   Stafford Lake County Park
Markleeville, CA   Turtle Rock Park
Weed, CA University of OB
Los Gatos, CA   Venture Christian Church
Walnut Creek, CA   Walden Park
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Bailey, CO Bailey DGC
Conifer, CO Beaver Ranch
Fort Collins, CO Edora Park
Aurora, CO Exposition Park
Littleton, CO Fehringer Ranch
Arvada, CO Johnny Roberts DGC
Dillon, CO Lake Dillon DGC
Frisco, CO Peak One DGC
Boulder, CO Valmont Disc Park
Greenwood Village, CO Village Greens Park
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Tolland, CT Cross Farms
North Grosvenordale, CT   West Thompson Lake
Manchester, CT Wickham Park
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Wilmington, DE   Bellevue State Park
Wilmington, DE   Brandywine Creek State Park
Wilmington, DE   Canby West
Lewes, DE   Cape Henlopen State Park
Marshallton, DE   Carousel Park
Dover, DE   Dover Park
Newark, DE   Iron Hill
Felton, DE   Killens Pond State Park
Kirkwood, DE   Lums Pond State Park
Milford, DE   Putt-A-Rosa
Laurel, DE   Trap Pond State Park
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Pensacola, FL   Blue Angel Park - Oaks DGC
Pensacola, FL   Blue Angel Park - Palmetto DGC
Pensacola, FL   Blue Angel Park - Pines DGC
Freeport, FL   ChainDragon
Fort Walton Beach, FL   Ferry Park
Panama City, FL   Joe Moody Harris Park
Parker, FL   Under the Oaks Park
7 Course(s)
Ft. Gordon, GA Double Eagle - Air Force
Ft. Gordon, GA Double Eagle - Army
Elberton, GA Lake Russell
Grovetown, GA   Patriot's Park
Augusta, GA   Pendleton King Park
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Waimanalo, HI   Bellows Field Beach DGC
1 Course(s)
Oak Brook, IL   Central Park - Old Layout
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Avon, IN Avon Town Hall
Franklin, IN Blue Heron DGC
Knightstown, IN Boondocks Farms
Indianapolis, IN   Brookside Park
Fishers, IN Cumberland Park
Lawrence, IN DISC @ Fall Creek
Noblesville, IN   Dr. James A. Dillon Park
Elwood, IN Elwood DGC
Indianapolis, IN   George Washington Park
Carmel, IN Hazel Landing Park
Crown Point, IN   Lemon Lake County Park - Blue
Crown Point, IN   Lemon Lake County Park - Red
Yorktown, IN Lions Club Park
Lebanon, IN   Longley Park DGC
Peru, IN   Maconaquah Park
Muncie, IN McCulloch DGC
Mooresville, IN Mt. Gilead DGC
Peru, IN   Pieradise DGC
Valparaiso, IN   Rogers Lakewood Park
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Atwood, KS Lake Atwood DGC
St. Francis, KS Roadside DGC
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Richmond, KY   Camp Catalpa DGC
Nicholasville, KY   Lake Mingo DGC
Corbin, KY   Miller Park DGC
Nicholasville, KY   Riney B DGC
Lexington, KY   River Hill Park DGC
Lexington, KY   Shillito Park
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North Yarmouth, ME Bittersweet Ridge - North
North Yarmouth, ME Bittersweet Ridge - South
Turner, ME Cranberry Valley
South Paris, ME Creative Recreations
Auburn, ME Dragan Field
New Gloucester, ME Pineland Farms
Scarborough, ME Pleasant Hill DGC
Fairfield, ME   Quaker Hill Disc Golf
Augusta, ME   Quarry Run - Old Layout
Sabattus, ME   Sabattus Disc Golf - Eagle
Sabattus, ME   Sabattus Disc Golf - Hawk
Sabattus, ME   Sabattus Disc Golf - Owl
Stoneham, ME TimberStone DGC
Unity, ME   Unity College DGC
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College Park, MD   Calvert Road Park
Gunpowder, MD   CAPA Field
Churchville, MD   Churchville 6
Hampstead, MD   Creeping Creek DGC
Germantown, MD   Darnestown Swim & Racquet Club
Hagerstown, MD   Ditto Farms DGC
Baltimore, MD   Druid Hill Park - Forest Drive
Baltimore, MD   Druid Hill Park - Legacy
Towson, MD   Goucher College DGC
Walkersville, MD   Heritage Farm Park
Salisbury, MD   Horse Bridge DGC - Original
Salisbury, MD   Horse Bridge DGC - Woods
Lexington Park, MD   Hot Shots DGC
Cambridge, MD   Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay
Snow Hill, MD   John Walter Smith Park
Millersville, MD   Kinder Farm Park - Old Layout
Millersville, MD Kinder Farms Park
Baltimore, MD   Lake Montebello - Youth DGC
Baltimore, MD   Lake Montebello DGC
Hampstead, MD   Leister Park DGC
Middletown, MD   Middletown Park
Marriottsville, MD   Patapsco Valley State Park
Wye Mills, MD   Peake Disc Golf
Baltimore, MD   Pine Grove Middle School
Elkridge, MD   Rockburn Branch
North East, MD   Sandy Cove Conference Center
Street, MD   Scarboro Hills
Salisbury, MD   Schumaker Pond
Gaithersburg, MD   Seneca Creek State Park
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD   Shore Park
Pikesville, MD   Silver Creek DGC
Hagerstown, MD   The Greens at Hamilton Run
Queen Anne, MD   Tuckahoe State Park
LaPlata, MD Turkey Hill DGC
Delmar, MD   Wood Creek Golf Links
Woodsboro, MD   Woodsboro Regional Park
38 Course(s)
Amesbury, MA   Amesbury Pines
Barre, MA   Barre Falls
Wilbraham, MA Crane Hill DGC
Leicester, MA   Maple Hill DGC
Leicester, MA Pyramids
Leicester, MA Pyramids Pink
Conway, MA   The Highlands of Conway
Royalston, MA   Tully Lake DGC
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Roseville, MN Acorn DGC
East Bethel, MN Blue Ribbon Pines DGC
Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN Bryant Lake Park
St. Paul, MN Kaposia Park
Inver Grove Heights, MN The Valley DGC
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Biloxi, MS   Hiller Park
Pascagoula, MS   IG Levy DGC
Gautier, MS   Shepard State Park
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Sidney, NE Deer Run Park DGC
North Platte, NE Flight to 9
McCook, NE Kelley Park
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Zephyr Cove, NV   Zephyr Cove Park
1 Course(s)
New Hampshire
Brookfield, NH Moose Mountain DGC
Newbury, NH   Mount Sunapee Resort
Pelham, NH   Muldoon Park
Keene, NH Otter Brook DGC
Rochester, NH Salmon Falls
Manchester, NH The Hollows
Canterbury, NH Top O' The Hill Disc Golf
Wilton, NH WLC DGC
Center Barnstead, NH Woods at Beauty Hill - Bobcat
Center Barnstead, NH Woods at Beauty Hill - Lynx
11 Course(s)
New Jersey
Milford, NJ   Alexandria Township Park
Pennsville, NJ   Riverview DGC
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Plattsburgh, NY   Cadyville DGC
Chili, NY   Chili DGC
Conklin, NY   Conklin DGC
Corning, NY   Denison Park
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North Carolina
Jefferson, NC   Ashe County Park
Burlington, NC   Cedarock Park
Archdale, NC   Creekside Park - Main Loop
Fontana Dam, NC   Fontana Village Resort DGC
Winston-Salem, NC Horizons Park
Hendersonville, NC Jackson Park
Reidsville, NC Lake's Edge DGC
Kernersville, NC Patriot DGC
Asheville, NC   Richmond Hill
Charlotte, NC Robert L. Smith Park
Waynesville, NC   Waynesville DGC
12 Course(s)
Canton, OH   Arboretum-Spiker Park
Steubenville, OH   Beatty Park DGC
Green, OH   Boettler Park
Dover, OH   Deis Hill Park
Wooster, OH   Freedlander Park
Hudson, OH   Hudson Springs Park
Massillon, OH   Lincoln Park (Oak Ledges DGC)
Canton, OH   Malone University DGC
Minerva, OH   Minerva DGC
Suffield/Kent, OH   Mulligan Springs
Cortland, OH   Outflow @ Mosquito DGC
Parma, OH   Parma DGC
Akron, OH   Portage Lakes DGC
Medina, OH   Roscoe Ewing Park
Canton, OH   Schneider Park
Malvern, OH   Tank Run
Suffield, OH   The Hangar
Alliance, OH   The Wayfarer's Roost DGC
Wadsworth, OH   Wadsworth Memorial DGC
Louisville, OH   Wildwood Park
25 Course(s)
Adair Village, OR Adair Park
Brookings, OR Azalea State Park
Klamath Falls, OR Crest Street Park
Newberg, OR Herbert Hoover Park
Portland, OR Pier Park
The Dalles, OR Tree Top DGC
8 Course(s)
Reading, PA   Angelica Park
Kennett Square, PA   Anson B. Nixon Park
Bedford, PA   Bedford School District DGC
Boyertown, PA   Boyertown Park DGC
Waynesburg, PA   Butler Farm
Spring City, PA   Camp Sankanac DGC
Frankstown, PA   Canoe Creek State Park
Glen Rock, PA   Codorus Township Park
Carlisle, PA   Coyote Hills DGC
Camp Hill, PA   Creekside DGC
Lancaster, PA   D. F. Buchmiller Park
Tarentum, PA   Deer Lakes Park
Myerstown, PA   Dunkle's Wetlands
Boyertown, PA   Earl Township Community Park
Elizabethtown, PA   Elizabethtown College
Weatherly, PA   Eurana Park DGC
Lake Harmony, PA   Francis E. Walter Dam - Original
Elverson, PA   French Creek State Park
Indiana, PA   Getty Heights Park
White Haven, PA   Hickory Run State Park
Indiana, PA   IUP College Lodge
Myerstown, PA   Jackson Rec. Park DGC
Whitehall, PA   Jordan Creek
Jumonville, PA   Jumonville Glen
Pottstown, PA   Kenilworth Park
Wexford, PA   Knob Hill Park
Reading, PA   Laurelain Park
Lebanon, PA   Lenni Lenape Park DGC
Hughesville, PA   Lime Bluff Recreation Area
Allentown, PA   Little Lehigh Parkway
Auburn, PA   Long Trout Winery
Mechanicsburg, PA   Messiah Village DGC
Monroeville, PA   Monroeville Park
Portersville, PA   Moraine State Park
Biglerville, PA   Nawakwa Woods DGC
Farmington, PA   Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Gilbertsville, PA   New Hanover Community Park
Shippensburg, PA   New Hopewell DGC
Quakertown, PA   Nockamixon State Park
Baden, PA   Old Economy Park DGC
Lancaster, PA   Overlook Community Park
Shippensburg, PA   Papa Jack's DGC
Lewisberry, PA   Red Land High School
Confluence, PA   Red Neck DGC
Shawnee On The Delaware, PA   River's Edge Park
Akron, PA   Roland Park
Akron, PA   Roland Park - Old Layout
Philadelphia, PA   Sedgley Woods
Sellersville, PA   Sellersville DGC
Seven Springs, PA   Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Schellsburg, PA   Shawnee State Park
Willow Street, PA   Ship Rock DGC
Lebanon, PA   South Hills DGC
Bethlehem, PA   South Mountain DGC
Boiling Springs, PA   Spring Meadows DGC
Pine Grove, PA   Sweet Arrow Lake DGC
Erwinna, PA   Tinicum Park
Pine Grove, PA   Twin Grove
Beaver, PA   Two Mile Run Extension
Newtown, PA   Tyler State Park
Quakertown, PA   Unami Creek Park DGC
Altoona, PA   Valley View Park
Tamaqua, PA   Villas Crossing DGC
Greencastle, PA   Whispering Falls DGC
Carlisle, PA   White Tail Woods
Silver Spring Township, PA   Willow Mill Park
Chambersburg, PA   Wilson College DGC
East Stroudsburg, PA   Yetter Park DGC
75 Course(s)
Rhode Island
Charlestown, RI   Ninigret Park
1 Course(s)
South Carolina
Columbia, SC Earlewood Park
Central, SC Grand Central Station
Burnettown, SC Langley Pond DiscGolfPark
North Augusta, SC   Riverview Park
6 Course(s)
Knoxville, TN   Admiral Farragut Park
Athens, TN   Athens Regional Park DGC
Kingsport, TN   Borden Park
Cookeville, TN   Cane Creek Park
Jefferson City, TN   Carson-Newman College DGC
Nashville, TN   Cedar Hill Park
Algood, TN   Church On The Hill DGC
Decatur, TN   Decatur City Park
Johnson City, TN   ETSU DGC
Greene County, TN   Fossil Hill
Oak Ridge, TN   Groves Park - The Mounds
Oak Ridge, TN Groves Park - The Woods
Fall Branch, TN   Harmon Hills
Madisonville, TN   Hiwassee College
Loudon, TN   Loudon Municipal Park DGC
Gatlinburg, TN   Mills Park DGC
Morristown, TN   Morristown Kiwanis DGC
Greeneville, TN   Nolichucky Bluffs
Mountain City, TN   Ralph Stout Park
Roan Mountain, TN   Roan Mountain DGC
Harriman, TN   Roane County Park DGC
Oak Ridge, TN   Secret City DGC
Nashville, TN   Seven Oaks Park
Bristol, TN   Steele Creek DGC
Knoxville, TN   Tommy Schumpert Park
Nashville, TN Two Rivers Park
Knoxville, TN   Victor Ashe Park
Kingsport, TN   Warriors Path State Park
Kingston, TN Whitestone DGC
Johnson City, TN   Winged Deer Park
31 Course(s)
San Antonio, TX   McClain Park
San Antonio, TX   Northwest Vista College DGC
2 Course(s)
Brattleboro, VT   Austine DGC
Killington, VT   Base Camp Outfitters DGC
Montgomery, VT   Black Falls DGC
Waterbury Center, VT   Center Chains DGC
Montgomery, VT   Cherry Hill DGC
Jeffersonville, VT   Smugglers Notch - Brewster Ridge
Jeffersonville, VT   Smugglers Notch - Village 9
Stowe, VT   Trapp Family Lodge
Randolph, VT   White River DGC
9 Course(s)
Virginia Beach, VA   Bayville Park
Suffolk, VA   Bennett's Creek
Weyers Cave, VA   Blue Ridge Community College
Arlington, VA   Bluemont Park
Bridgewater, VA   Bridgewater College DGC
Richmond, VA   Bryan Park
Centreville, VA   Bull Run Regional Park
Fairfax Station, VA   Burke Lake Park
Fairfax Station, VA Burke Lake Park - Campside
Fredericksburg, VA   Curtis Memorial Park
Richmond (Varina), VA Dorey Park
South Boston, VA Edmunds Park DGC
Appomattox, VA   Elk Creek DGC
Emory, VA   Emory and Henry College
Bedford, VA   Falling Creek Park DGC
Roanoke, VA   Fishburn Park
Fort Lee, VA   Fort Lee Rec. Park
Purcellville, VA   Franklin Park
Lorton, VA   Giles Run
Christiansburg, VA   Golden Hills DGC
Chester, VA   Goyne Park DGC
Troutville, VA Greenfield DGC
Spotsylvania, VA   Hawk Hollow
Roanoke, VA Highland Park
Eastville, VA   Indiantown Park DGC - Back 18
Eastville, VA   Indiantown Park DGC - Front 18
Winchester, VA   Jim Barnett Park
Staunton, VA   Kiwanis DGC
Lynchburg, VA   Liberty University - East
Spotsylvania, VA   Loriella Park
Luray, VA   Luray Rec Park
McLean, VA   McLean Central Park
Charlottesville, VA Meadowcreek Gardens DGC
Pembroke, VA   Mountain Lake DGC
Virginia Beach, VA   Munden Point
Mechanicsville, VA   New Hanover Presbyterian Church
Williamsburg, VA   New Quarter Park
Newport News, VA   Newport News DGC
Lynchburg, VA   Peaks View Park
Lorton, VA   Pohick Bay Regional Park
Fredericksburg, VA   Pratt Park
Lynchburg, VA   Randolph College DGC
Dublin, VA   Randolph Park DGC
Front Royal, VA   Rockland Park
Stephens City, VA   Sherando Park
Maurertown, VA   Signal View DGC
Jeffersonton, VA   Spilman Park
Manassas, VA   Stonewall Middle School
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Darkside
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Sunnyside
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Tiki Course
Gainesville, VA   The Eagle's Claw
Waynesboro, VA The Fox @ Coyner Springs
Bedford, VA Timber Ridge
Richmond, VA   University of Richmond
North Garden, VA   Walnut Creek Park
Hollins (Roanoke), VA   Walrond Park - Old Layout
Hollins (Roanoke), VA   Walrond Park - Old Layout
Lexington, VA   Washington and Lee University
Harrisonburg, VA   Westover Park
64 Course(s)
Elma, WA GH Hostel DGC
Vancouver, WA Leverich Park
Port Angeles, WA Lincoln Park DGC
3 Course(s)
West Virginia
Ripley, WV   Cedar Lakes DGC
Morgantown, WV   Dorsey's Knob DGC
Caldwell, WV   Greenbrier State Forest DGC
Ridgeley, WV   Knobley Mountain DGC
South Charleston, WV   Little Creek Park
Pipestem, WV   Pipestem State Park
Martinsburg, WV   Poor House Farm DGC
Huntington, WV   Rotary Park
Fairmont, WV   Seth Burton Memorial DGC
Paw Paw, WV   The Woodshed
New Manchester, WV   Tomlinson Run State Park
Clarksburg, WV   Veterans Memorial Park
Paw Paw, WV   Whippin' Post
14 Course(s)
Menomonie, WI Brickyard
Menomonie, WI Wakanda Park
3 Course(s)
Cheyenne, WY Dry Creek Parkway
1 Course(s)
Brantford, ON   Mohawk DGC
1 Course(s)
United Kingdom
Harrogate, United Kingdom   Ashville College DGC
Croydon, London, United Kingdom   Lloyd Park
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom   On The Side Disc Golf
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom   Quarry Park
Colchester, United Kingdom   University of Essex, Colchester
Colchester, United Kingdom   University of Essex, Colchester - Short 9
Bristol, United Kingdom   University of West England - Glenside