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Other Info/Notes:
I recently started a disc golf business focussing mostly on disc golf course design, installation, and maintenance, but I will also be selling discs, baskets, etc and running some tourneys and leagues.

Check out my blog about all of my awesome experiences and stories of all the courses I have played in a short time in this awesome sport. Are you as addicted as me? http://www.thediscgolfexperience.com

Well since I have seen a lot of people write their review criteria on this section of their profile I thought I would include mine.

The disc rating is a good place to start. Basically the disc rating is the measure of how likely I would be to return to this course (with the consideration that I was already in the area of the course). It is not necessarily how challenging the course is, it is not about how nice the course amenities are, it is not about how beginner friendly it is, nor is it about just the design of the course . . . it is about the likelihood that I will return. You can argue that the likeliness for me to return is about all of those things and that is somewhat true . . . but it is more about how much fun did I have. The amount of fun is hard to quantify but it is just a feeling you get from a course. A lot of times I can know that a course is going to be fun before I even tee off. Because I do think all of those things mentioned above can affect my level of fun they do need to be accounted for, and that is why there is a RATING and also a REVIEW. The review is the substance, the rating is simply my overall impression of the course and how likely I will be to return. This can be argued is not the same for courses that are far away as it is for courses that are near me. That is correct but as you can tell by my statistics I do not really discriminate against courses. If I am in the area I will play just about any course, there are only a few courses I have played that I absolutely would not go to again. If I was in the area of a course I rated a 1 but it was the only course I could get to and play because of time constraints I would still play it, but if I had a little more time and a little further drive to get to a 2.5 disc rated course I would likely do so.

Here are all of the other factors that go into my review and a brief explanation (if necessary):

Teepads (Condition and sustainability are imp.)
Tee Signage
Course Flow and other signage
How beginner friendly is the course (I will downgrade a course that is not beginner friendly unless it is specifically designed for pros only. A course like Winthrop Gold does not need to accomodate beginners, but it would be an added bonus to the course if it did.
Cleanliness (Trash cans, garbage on ground)
Turf and Trees (Health and condition are imp.)
I am a landscaper so it is hard for me to not downgrade a course with trees falling apart, Buckthorn and Poison Ivy. Proper pruning and maintenance should be considered.
Design of the course
Shot selection
Multiple shot holes (Single shot Par 3's are the standard for disc golf, but longer Par 4's and 5's with multiple shots are important.) Just a wide open 700' hole requiring 2-3 good shots to reach is not a good hole, I would rather play a 450' hole that had a sharp dogleg, or a tunnel you need to hit at some point.
Challenge (I like a challenge whenever I play but it also needs to be fair and executable for the average player)
Maintenance of the course
What are the locals like (if applicable . . . only really good or really bad people will be considered)
What is the neighborhood like (Again only really bad neighborhoods are worth mentioning)
Multiple shots allowed on holes (accomodating lefties and righties, or FH vs. BH throwers)

Properties I have played that are not listed on DGCR (some count as courses and some do not just like Practice areas on DGCR):

Western Lakes Golf Club, Pewaukee WI (Western Lakes Open March 2009) (18 Holes)

Riverside Park, Berlin WI Tourney 9 (9 Holes)

Private Course in Cambellsport, WI (10 Holes)

Burr Oak Groves Private Course in Markesan, WI (19 Holes)

O'Fallon Fields, Private course in Franksville, WI (18 holes)

Phantom Ranch Bible Camp in Mukwonago, WI (9 Holes)

The Roundhouse Farm in Watertown, WI (8 of 10 holes were set up)

A church in Medford, WI (9 holes)

A school in Spencer, WI (7 Holes)

School course in Wautoma, WI (6 holes)

A homemade basket (tires and bike wheels) course in West Allis, WI (5 holes)

A private camp course in Montello, WI (9 holes)

A school course in NW WI that was about to be installed (9 holes)

The Rock Sports Complex (15 Holes) My Second Temp course setup for a tournament and league the following day.

Temporary Course setup (9) in Virmond Park in Mequon.

Temporary Addition to Sussex Village Park for Pet-Jam 2015 (9)

Elm Grove Park (5)

Little Sweden Resort in Fish Creek (5)

Open Hearth Lodge in Sister Bay (1)

A Private School (GLS) in Oconomowoc (9)

My current top 100 Courses Played

1) Bucksnort (CO) (5.00)
2) Frost Valley YMCA (NY) (5.00)
3) Brackett's Bluff Original (NC) (5.00)
4) Harmony Bends (MO) 5.00
5) Selah Ranch - Lakeside (TX) (4.95)
6) Flyboy Aviation (GA) (4.90)
7) Gran Canyon (FL) (4.90)
8) Idlewild (KY) (4.85)
9) Highbridge Hills - Granite Ridge (WI) (4.85)
10) Renaissance (Gold layout) (NC) (4.80)
11) Highbridge Hills - Blueberry Hill (WI) (4.80)
12) Flip City (MI) (4.80)
13) Highbridge Hills - Highbridge Gold (WI) (4.80)
14) Selah Ranch - Creekside (TX) (4.80)
15) Harmon Hills (TN) (4.80)
16) Blue Ribbon Pines (MN) (4.75)
17) The Lodge (Island Course) (OK) (4.75)
18) Winter Park (WI) (4.75)
19) Hornet's Nest (The Web Layout) (NC) (4.75)
20) The Lodge (Moccassin Creek) (OK) (4.75)
21) Beaver Ranch (CO) (4.75)
22) Rollin' Ridge (WI) (4.70)
23) Maple Hill (MA) 4.70
24) Foundation Park (IL) (4.70)
25) Mont du Lac - White Cedar (WI) (4.65)
26) Wilderness Campground DGC (WI) (4.65)
27) Treehouz at Branson Cedars Resort (MO) (4.65)
28) Tyler State Park (PA) (4.65)
29) Circle C Metro @ Slaughter Creek (TX) (4.65)
30) Phantom Falls (CO) (4.65)
31) Circle R - Rolling Meadow (TX) (4.60)
32) Deer Lakes (PA) (4.60)
33) Holler in the Hills (KY) (4.55)
34) Jim Warner Memorial (GA) (4.55)
35) Shawshank (TX) (4.50)
36) Steady Ed Headrick Memorial (GA) (4.50)
37) Grindstone (NM) (4.50)
38) WR Jackson Memorial (GA) (4.45)
39) Sandy Point (WI) (4.45)
40) Lincoln Ridge (Banklick Woods) (KY) (4.45)
41) Nockamixon State Park (PA) (4.45)
42) Silver Creek (WI) (4.40)
43) Ocala Greenway (FL) (4.40)
44) Bud Hill (TN) (4.40)
45) Bailey (CO) (4.40)
46) Zobel Park (WI) (4.40)
47) Magnolia DGC (FL) (4.40)
48) New Quarter (VA) (4.35)
49) Cedar Hill Park (TN) (4.35)
50) Wildcat Bluff (IA) (4.35)
51) Jordan Creek (PA) (4.35)
52) Hawk Hollow (VA) (4.35)
53) Ghost Town (CO) (4.35)
54) Fairfield GOLD (IL) (4.35)
55) Justin Trails Big Brother (WI) (4.35)
56) Charlie Vettiner (KY) (4.35)
57) Seven Oaks (TN) (4.30)
58) Colorado Mountain College - Glenwood (CO) (4.30)
59) Crooked Creek (SC) (4.30)
60) Highbridge Hills - The Bear (WI) (4.25)
61) Kaposia (MN) (4.25)
62) Johnson Park (TX) (4.25)
63) Burchfield - Devil's Den (MI) (4.25)
64) Seneca Creek State Park (MD) (4.25)
65) Trey Texas Ranch - Trey Deuce (TX) (4.20)
66) Robert L. Smith Park (NC) (4.20)
67) Lester Lorch - Coyote (TX) (4.20)
68) Castle Hayne (NC) (4.20)
69) Richmond Hill (NC) (4.20)
70) West Lake (IA) (4.20)
71) Disc Side of Heaven - Championship (AR) (4.20)
72) Madisonville (KY) (4.20)
73) The Blockhouse - Darkside (VA) (4.20)
74) Highland Park (IL) (4.20)
75) Lester Lorch Park - Beaver (TX) (4.15)
76) Brakewell Steel - Warwick Park (NY) (4.15)
77) Deerfield (MI) (4.15)
78) Hudson Hills Metropark - Monster (MI) (4.15)
79) Yulga (WI) (4.15)
80) Standing Rocks (WI) (4.15)
81) Powder Mill (MI) (4.15)
82) Austin Ridge Bible Church (TX) (4.15)
83) Jefferson Barracks (MO) (4.15)
84) Pickard Park (IA) 4.15
85) Trey Texas Ranch - Texas Twist (TX) (4.15)
86) Turner Park (TX) (4.15)
87) Blackhawk (OK) (4.15)
88) Perkerson Park (GA) (4.1)
89) The Blockhouse - Sunnyside (VA) (4.1)
90) Hudson Hills Metropark - Original (MI) (4.1)
91) JP Moseley (GA) (4.1)
92) Rosewood-Dekalb at Redan Park (GA) (4.1)
93) Camden II (IL) (4.1)
94) Ironside Bluffs (AZ) (4.1)
95) Circle R - Circ Hill (TX) (4.1)
96) Warrior's Path State Park (TN) (4.1)
97) Buckhorn (NC) (4.1)
98) Clay DGC (AL) (4.1)
99) Tower Ridge I (WI) (4.05)
100) Bad Rock Creek (MO) 4.05

4.0 or better but not my top 100
Stoney Hill (SC) (4.05)
Rogers Lakewood (IN) 4.05
The Brickyard (9 HOLES) (WI) (4.05)
Independence Lake - Red Hawk (MI) (4.05)
Mesker Park, (IN) (4.05)
Oak Island (MN) (4.0)
Inverness (AL) (4.0)
Patapsco Valley State Park (MD) (4.0)
Flat Rock (GA) (4.0)
Thunderhead (CO) (4.0)
Colorado Mountain College - Leadville (CO) (4.0)
Veteran Hills - WI (4.0)
Bryant Lake (MN) (4.0)
The Sinks (TN) (4.0)
Tom Triplett (GA) (4.0)
Patriot's Park (GA) (4;0)
Jack McLean (FL) (4.0)
North Charlotte Regional Park (FL)(4.0)
Ironside Bluffs (AZ) (4.0)
Picnic Island (FL) (4.0)

Honorable Mention (Were in my Top 100 at some point):
The Sarge (SC) (3.95)
Nevin (NC) (3.95)
Mt. Airy Forest (OH) 3.95
Live Oak Park - Gold (TX) (3.95)
Lake Lewisville (TX) (3.95)
Disc Side of Heaven - Recreational (AR) (3.95)
Edward Medard Park (FL) (3.95)
MacKenzie Park - (TX) (3.90)
Ed Austin Park (Fore Palms DGC) (FL) (3.90)
Sandy Creek Park (GA) (3.90)
Cliff Stephens (FL) (3.90)
Trophy Lakes (SC) (3.90)
Barnet Park (MD) (3.90)
Oak Park (KS) (3.90)
Middle Park (IA) (3.90)
Fox River Park - Grey Fox (WI) (3.90)
Todd Park (MN) (3.90)
Live Oak City Park (TX) (3.90)
Randolph Park (VA) (3.90)
Axldog Acres (WI) (3.90)
Brown Deer (WI) (3.85)
Shaver Park (IA) (3.85)
Ronnie Van Zant Memorial (FL) (3.85)
Scrapyard (Idlewild Park) (NC) 3.85
Squirrel Lake (NC) (3.85)
Earlewood (SC) (3.85)
George Ward (GA)(3.85)
Tocobaga (FL) (3.85)
Farm Life (NC) (3.85)
Reedy Creek (NC) (3.85)
Langan Park (AL) (3.85)
Kilborne (Skillborne layout) (NC) (3.85)
Armco - White Course (KY) (3.85)
Oakwood (MN) (3.85)
Live Oak Park - Red (TX)) (3.85)
The Tailings (MI) (3.85)
Anna Page East (IL) (3.85)
Z-Boaz (TX) (3.85)
Dretzka (WI) (3.85)
Bicentennial (TX) (3.85)
Tombigbee #2, (MS) (3.80)
UW Parkside (WI) (3.80)
Roscoe Ewing (OH) (3.80)
Grignon (WI) (3.80)
Anna Page West (IL) (3.80)
Indian Creek Park (GA) (3.80)
Plamann Apple Creek (WI) (3.80)
Bill Frederick Turkeynator T2 (FL) (3.80)
Gordon Barnett Park North Park (FL) (3.80)
North Watertower (FL) (3.80)
Zebulon (NC) (3.80)
Riverview Park (SC) (3.75)
Mont du Lac - Eagle's Peak (WI) (3.75)
Bryan Park (VA) (3.75)
Seviren Lang (IN) (3.75)
Keriakes (KY) (3.75)
Camden I (IL) (3.75)
Gordon Barnett Park Parkside (FL) (3.75)
Muse Park, (TN) (3.75)
West Thomson Lake (CT) (3.75)
The Oaks (IL) (3.75)
Timmons Park (GA) (3.75)
Freeman Lake Park (KY) (3.75)
West Park (IL) (3.75)
Foothills Park (GA) (3.75)
Justin Trails Classic (WI) (3.75)
Bethel University (9 HOLES) (MN) (3.75)
Sinnissippi (IL) (3.75)
Round Barn (IL) (3.75)
Favorite Courses (87)
Played Courses (1029)
United States
Bailey, CO Bailey DGC
Conifer, CO Beaver Ranch
Pine, CO Bucksnort DGC
Pine, CO Phantom Falls
Steamboat Springs, CO Thunderhead DGC
6 Course(s)
Live Oak, FL Magnolia DGC
Sarasota, FL North Water Tower Park
Ocala, FL Ocala Greenway DGC
Green Cove Springs, FL Ronnie Van Zant Memorial Park
St. Petersburg, FL Tocobaga DGC
5 Course(s)
Redan (Dekalb County), GA Rosewood-Dekalb
Savannah (Pooler), GA Tom Triplett DGC
6 Course(s)
Rockford, IL Anna Page Park - East
Rockford, IL Anna Page Park - West
Milan, IL Camden Park - II
4 Course(s)
Georgetown, IN Seviren Lang DGC
Corydon, IN The Fun Farm
2 Course(s)
Bettendorf, IA Middle Park DGC
Cedar Rapids, IA Shaver Park
Davenport, IA West Lake Park
Urbana, IA Wildcat Bluff
4 Course(s)
Wichita, KS Oak Park
1 Course(s)
Louisville, KY Charlie Vettiner Park
Brownsville, KY Holler In The Hills
Burlington, KY Idlewild
Bowling Green, KY Kereiakes Park
Independence, KY Lincoln Ridge Park
5 Course(s)
Mt. Pleasant, MI Deerfield Park - Original
Whitehall, MI Whitehall Township DGC
3 Course(s)
St. Paul (Roseville), MN Acorn Park - Old Layout
East Bethel, MN Blue Ribbon Pines DGC
Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN Bryant Lake Park
South St. Paul, MN Kaposia Park
Lakeville, MN Kenwood Trails DGC
Albert Lea, MN Oak Island DGC
Cottage Grove, MN Oakwood Park
Owatonna, MN River Rock DGC
Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN Staring Lake Park
Austin, MN Todd Park
10 Course(s)
St. Louis (Mehlville), MO Jefferson Barracks
3 Course(s)
New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM Brent Baca Memorial
1 Course(s)
New York
Claryville, NY Frost Valley DGC
1 Course(s)
North Carolina
Charlotte, NC Kilborne TPC
Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Gold
Matthews, NC Squirrel Lake Park
4 Course(s)
South Carolina
Columbia, SC Earlewood Park
Hardeeville, SC The Sarge
3 Course(s)
Millington, TN Bud Hill - Original
Nashville, TN Cedar Hill Park
Nashville, TN Seven Oaks Park
Chattanooga, TN The Sinks
4 Course(s)
Ingleside, TX Live Oak Park - Gold
Ingleside, TX Live Oak Park - Red
Huntsville, TX Shawshank
6 Course(s)
Menomonie, WI Brickyard
Milwaukee, WI Brown Deer DGC
Lomira, WI Camelot DGC
Muskego, WI Denoon DGC
Milwaukee, WI Dretzka Park
Silver Lake, WI Fox River Park - Grey Fox
Kaukauna, WI Grignon Park
Delafield, WI Oakwood Community Park
Reedsville, WI Rollin Ridge
Lac Du Flambeau, WI Sandy Point Resort DG Ranch
Manitowoc, WI Silver Creek Park
Stevens Point, WI Standing Rocks
Custer, WI Stockton Park DGC
Egg Harbor, WI The Orchards DGC
Mukwonago, WI The Phantom DGC
New Berlin, WI Valley View Park
Montello, WI Wilderness DGC
Kewaunee, WI Winter Park
Green Lake, WI Zobel Park
19 Course(s)
Course Wish List (28)
United States
Huntsville, AL Monte Sano Mini DGC
1 Course(s)
Nevada, IA Harrington Park
1 Course(s)
Lowell, MI Fallasburg Park
3 Course(s)
New York
1 Course(s)
South Dakota
Custer, SD Pageant Hill
1 Course(s)
Mount Juliet, TN Jones Family Bark Park
2 Course(s)
Darlington, WI Curiousfarmer DGC
Lake Geneva, WI Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
Hartford , WI Larry's Links
Shelby, WI Mormon Coulee Park
Madison, WI Waltham Park
Upson, WI Whitecap
6 Course(s)
Applethorpe, Australia Granite Mountain DGC
1 Course(s)
Rurrenabaque Beni, Bolivia El Chocolatal DGC
1 Course(s)
Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba The Lateral Hazard
1 Course(s)
Lettergunnet, Furbo, Ireland Eile Mental Activity Park
Kilcoo, Ireland GASP
Wicklow, Ireland Kippure Estate DGC
3 Course(s)
Pueblo, Mexico Campo Chapulco DGC
Puebla, Mexico Loreto's Jungle
San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico Parque Rufino Tamayo
3 Course(s)
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Marsella Valley DGC
1 Course(s)
United States
Tuscaloosa, AL Bowers Park
Huntsville, AL Brahan Spring Park
Brewton, AL Burnt Corn Creek Park
Clay, AL Clay DGC
Birmingham, AL George Ward Park
Cullman, AL Heritage DGC
Huntsville, AL Indian Creek DGC
Mobile, AL   Langan Park
Tuscaloosa, AL Ol' Colony
Opelika, AL Tumble Tree DGC
12 Course(s)
Kingman, AZ Cactus Flats
Mesa, AZ Emerald Park
Fountain Hills, AZ Fountain Hills Park
Mesa, AZ Freedom Lakes
Tucson, AZ Groves Park
Show Low, AZ Ironside Bluffs
Mesa, AZ Laguna Park
Phoenix, AZ Los Olivos
Marana, AZ Marana Rock DGC
Gilbert, AZ Marbella Vineyards
Flagstaff, AZ McPherson Park
Chandler, AZ Mesquite Grove DGC
Tempe, AZ Moeur Park
Bullhead City, AZ Mountainview DGC
Queen Creek, AZ Queen Creek DGC
Bullhead City, AZ Riverview DGC
Tucson, AZ Sam Lena Park
Tucson, AZ Sears Park
Show Low, AZ Show Low DGC
Flagstaff, AZ Thorpe Park
Scottsdale, AZ Vista Del Camino Park
Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ Wood Land
28 Course(s)
North Little Rock, AR Burns Park - Blue Course
North Little Rock, AR Burns Park - Red Course
Jonesboro, AR Craighead Forest - Main
Hope, AR Fair Park
Little Rock, AR Hindman Park
Little Rock (Mabelvale), AR Morehart Park
Little Rock, AR Reservoir Park
Rogers, AR Twin Creeks DGC
11 Course(s)
South Lake Tahoe, CA Bijou Community Park
Willits, CA Brooktrails
Santa Cruz, CA DeLaveaga Park
Escondido, CA Escondido Rotary DGC
San Francisco, CA Gleneagles DGC
San Francisco, CA Golden Gate Park DGC
Penn Valley, CA Hanging Oaks
Bakersfield, CA Hart Park - Suicide Flats
Ukiah, CA Low Gap Park
San Diego, CA Morley Field
Chico, CA Peregrine Point
Watsonville, CA Pinto Lake DGC
Monterey, CA Ryan Ranch DGC
Sacramento (Orangevale), CA Shady Oaks Park
Grass Valley, CA Squirrel Creek DGC
Santa Maria, CA Waller Park
Fresno, CA Woodward Legacy DGC
26 Course(s)
Bailey, CO Bailey DGC
Conifer, CO Beaver Ranch
Pine, CO Bucksnort DGC
New Castle, CO Fire Mountain DGC
Russell Gulch, CO Ghost Town
Pine, CO Phantom Falls
Tabernash, CO Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA
Steamboat Springs, CO Thunderhead DGC
11 Course(s)
Pomfret Center, CT Pomfret Recreation DGC
New Canaan, CT Waveny Park DGC
North Grosvenordale, CT West Thompson Lake
3 Course(s)
Wilmington, DE Canby West
1 Course(s)
St. Petersburg, FL   Azalea Park DGC
Fort Myers Beach, FL   Bay Oaks DGC
Bonita Springs, FL   Bonita Springs Rec. Center
Clearwater, FL   Cliff Stephens Park
Plant City, FL Edward Medard Park
Estero, FL Estero DGC
Cocoa, FL   F. Burton Smith Park
Fort Walton Beach, FL Ferry Park
Floral City, FL Floral Park
Fort Myers, FL   Florida Gulf Coast University
Jacksonville, FL   Fore Palms DGC
Fort Pierce, FL   Gordy Road
Brooksville, FL Gran Canyon
Safety Harbor, FL   Gregg Paas Memorial DGC
Dunedin, FL   Hammock Park
Holly Hill, FL Hollyland Park
Tallahassee, FL   Jack McLean Park
Jonesville, FL Jonesville Park
Miami (Kendall), FL   Kendall Indian Hammocks Park - East
Miami (Kendall), FL   Kendall Indian Hammocks Park - West
Clermont, FL Lake Hiawatha Preserve
Wildwood, FL Lake Okahumpka
Sarasota, FL   Lakeview Park
Brandon, FL   Limona DGC
Live Oak, FL   Magnolia DGC
Elkton, FL   Moccasin Creek DGC
North Fort Myers, FL N. Ft. Myers Community Park
North Port Charlotte, FL   North Charlotte Regional Park - Old Layout
Clearwater, FL   North East Coachman Park
Sarasota, FL   North Water Tower Park
Gainesville, FL   Northside Park
Ocala, FL   Ocala Greenway DGC
Naples, FL Palm Springs Park
Sarasota, FL Payne Park
Bradenton, FL   Peace Community Park
Tampa, FL Picnic Island DGC
South Daytona, FL Reed Canal Park DGC
Green Cove Springs, FL   Ronnie Van Zant Memorial Park
Lake Panasoffkee, FL Shady Brook Greenway Park
Punta Gorda, FL South County Regional Park
Jacksonville, FL   Springfield DGC
Fort Pierce, FL   St. Lucie Village Heritage Park
Gulf Breeze, FL   Sunset DGC
Largo, FL   Taylor Park
Alford, FL The Bear
North Port Charlotte, FL   The Preserve DGC
St. Petersburg, FL   Tocobaga DGC
Tallahassee, FL Tom Brown Park - Old Layout
Daytona Beach, FL Tuscawilla Park
Inverness, FL Whispering Pines DGC
Melbourne, FL   Wickham Park
Pinellas Park, FL   Youth Park DGC
65 Course(s)
Macon, GA Bowden DGC
Macon, GA   Claystone Park
Albany, GA Darton DGC
Douglasville, GA Deer Lick Park - Old Layout
Columbus, GA Flat Rock Park DGC
Whitesburg, GA Flyboy Aviation
Valdosta, GA Freedom Park
St. Simons Island, GA   Gascoigne Park DGC
Waverly, GA   Honey Creek DGC
Appling, GA   IDGC - Jim Warner Memorial
Rutledge, GA Indian Creek Park DGC
Stockbridge, GA   J.P. Moseley Park - Old Layout
Thomasville, GA   MacIntyre Park DGC - Adv. 12
Thomasville, GA   MacIntyre Park DGC - Rec. 18
Marietta, GA Oregon Park
Grovetown, GA   Patriot's Park
Augusta, GA   Pendleton King Park
Atlanta, GA Perkerson Park
Redan (Dekalb County), GA   Rosewood-Dekalb
Perry, GA Rozar Park DGC
Athens, GA Sandy Creek Park
Hinesville, GA   The Eagle's Nest
Savannah (Pooler), GA   Tom Triplett DGC
31 Course(s)
Evergreen Park, IL 50 Acre Park
Libertyville, IL   Adler Park
Rockford, IL   Anna Page Park - East
Rockford, IL Anna Page Park - South
Rockford, IL   Anna Page Park - West
DeKalb, IL Annies Woods
Belvidere, IL   Belvidere Park DGC
Waukegan, IL   Bevier Park - Old Layout
Hoffman Estates, IL Black Bear Park
Mahomet, IL   Brent Johnson Park
East Moline, IL   Butterworth Park DGC
Milan, IL   Camden Park - I
Milan, IL   Camden Park - II
Saint Charles, IL Campton Hills
Carpentersville, IL Carpenter Park
Woodridge, IL Castaldo Park DGC
Grayslake, IL   Central Park
Roselle, IL   Chatburg Park
Elk Grove Village, IL   Clark Park
Channahon, IL Community Park
Palos Heights, IL Community Park
Glenview, IL   Community Park West DGC
Highland Park, IL   Danny Cunniff Park
Mundelein, IL   Diamond Lake Slough
Orland Park, IL Doogan Park
Springfield, IL Douglas Park
Effingham, IL   Effingham DGC
Round Lake, IL Fairfield Park
Round Lake, IL   Fairfield Park - Old Layout
Cary, IL   Fel-Pro RRR
Highland Park, IL   Fink Park
Bloomington, IL   Forrest Park
Addison, IL   Foxdale Park
Mundelein, IL   Fremont School DGC
Roselle, IL   Goose Lake Park
Crystal Lake, IL   Hanna Beardsley Middle School
Freeport, IL   Highland Community College
Joliet, IL Highland Park
Carol Stream, IL Horizon Park
Frankfort Square, IL Indian Boundary South Park
Marengo, IL   Indian Oaks
Aurora, IL Jericho Lake
Rock Falls, IL Joshua Park
Deerfield, IL   Keller Park
Morrison, IL   Kelly Park
Freeport, IL   Krape Park
West Chicago, IL Kress Creek Farms
Mundelein, IL   Leo Leathers Park
LeRoy, IL   LeRoy DGC
Romeoville, IL Lewis University DGC
Springfield, IL Lincoln Park - North
Springfield, IL   Lincoln Park - South
Lake In The Hills, IL Linda K. Fischer Park DGC
Harvard, IL   Lions Park
Lena, IL Lions Park DGC
Crystal Lake, IL   Lippold Park
Lombard, IL Lombard Common Park
Rock Island, IL   Longview Park
Lake Villa, IL   Longwood Centre Park
Palatine, IL   Margreth Riemer Reservoir
McHenry, IL   McHenry High School West
Rock Falls, IL   Nims Park
Rolling Meadows, IL   North Salk Park DGC
Downers Grove, IL O'Brien Park
Lindenhurst, IL Oak Ridge Park
Savanna, IL Old Mill Park
Lincolnshire, IL   Olde Mill Park
Bloomington, IL   P. J. Irvin DGC - Old Layout
Homewood, IL Patriots Park
Mount Carroll, IL Point Rock Park
Roscoe, IL   Porter Park
DeKalb, IL Prairie Park DGC
Crystal Lake, IL   Prairie Ridge High School
Moline, IL   Prospect Park
Algonquin, IL Quarry View DGC
Woodstock, IL Raintree Park
West Dundee, IL Randall Oaks
North Chicago, IL RFUMS DGC
South Holland, IL Riverfront Park
Rockford, IL   Rockford University DGC
Elgin, IL Rolling Knolls
Manhattan, IL Round Barn DGC
Olympia Fields, IL Sergeant Mean's Park
Berwyn, IL Shadow Creek DGC
Streamwood, IL   Shady Oaks Park
Shorewood, IL Shorewood Park
Sterling, IL   Sinnissippi Park
Rochelle, IL Skare Woods
Maroa, IL Spencer Park
Bloomingdale, IL   Springfield Park
Summit, IL Summit Park
Streamwood, IL Sunny Hill Park
Bartlett, IL   Sunrise Park
Lockport, IL The Canyons
Tinley Park, IL The Meadows DiscGolfPark
Mokena, IL The Oaks
Antioch, IL   Tim Osmond Sports Complex
Joliet (Lockport), IL Trinity Links
Buffalo Grove, IL   Twin Creeks Park
Springfield, IL   UIS DGC
Mt. Vernon, IL Veteran's Memorial Park
South Elgin, IL Village Center DGC
Romeoville, IL Volunteer Park
Gurnee, IL   Warren Township Park
Glencoe, IL   Watts Park
Batavia, IL West Main Park
Buffalo Grove, IL   Willow Stream Park
Rockton, IL   Woodlands
118 Course(s)
Franklin, IN Blue Heron DGC
Richmond, IN Clear Creek Park
Pendleton, IN Falls Park
Greenwood, IN Freedom Park
Mishawaka, IN George Wilson Park
Carmel, IN Hazel Landing Park
Merrillville, IN   Hidden Lake DGC
Scottsburg, IN Linza Graham Park
Yorktown, IN Lions Club Park
Lebanon, IN Longley Park DGC
Evansville, IN   Mesker Park
Lafayette, IN Murdock Park
Elkhart, IN Ox Bow County Park
Hammond, IN Pulaski Park
Westville, IN Purdue Northwest
West Lafayette, IN Purdue University DGC
Munster, IN River's Edge Park
Valparaiso, IN Rogers Lakewood Park
South Bend, IN Rum Village Park
Georgetown, IN   Seviren Lang DGC
Corydon, IN   The Fun Farm
Evansville, IN   Woodmere DGC
25 Course(s)
Evansdale, IA Deerwood Park
Bettendorf, IA   Devil's Glen - Old Layout
Davenport, IA   Eastern Avenue Park
Des Moines, IA Ewing Park
Maquoketa, IA   Horseshoe Pond Park
Cedar Rapids, IA   Jones Park
DeWitt, IA   Lake Malone DGC
Cedar Rapids (Marion), IA   Legion Park
Altoona, IA   Lions Park
Bettendorf, IA   Middle Park DGC
Indianola, IA Pickard Park
Fairfax, IA   Prairie Creek Park
Long Grove, IA   Schultz Park
Cedar Rapids, IA   Shaver Park
Davenport, IA   Slattery Park
Ames, IA Stable Run DGC
Waterloo, IA Waterloo Exchange Park
DeWitt, IA   West Brook Park
Davenport, IA   West Lake Park
Urbana, IA   Wildcat Bluff
Newton, IA Woodland Park
22 Course(s)
Emporia, KS Hammond Park
Wichita, KS   Oak Park
Kansas City, KS Rosedale Park - Down Under
3 Course(s)
Calvert City, KY   Calvert City Old Park DGC
Brownsville (Smiths Grove), KY   Chalybeate Springs Sports Complex
Louisville, KY   Charlie Vettiner Park
Calvert City, KY   Doctor's Park DGC
Franklin, KY Franklin - Simpson DGC
Elizabethtown, KY   Freeman Lake Park
Brownsville, KY   Highway 70 Sports Complex
Bowling Green, KY Hobson Grove - Original
Brownsville, KY   Holler In The Hills
Burlington, KY   Idlewild
Louisville, KY   Iroquois Park - Old Layout
Lexington, KY Jacobson Park DGC
Bowling Green, KY   Kereiakes Park
Independence, KY   Lincoln Ridge Park
Bowling Green, KY   Lover's Lane Park
Madisonville, KY   Madisonville City Park DGC
Brandenburg, KY   Meade Olin Park
Muldraugh, KY   Muldraugh DGC
Brandenburg, KY   Otter Creek DGC
Bowling Green, KY   Preston Miller Park
Radcliff, KY   Radcliff Disc Golf
Cub Run, KY   The Goat Path
Owensboro, KY Yellow Creek Park
24 Course(s)
Metairie, LA   Lafreniere Park - Old Layout
1 Course(s)
Baltimore, MD Druid Hill Park - Legacy
Marriottsville, MD Patapsco Valley State Park
Gaithersburg, MD Seneca Creek State Park
3 Course(s)
Marstons Mills, MA Burgess Park
Leicester, MA Maple Hill DGC
2 Course(s)
Millington, MI Arthur Latham Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI   Central Michigan University
Midland, MI   Chippewa Banks
Iron Mountain, MI City Park DGC
Mt. Pleasant, MI   Deerfield Park - Original
Marquette, MI Eagle Rock Disc Golf
Flushing, MI Flint YMCA
Shelby, MI   Flip City Disc Golf Park
Davison, MI Goldenrod DGC
Escanaba, MI   John D Besse Park
Potterville, MI Lake Alliance
Escanaba, MI Ludington Links
Frankenmuth, MI Memorial Park
Kalamazoo, MI Oshtemo Township Park
Gladstone, MI Pioneer Trails DGC
Marquette, MI Powder Mill DGC
Spring Lake, MI   Rycenga Park
Harvey, MI Silver Creek DGC
Laingsburg, MI   Sleepy Hollow State Park
Iron River, MI   The Tailings
North Star, MI   The Vines DGC
Freeland, MI   Tittabawassee Trails
Whitehall, MI   Whitehall Township DGC
Saginaw, MI   Wickes Woods
30 Course(s)
St. Paul (Roseville), MN   Acorn Park - Old Layout
Apple Valley, MN   Alimagnet Lake Park DGC
Stillwater, MN   Arcola Heights Park
Minneapolis (Crystal), MN   Bassett Creek Park
Stewartville, MN   Bear Cave Park
Arden Hills, MN   Bethel University DGC
East Bethel, MN   Blue Ribbon Pines DGC
Oak Park Heights, MN   Brekke Park
Rosemount, MN   Brockway Park
Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN   Bryant Lake Park
Hastings, MN   C.P. Adams Park - Old Layout
Minneapolis (Brooklyn Park), MN   Central Park
Chaska, MN   Chaska Middle School
Zumbrota, MN Covered Bridge Park
Rochester, MN East Park
Maple Grove, MN   Elm Creek Park Reserve
Fort Snelling, MN   Fort Snelling
St. Paul (West Saint Paul), MN   Garlough Park
Ham Lake, MN   Ham Lake DGC
Cannon Falls, MN Hannah's Bend Park
St. Paul (New Brighton), MN   Hansen Park
St. Paul, MN   Highland Park
Minnetonka (Minneapolis, MN   Hopkins High School
Wabasha, MN   Jaycee Park DGC
South St. Paul, MN   Kaposia Park
Lakeville, MN   Kenwood Trails DGC
St. Paul (White Bear Lake), MN   Lakewood Hills
Mankato, MN   Land of Memories Campground
Shakopee, MN   Lions Park I
Elk River, MN Lions Park III
Blaine, MN   Lochness Park DGC
Red Wing, MN   Memorial Park
Red Wing, MN   Minnesota State SE Technical
Minneapolis (Bloomington), MN   Moir Park
St. Paul (Inver Grove Heights), MN   North Valley Park
Eagan, MN   Northview Park
Oak Grove, MN Oak Grove DGC
Albert Lea, MN   Oak Island DGC
Cottage Grove, MN   Oakwood Park
Brooklyn Park, MN   Orchard Trail Park
Independence, MN Pioneer Creek Park
Minneapolis (Plymouth), MN   Plymouth Creek
Burnsville, MN   Red Oak Park
Owatonna, MN   River Rock DGC
Albert Lea, MN   Riverland Community DGC
Kenyon, MN Riverside Park DGC
Minneapolis (Edina), MN   Rosland Park
Mounds View, MN   Silverview - Old Layout
Rochester, MN Slatterly Park
St. Peter, MN   St. Peter Riverside Park
Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN   Staring Lake Park
Minneapolis (New Hope), MN   Sunnyside Park
Albert Lea, MN   Tall Grass DGC
Linwood Township, MN   The Ponds of Linwood
Austin, MN   Todd Park
Hokah, MN Twin Creeks DGC
Nowthen, MN Twin Lakes Park
Cedar, MN VisionQuest
Minneapolis (Plymouth), MN   Zachary Playfield
Zimmerman, MN Zimmerman City Park
62 Course(s)
Clinton, MS   Brighton Park
3 Course(s)
Liberty, MO Bad Rock Creek DGC
Bridgeton (St.Louis), MO Carrollton Park DGC
Crystal City, MO   Crystal City Underground - South
St. John, MO   Endicott Park
Ozark, MO Grubaugh Park
Columbia, MO Harmony Bends DGC
St. Louis (Mehlville), MO   Jefferson Barracks
Rolla, MO Lion's Club DGC
Springfield, MO McBride Park
Springfield, MO   Oak Grove Park
Manchester, MO Paul A. Schroeder Park
Ste Genevieve, MO   Pere Marquette Park - Old Layout
Branson, MO Sunset Park
St. Louis (Hazelwood), MO White Birch Park
18 Course(s)
Las Vegas, NV Freedom Park
Las Vegas, NV Mountain Crest Park
Incline Village, NV North Tahoe Lions Club DGC
Henderson, NV Paseo Verde Trailhead
Las Vegas, NV Red Ridge
Zephyr Cove, NV Zephyr Cove Park
6 Course(s)
New Jersey
Pennsville, NJ Riverview DGC
New Brunswick, NJ Rutgers, Douglass College
2 Course(s)
New Mexico
Santa Fe, NM Arroyo Chamisos DGC
Santa Fe, NM Ashbaugh Park
Albuquerque, NM Brent Baca Memorial
Rio Rancho, NM Canyon Park
Conchas Dam, NM Conchas Dam DGC
Roswell, NM Enchanted Lands DGC
Ruidoso, NM Grindstone Park
Los Alamos, NM North Mesa Picnic Grounds
Albuquerque, NM Roosevelt Park
Las Cruces, NM Sunrise Terrace
Albuquerque (Rio Rancho), NM Vista Hills Park
Cloudcroft, NM Zenith Park
12 Course(s)
New York
Claryville, NY Frost Valley DGC
Mt. Kisco, NY Leonard Park
Brocton, NY Shipwreck Bluff DGC
5 Course(s)
North Carolina
Cornelius, NC   Bailey Road Park DGC
Kinston, NC Barnet Park
Durham, NC Bethesda Park
Davidson, NC Brackett's Bluff
Huntersville, NC   Bradford Park
New Hill, NC Buckhorn DGC
Charlotte, NC   Cameron Yards
Knightdale, NC East Wake Middle School
Charlotte, NC   Eastway Park
Charlotte, NC   Elon Park - Angry Beaver
Charlotte, NC   Elon Park - Eager Beaver
Williamston, NC Farm Life Disc Golf
Rocky Mount, NC Farmington Park
Charlotte, NC   Hornets Nest Park - Old Layout
Kure Beach, NC Joe Eakes Park
Raleigh, NC Kentwood
Charlotte, NC   Kilborne TPC
Durham, NC Leigh Farm Park
Cary, NC Middle Creek DGC
Mint Hill, NC   Mint Hill Park
Charlotte, NC   Nevin Park DGC
Jacksonville, NC Northeast Creek Park
Charlotte, NC   Plantation Ruins at Winget
Charlotte, NC   Reedy Creek Park
Charlotte, NC   Renaissance Park - Gold
Richlands, NC Richlands-Steed Park
Asheville, NC Richmond Hill
Charlotte, NC   Robert L. Smith Park
Matthews, NC   Squirrel Lake Park
Charlotte, NC   Sugaw Creek Park
Matthews, NC   The Scrapyard
Durham, NC Valley Springs Park
37 Course(s)
Cincinnati, OH Dunham Rec. Center
Cincinnati, OH Embshoff Woods
Cincinnati, OH   Mt. Airy Forest
Medina, OH Roscoe Ewing Park
Miamisburg, OH Sycamore Trails DGC
Germantown, OH Twin Creek - Black Course
Germantown, OH Twin Creek - Red Course
9 Course(s)
Tulsa, OK Blackhawk
Eufaula, OK   Eufaula DGC
Sapulpa, OK Kelly Lane Park
Lake Murray, OK   Lake Murray Lodge
Tulsa, OK McClure Park
West Siloam Springs, OK Natural Falls State Park
Tulsa, OK Redhawk
Tulsa, OK Riverside Park
Pawhuska, OK   The Lodge - Island Course
Pawhuska, OK   The Lodge - Moccasin Creek
Oklahoma City, OK Will Rogers Park
13 Course(s)
Strasburg, PA Beaver Creek Mini DGC
Tarentum, PA Deer Lakes Park
Grove City, PA Grove City
Lancaster, PA Hobson Park Mini DGC
Whitehall, PA Jordan Creek
Portersville, PA Moraine State Park
Quakertown, PA Nockamixon State Park
Sellersville, PA Sellersville DGC
Willow Street, PA Ship Rock DGC
Bethlehem, PA South Mountain DGC
Newtown, PA Tyler State Park
16 Course(s)
Rhode Island
Charlestown, RI Ninigret Park
1 Course(s)
South Carolina
Denmark, SC Crestwood Golf Club
Columbia, SC   Earlewood Park
Georgetown, SC East Bay Park
Charleston, SC Fire Swamp DGC
Easley, SC Foothills DGC
Barnwell, SC Fuller Park DGC
Johns Island, SC Haut Gap DGC
Charleston (John's Island), SC John's Island DGC
Kiawah Island, SC Night Heron Park DGC
North Charleston, SC Park Circle DGC - Old Layout
North Augusta, SC Riverview Park
Newberry, SC   Stoney Hill
Hardeeville, SC   The Sarge
Greenville, SC Timmons Park
Charleston (John's Island), SC Trophy Lakes
Myrtle Beach (Garden City), SC Tupelo Bay DGC
20 Course(s)
Murfreesboro, TN Barfield Crescent Park
Kingsport, TN Borden Park
Millington, TN   Bud Hill - Original
Millington, TN Bud Hill - The Ridge
Woodbury, TN Burde Ridge
Nashville, TN   Cedar Hill Park
Fall Branch, TN Harmon Hills
Jonesborough, TN Kiwanis DGC
Millington/Memphis, TN Meeman-Shelby State Park - East
Millington/Memphis, TN Meeman-Shelby State Park - West
Morristown, TN Morristown Kiwanis DGC
Jackson, TN   Muse Park
Nashville, TN Naval Hill DGC
Hendersonville, TN   Sanders Ferry Park
Nashville, TN   Seven Oaks Park
Smyrna, TN Sharp Springs Park
Chattanooga, TN   Shepherd Rec. Center DGC
Chattanooga, TN   The Sinks
Kingsport, TN Warriors Path State Park
Johnson City, TN Winged Deer Park
20 Course(s)
Austin, TX   Austin Ridge Bible Church
Grapevine, TX Bear Creek
Crowley, TX   Bicentennial DGC
Abilene, TX Cal Young Park
Wimberley, TX   Circle R - Circ Hill DGC
Wimberley, TX   Circle R - Rolling Meadow DGC
Clute, TX   Clute Park
Sulphur Springs, TX Coleman Park
Brownfield, TX Coleman Park
Amarillo, TX Disc Creek DGC
Mt. Pleasant, TX Eagle DGC
Huntsville, TX   Eastham-Thomason Park
Greenville, TX Graham Park
Helotes, TX   Helotes Family DGC
Mt. Pleasant, TX Heritage Park DGC
Borger, TX Johnson Park
Cedar Hill, TX   Lester Lorch Park - Beaver DGC
Cedar Hill, TX   Lester Lorch Park - Coyote DGC
Ingleside, TX   Live Oak Park - Gold
Ingleside, TX   Live Oak Park - Red
Lubbock, TX Mackenzie Park - Mack
San Antonio, TX   McClain Park
Houston, TX   Memorial DGC
Missouri City, TX   Missouri City Community Park
Denton, TX   North Lake Park
White Settlement, TX Saddle Hills DGC - Old Layout 2
Huntsville, TX   Shawshank
Kennedale, TX Sonora Park
Texarkana, TX Spillway Park
Houston, TX   TC Jester Park - Old Layout
McKinney, TX Towne Lake DGC
Grand Prairie, TX Turner Park
Universal City, TX   Universal City Park
Van, TX   Van City DGC
Beeville, TX   Veteran Memorial Park
Arlington, TX Veteran's Park
Irving, TX   W.O. Harrington
Corpus Christi, TX   Waldron Park DGC
Paris, TX   Walker Park - Old Layout
Weatherford, TX Weatherford DGC
Corpus Christi, TX   West Guth Park
Abilene, TX Wildcat DGC
Abilene, TX Will Hair Park
Waco, TX   William Cameron Park
Fort Worth, TX   Z-Boaz Park
Austin, TX   Zilker Park
54 Course(s)
Virginia Beach, VA Bayville Park
Richmond, VA Bryan Park
Richmond (Varina), VA Dorey Park - Old Layout
Richmond, VA Gillies Creek Park
Virginia Beach, VA Munden Point
Williamsburg, VA New Quarter Park
Newport News, VA Newport News DGC
Dublin, VA   Randolph Park DGC
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Darkside
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Sunnyside
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Tiki Course
13 Course(s)
West Virginia
Lansing, WV   Ravens Ridge
1 Course(s)
Oak Creek, WI Abendschein Park
Oak Creek, WI   Abendschein Park - Old Layout
Fond du Lac, WI   Adelaide Park
Nekoosa, WI   Alexander Middle School DGC
Rhinelander, WI   Almon Park DGC
Sparta, WI   Amundson Park
Antigo, WI   Antigo High School
Arena, WI Arena DGC
Boyceville, WI Axldog Acres DGC
Peshtigo, WI Badger Park
Stockholm, WI Bald Eagle DGC
Baraboo, WI   Baraboo Lions DGC
Mosinee, WI   Big Eau Pleine County Park
Marshall, WI   Bird's Ruins DGC
Crandon, WI   Black Bear Creek Disc Golf
Black Creek, WI Black Creek DGC
Plover, WI   Bluebird DGC
Sumpter, WI   Bluffview Park
Marshfield, WI   Braem Park
Woodruff, WI   Brandy Lake DGC
Menomonie, WI   Brickyard
Milwaukee, WI   Brown Deer DGC
Brown Deer, WI   Brown Deer High School
Lomira, WI Camelot DGC
Sheboygan Falls, WI Camp Riversite DGC
Madison, WI Capital Springs
Superior, WI Central Park
Chetek, WI Chetek Bulldog DGC
Chippewa Falls, WI Chippewa Falls Middle School
Antigo, WI   City of Antigo DGC
Clintonville, WI   Clintonville High School
Portage, WI   Collipp-Worden Park
Cameron, WI Comet DGC
Crivitz, WI Crivitz DGC
Beaver Dam, WI   Crystal Lake Park
Kewaskum, WI   Dawgwood Ditch
Deerfield, WI Deerfield Community Park
Eau Claire, WI Delong Middle School
Muskego, WI Denoon DGC
Allouez, WI Dier Straits
Milwaukee, WI   Dineen Park
Milwaukee, WI Doctors Park
Dodgeville, WI Dodgeville Disc Park
Dorchester, WI   Dorchester Park
Milwaukee, WI   Dretzka Park
Milwaukee, WI   Dretzka Park - Winter
Fontana, WI   Duck Pond Rec. Area
Dundee, WI Dundee Mill Park
Esofea, WI Eagle Run - 9
East Troy, WI   East Troy Middle School
Madison, WI   Elver Park
Merrill, WI   Eric Schalow Memorial DGC
Thompson, WI   Erin Go Bragh Park
Milwaukee, WI   Estabrook Park
Evansville, WI   Evansville DGC
Exeter, WI   Exeter DGC
Sheboygan Falls, WI Falcon Ridge DGC
Wisconsin Dells, WI Fawn Creek Winery DGC
Middleton, WI Fireman's Park
Fox Lake, WI   Fireman's Park
Slinger, WI Fireman's Park Upper
Columbus, WI Firemans Park
Waterloo, WI   Firemen's Park
Florence, WI Florence DGC
Silver Lake, WI   Fox River Park - Grey Fox
Silver Lake, WI Fox River Park - Red Fox
Forest Junction, WI Freitag Memorial DGC
Forest Junction, WI   Freitag Memorial DGC - Old Layout
Fort Atkinson, WI   Ft. Atkinson High School DGC
Glenwood City, WI Glen Hills County Park DGC
Green Lake, WI   Green Lake Conference Center
Kaukauna, WI   Grignon Park
Plymouth, WI H.A. Meyer Nature Park
Reedsburg, WI Half-Moon Lagoon DGC
Ashippun, WI   Harnischfeger Park DGC
Wauwatosa, WI   Hart Park
New London, WI   Hatten Stadium Park
Trego, WI Heartwood - 24
Trego, WI Heartwood - 9
Howards Grove, WI   HGHS DGC
Milton, WI   Hidden Valley DGC
Madison, WI   Hiestand Park
Kenosha, WI   Hillcrest DGC
Hillsboro, WI Hillsboro Centennial DGC
Kiel, WI   Hingiss Park DGC
Mequon, WI   Homestead High School
Horicon, WI Horicon High School
Horicon, WI   Horicon Phoenix DGC
Brillion, WI Horn Park
Manitowoc, WI   Indian Creek Park
Freedom, WI   Irish Waters Golf Club
Ixonia, WI   Ixonia Fireman's Park
Deerbrook, WI   Jack Lake DGC
Jackson, WI   Jackson Park
Jacksonport, WI Jacksonport Disc Golf
Sheboygan, WI   Jaycee Park Quarry
Clintonville, WI Jim Simpson Memorial DGC
Wausau, WI   John Muir Middle School
Racine, WI Johnson Park
Maple Bluff, WI   Johnson Park
Kaukauna, WI   Kaukauna Jr. DGC
Florence, WI Keyes Peak DGC
Kimberly, WI   Kimberly High School
Milton, WI   King Park
Merrill, WI Kitchenette Park DGC
Monroe, WI   Kiwanis DGC
Stoughton, WI   Kiwanis of Stoughton DGC
New Holstein, WI   Kiwanis Park
Milwaukee, WI   Kops Park
Boscobel, WI Kronshage Park
Richland Center, WI   Krouskop Park
Lake Mills, WI Lake Mills DGC
Black River Falls, WI   Lake WaZee Rec. Area
Plymouth, WI Lakeland College
Middleton, WI Lakeview Park DGC
De Pere, WI Legion Park
Grafton, WI   Lime-Kiln Park
Kenosha, WI Lincoln Park
Appleton, WI   Lions Park Practice Basket
Lodi, WI   Lodi Middle School
Reedsville, WI   Lower Cato Falls County Park
Loyal, WI   Loyal West Side Park
Cleveland, WI   LTC Cleveland
Janesville, WI   Lustig Park
Owen, WI   Madman's DGC
Stanley, WI   Mahr's Meadow DGC
Manawa, WI   Manawa Middle School
Marinette, WI   Marinette City Park
Marion, WI Marion DGC
Prairie Du Sac, WI   Marion Park
Markesan, WI   Markesan High School
Marshall, WI Marshall Middle School
Stevens Point, WI   McDill Pond DGC
Stevens Point, WI   Mead Park
Onalaska, WI   Meier Farms DGC
Wausau, WI   Memorial Park
Cascade, WI Memorial Park
Mauston, WI Mile Bluff DGC
Mukwonago, WI   Miniwaukan Park
Superior, WI Mont du Lac - Ace Run
West Bend, WI   Moraine Park Technical College
Eau Claire, WI   Mount Simon Park
Milwaukee, WI MSOE Athletic Field
Ripon, WI   Murray Park
Loganville, WI Narrows Creek DGC
Nokomis, WI   Nokomis Community Park DGC
Amery, WI North Park DGC
Marshfield - Pittsville, WI   North Park of Wood County
Eagle River, WI   Northland Pines
Menasha, WI   O'Hauser Park
Menasha, WI   O'Hauser Park - Old Layout
Delafield, WI Oakwood Community Park
Fennimore, WI Oakwood Nature Park
Oconto Falls, WI Oconto Falls High School
Clintonville, WI   Olen Park DGC
Omro, WI   Omro DGC
Middleton, WI Orchid Heights Park
St. Nazianz, WI   Oschwald Park
Howard, WI   Pamperin Park
Wautoma, WI   Parkside Elementary
Green Bay, WI   Perkins Park
Algoma, WI   Peterson Park
La Crosse, WI Pettibone Park
La Crosse, WI   Pettibone Park - Old Layout
Delavan, WI   Phoenix DGC
Two Rivers, WI   Picnic Hill Park
Appleton, WI   Pierce Park
Sheboygan, WI   Pigeon River Elementary DGC
Balsam Lake, WI Pine Park DGC
Fort McCoy, WI   Pine View @ Fort McCoy
Howard, WI   Pinecrest Park
Pittsville, WI Pittsville Riverside Park
Appleton, WI   Plamann Apple Creek 18
Appleton, WI   Plamann Meadowview 9
Middleton, WI Quisling Park
Medford, WI   Raider DGC
Randolph, WI Randolph Park DGC
Oshkosh, WI   Red Arrow Park
Abbottsford, WI   Red Arrow Park DGC
Darlington, WI Redbird DGC
Reedsburg, WI   Reedsburg Area HS
Clintonville, WI   Rexford Elementary School
Ripon, WI   Riggs Park
Cambridge, WI   Ripley Park
River Falls, WI   River Falls DGC
Janesville, WI   Riverside Park
Nekoosa, WI Riverside Park
Berlin, WI   Riverside Park DGC
West Bend, WI   Riverside Park DGC
Taylor, WI   Riverside Park DGC
Wisconsin Rapids, WI   Robinson Park
Watertown, WI   Rock River DGC
Fort Atkinson, WI Rock River Park
Black River Falls, WI   Rock Springs Park
Barron, WI Rockmans Woods DGC
Reedsville, WI   Rollin Ridge
Rhinelander, WI Rookery Run
Greendale, WI Root River Parkway DGC
Rosendale, WI   Rosendale High School
Prairie du Chien, WI Rotary Club DGC
Onalaska, WI   Rowe Park
West Bend, WI Sandy Knoll DGC
Lac Du Flambeau, WI   Sandy Point Resort DG Ranch
Lancaster, WI Schreiner Park DGC
Neillsville, WI   Schuster Park
Menomonie, WI SDGC Practice Course
Elkhart Lake, WI Sheboygan County Marsh Park
Sheboygan, WI Sheboygan Lions DGC
Oconto, WI Shu Pond DGC
Manitowoc, WI   Silver Creek Park
Silver Lake, WI Silver Fox DGC
Manitowoc, WI   Silver Lake College
Somerset, WI   Somerset DGC
Wisconsin Rapids, WI   South Park of Wood County
Germantown, WI   Spassland DGC
Spooner, WI Spooner DGC
Stevens Point, WI   Standing Rocks
Merrill, WI Stange's Park DGC
Custer, WI Stockton Park DGC
Fredonia, WI   Stoney Creek DGC
Sugar Camp, WI   Sugar Camp DGC
Gardner, WI   Sugar Creek County Park
Sturgeon Bay, WI   Sunset Park
Waupun, WI   Tanner Park
Appleton, WI Telulah Park
Appleton, WI   Telulah Park - Old Layout
Saukville, WI   Tendick Nature Park
Fontana, WI The Abbey Resort DGC
Egg Harbor, WI The Orchards DGC
Mukwonago, WI The Phantom DGC
Cashton, WI The Pines
Three Lakes, WI   Three Lakes HS DGC
Wausau, WI Timberwolf Run DGC
Eau Claire, WI Tower Ridge Park - I
Eau Claire, WI Tower Ridge Park - II
Tomahawk, WI   Treehaven
Green Bay, WI   Triangle Sports Area
Green Bay, WI   UW - Green Bay
Kenosha, WI   UW Campus - Parkside
Kenosha, WI   UW Campus - The Orchid
Platteville, WI   UW Campus-Platteville
Whitewater, WI   UW Whitewater-Hoffman Field
Rice Lake, WI UW-BC Campus Greens
Eau Claire, WI UWEC Campus 9
Deforest, WI   Vallarta-Ast DGC
New Berlin, WI   Valley View Park
Big Bend, WI Vernon DGC
Viroqua, WI Veteran Hills
West Bend, WI   Villa Park
Sussex, WI   Village Park
Sheboygan, WI   Vollrath Park
Menomonie, WI   Wakanda Park
Wales, WI   Wales Community Park
McFarland, WI   Waubesa Intermediate School
Waupaca, WI   Waupaca High School DGC
Whitewater, WI Welcome Travelers Park
Westfield, WI   Westfield High School
Platteville, WI   Westview Park
Burlington, WI Wheatland Central School
Lake Geneva, WI White River DGC
South Milwaukee, WI   Wil-O-Way Grant Park
Wauwatosa, WI   Wil-O-Way Underwood
Osseo, WI   Wildapple Disc Golf
Montello, WI Wilderness DGC
Marshfield, WI   Wildwood Park
Winchester, WI   Winchester Park
Kewaunee, WI   Winter Park
Hartford, WI   Woodlawn Union Park
Weston, WI   Yellow Banks Park
Stevens Point, WI   Yulga Park
Green Lake, WI   Zobel Park
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