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Other Info/Notes:

I played disc golf off and on for years - even designing and building a tone pole course in Costa Rica in my 20s, not knowing anything about the sport - before finally dedicating myself to course bagging in 2015. Now in my 40s, what I enjoy most is playing with my family and bagging new courses. I've got three generations hooked on disc golf: my dad, brother, and two of my four kids. I will play any track anywhere, but when given the chance, I try to bag courses ranked in the top 25 for the state on DGCR. I live in North Carolina, so I have played many, many more courses here than anywhere else. To date I've played 16 of the top 25 courses here and I've played tracks in 50 of the state's 100 counties (not all of those counties have courses though...last I checked, 86 NC counties have courses). I'm still an intermediate-level player and only sporadically get the opportunity to play C-Tiers and leagues, but really enjoy challenging courses and good design. I review, rate, and rank courses mostly for my own OCD personality, but hopefully others will benefit too.



I attempt to write my reviews with the goal of helping other players determine the opportunity cost of playing that course versus other ones in the area. "If I have one afternoon to play a course in this city or town, which one should I play that's right for my skill level and preferences in a course?" That's the question I seek an answer to when reading others' reviews and that's what I attempt to answer in the reviews I write.

The factors I weigh when reviewing a course:
- Fun factor
- Challenge
- Aesthetics
- Upkeep
- Unique design features
- Course flow
- Variety
- Fairness
- Scoring separation
- Elevation
- Risk/reward
- Wow factor and signature holes
- Tough and interesting greens (obstacles on the green, fast greens, death putts, elevated baskets, etc.)
- Multiple ways to play holes
- Navigation and signage
- Tees and baskets
- Soft spot for water carries and sweeping downhill hyzer holes
- Bathrooms and park amenities can earn a ratings bump, but I won't dock courses without them
- Big points off for poor safety for golfers or other park goers



I believe that the average course rating across the thousands of courses in DGCR should be 2.5. I also believe that there should be more 2.5-rated courses than any other rating, followed by 2.0's and 3.0's, followed by 1.5's and 3.5's, then 1.0's and 4.0's, and then 0.5's and 4.5's. 5.0's and 0.0's should be exceedingly rare. It should be a bell curve. You can see that my ratings basically follow this bell curve theory, although I don't "force" myself to maintain a perfect bell curve as the courses I play are not necessarily a perfect representative sample of all courses. (For example, if given the choice to play a 4.0 course or a 2.0 course in a city I'm visiting, I'm obviously going to play the 4.0 course.)

I think there is some rating inflation in DGCR, but not much. Most of the rating inflation, in my opinion, is at the bottom of the scale (2.5 courses that should be 2.0, 2.0 courses that should be 1.5, 1.5 courses that should be 1.0, etc.). I actually think many courses rated 3.5+ are *underrated.* I have my theories on this, but won't bore you with them. Overall, as long as lots of DGCR reviewers continue to review, the ratings - and especially the rankings - tend to work themselves out. There is wisdom in crowds.

As of December 2022, I have played 194 courses and written 189 reviews. The average DGCR rating for the courses I've played is 2.87. My average rating is 2.51.

Of the 194 courses, I've played 121 "full tracks" (18+ holes). The average DGCR rating for these 120 tracks is 3.43. My average rating for these courses is 3.20.

I've played 73 "half tracks." (Most of these are 9-holers, but there are a handful of 6-hole courses, a 5-holer, a 10-holer, a 12-holer, and 2- and 3-hole practice areas.) The average DGCR rating for these 73 tracks is 1.96. My average is 1.50

Based on the rating averages above, I'm a little tougher in my ratings than DGCR as a whole, especially on 9-hole courses. I tend to be *more* generous to courses on the upper end of the scale and tougher (ratings-wise) on courses at the bottom of the spectrum.



1. Black Jack (Sugar Grove, NC)
2. The Fort (Ogden, UT)
3. Rolling Pines (Wilkesboro, NC)
4. Diavolo (Cary, NC)
5. Indian Creek (Huntsville, AL)
6. Nevin Park (Charlotte, NC)
7. Hornets Nest Park (Charlotte, NC)
8. Rockness Monster (Roxboro, NC)
9. Circle C Metro Park (Austin, TX)
10. The Blockhouse - Sunnyside (Spotsylvania, VA)
11. Fox Chase (Albemarle, NC)
12. The Bear (Hickory, NC)
13. The Claytons (Alcoa, TN)
14. Robbins Park (Cornelius, NC)
15. Trophy Lakes (Johns Island, SC)
16. Rock Ridge Park (Pittsboro, NC)
17. Bill Frederick Park - T2: The Turkeynator (Orlando, FL)
18. City Lake Park (Albemarle, NC)
19. Jones Park (Holly Springs, NC)
20. Bradford Park (Huntersville, NC)
21. Sasquatch (Roxboro, NC)
22. Stumpy Creek (Mooresville, NC)
23. Buckhorn (New Hill, NC)
24. Glenburnie Park (New Bern, NC)
25. Moneta Park (Moneta, VA)



1. 2010: Buncombe Sports Complex #1, 101 feet (Candler, NC)
2. 01/01/16: Isle of Palms #1, 94 feet (Isle of Palms, SC)
3. 03/12/16: Marcom Woods #9, 130 feet (Morrisville, NC)
4. 10/06/17: Eager Beaver #1, 197 feet (Charlotte, NC)
5. 11/25/17: Downtown Urban Open #4, "The Gap," 42 feet (Cary, NC)
6. 07/02/21: Cedar Hills #1, 218 feet (Raleigh, NC)
7. 07/31/21: The Claytons #2, 238 feet (Alcoa, TN)
8. 08/27/22: Central Park #9, 120 feet (Durham, NC)
Favorite Courses (25)
Played Courses (195)
United States
Huntsville, AL Indian Creek DGC
1 Course(s)
North Carolina
Sugar Grove, NC Black Jack DGC
Huntersville, NC Bradford Park
New Hill, NC Buckhorn DGC
Albemarle, NC City Lake Park DGC
Albemarle, NC Fox Chase
New Bern, NC Glenburnie Park
Charlotte, NC Hornets Nest Park
Holly Springs, NC Jones Park
Charlotte, NC Nevin Park DGC
Cornelius, NC Robbins Park
Pittsboro, NC Rock Ridge Park
Roxboro, NC Rockness Monster
Wilkesboro, NC Rolling Pines DGC
Roxboro, NC Sasquatch DGC
Mooresville, NC Stumpy Creek
Hickory, NC The Bear
17 Course(s)
South Carolina
Charleston (John's Island), SC Trophy Lakes
1 Course(s)
Alcoa, TN The Claytons
1 Course(s)
Ogden, UT The Fort - Long
1 Course(s)
Moneta, VA Moneta Park
Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Sunnyside
2 Course(s)
Course Wish List (79)
United States
North Carolina
Manteo, NC Ace Run DGC
Ahoskie, NC Ahoskie Creek
Jefferson, NC Ashe County Park
Washington, NC BCCC DGC
Lincolnton, NC Betty G. Ross Park
Davidson, NC Brackett's Bluff
Brevard, NC Brevard College DGC
Cullowhee, NC Catamount Links
Powells Point, NC Currituck County Rural Center
Mocksville, NC Davie DGC
Burlington, NC Deep Creek Dreams
Monroe, NC Dry Creek
Charlotte, NC Eastway DGC
Emerald Isle, NC Emerald Isle Woods
Williamston, NC Farm Life Disc Golf
Fontana Dam, NC Fontana Village Resort DGC
Elizabeth City, NC Fun Junktion DGC
Pleasant Garden, NC Garden Grove
Halifax, NC Halifax County DGC
Tryon, NC Harmon Field
Warrenton, NC Hayley-Haywood Park
Andrews, NC Heritage Park DGC
Rockingham, NC Hinson Lake DGC
Gibsonville, NC Holly Run
Thomasville, NC Hughes Park DGC
Hendersonville, NC Jackson Park
Mars Hill, NC Mars Hill University DGC
Thomasville, NC Memorial Park
Germanton, NC Neatman Creek
Pilot Mountain, NC Nelson Acres DGC
Jacksonville, NC Northeast Creek Park
Charlotte, NC Reedy Creek Park
Charlotte, NC Renaissance Park - Gold
Richlands, NC Richlands-Steed Park
Asheville, NC Richmond Hill
Mount Airy, NC Round Peak Vineyard DGC
Sparta, NC Sam Brown Park
Laurinburg, NC Scotland County DGC
Burnsville, NC Simple Pleasures DGC
Newland, NC Sugaree
Franklin, NC Sunnyside DGC
Hallsboro, NC The Beast on Honey Hill
Germanton, NC The Black Widow - Main
Germanton, NC The Black Widow - Tiki
Kernersville, NC The Crossing DGC
Matthews, NC The Scrapyard
Elizabethtown, NC Tory Hole Park DGC
Marion, NC Universal Park DGC
Waynesville, NC Waynesville DGC
Fairview, NC Wintersun - Long
Fairview, NC Wintersun - Short
Shelby, NC Wolfman Woods
62 Course(s)
South Carolina
Burnettown, SC Langley Pond DiscGolfPark
1 Course(s)
Fall Branch, TN Harmon Hills
Morristown, TN Morristown Kiwanis DGC
Morristown, TN Panther Creek State Park
Morristown, TN Rotary DGC
5 Course(s)
Spotsylvania, VA Hawk Hollow
4 Course(s)
West Virginia
Paw Paw, WV The Woodshed
Paw Paw, WV Whippin' Post
2 Course(s)
United States
Huntsville, AL   Indian Creek DGC 6/23/2018
1 Course(s)
Orlando, FL   Bill Frederick Park - T2: The Turkeynator 10/9/2019
Orlando, FL   Bill Frederick Park - The Woods 10/9/2019
Orlando, FL   Bill Frederick Park - Turkey Lake 10/9/2019
3 Course(s)
Savannah (Pooler), GA   Tom Triplett DGC 10/6/2019
Dahlonega, GA   Yahoola Creek Park 12/27/2021
2 Course(s)
Lexington, KY   Jacobson Park DGC 7/1/2017
Lexington, KY   Veterans Park DGC 7/2/2017
2 Course(s)
College Park, MD   Calvert Road Park 5/27/2018
1 Course(s)
North Carolina
Burlington, NC   Alamance Reserve DGC 12/27/2016
Carrboro, NC   Anderson Park DGC 7/6/2016
Apex, NC   Apex Nature Park 5/7/2015
Wilmington, NC   Arrowhead Park 7/12/2016
Apex, NC   Avalon Peaks 6/5/2015
Cornelius, NC   Bailey Road Park DGC 4/25/2015
Greensboro, NC   Barber Park - 18 8/24/2015
Kinston, NC   Barnet Park 7/31/2020
Winston-Salem, NC   Bethel DGC 11/12/2015
Durham, NC   Bethesda Park 6/6/2015
Sugar Grove, NC Black Jack DGC 7/5/2020
Black Mountain, NC   Black Mountain 9/5/2016
Plumtree, NC   Blind Squirrel - Mountain DGC 9/3/2016
Huntersville, NC   Bradford Park 10/8/2017
New Hill, NC   Buckhorn DGC 5/22/2015
Candler, NC Buncombe County Sports Complex 6/6/2015
Camden, NC   Camden Community Park 8/17/2022
Charlotte, NC   Cameron Yards 4/25/2015
Kill Devil Hills, NC   Casey R. Logan DGC 2/17/2018
Wilmington, NC   Castle Hayne Park 7/27/2018
Wilmington, NC   Castle Hayne Park - Old Layout 4/25/2015
Salisbury, NC   Catawba College 10/6/2017
Morganton, NC   Catawba Meadows 2/4/2016
Morrisville, NC   Cedar Fork District Park 8/8/2021
Raleigh, NC   Cedar Hills Rotary Park 4/25/2015
Burlington, NC   Cedarock Park 7/4/2015
Durham, NC   Central Park DGC 8/27/2022
Charlotte, NC   Chantilly Park 10/6/2017
Pittsboro, NC   Chatham County Comm. College 7/20/2016
Albemarle, NC   City Lake Park DGC 5/16/2019
Durham, NC   Cornwallis Road Park 7/31/2015
Archdale, NC   Creekside Park - Beginner Loop 6/12/2017
Archdale, NC   Creekside Park - Main Loop 6/12/2017
Cary, NC   Diavolo @ New Hope 11/7/2020
Raleigh, NC   Dix Park - East 8/29/2020
Concord, NC   Dorton Park DGC 6/12/2017
Cary, NC   Downtown Urban Open 11/28/2015
Clayton, NC   East Clayton Park 1/27/2019
Knightdale, NC   East Wake Middle School 4/25/2015
Charlotte, NC   Elon Park - Angry Beaver 10/6/2017
Charlotte, NC   Elon Park - Eager Beaver 4/25/2015
Rocky Mount, NC   Englewood Park 4/28/2017
Rocky Mount, NC   Farmington Park 4/28/2017
Cary, NC   Fit-Fort Pitch 'n Putt 1/1/2022
Durham, NC   Forest Hills Park 11/5/2017
Durham, NC   Forest Hills Park - Jaunting 5/14/2021
Wake Forest, NC   Forest Ridge Park 11/5/2022
Wake Forest, NC   Forest Ridge Park - Old Layout 2/24/2018
Albemarle, NC   Fox Chase 5/16/2019
Wilkesboro, NC   Ft. Hamby Park 7/9/2020
Gatesville, NC   Gates County Community Center 8/23/2022
New Bern, NC   Glenburnie Park 4/25/2015
Durham, NC   Glenn Elementary School 7/13/2018
Nashville, NC   Glover Park 6/14/2015
Cramerton, NC   Goat Island DGC 5/15/2021
Goldsboro, NC   Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course 5/20/2016
Greensboro, NC   Guilford Meadows 12/13/2017
Cary, NC   Harvest DGC 7/24/2021
Browns Summit, NC   Haw River Nature Trail 4/14/2016
Creedmoor, NC   Hawley Middle School 12/3/2018
North Wilkesboro, NC   Highland Hills DGC 11/12/2015
Hildebran, NC   Hildebran Community Park DGC 3/20/2016
Winston-Salem, NC   Horizons Park 11/8/2019
Charlotte, NC   Hornets Nest Park 10/10/2018
Research Triangle Park, NC   IBM Research Triangle 4/12/2017
Kure Beach, NC   Joe Eakes Park 4/25/2015
High Point, NC   Johnson Street Park 9/20/2019
Holly Springs, NC   Jones Park 5/22/2015
McLeansville, NC   Keeley Park 10/30/2020
Salisbury, NC   Kelsey Scott Park 10/6/2017
Kenansville, NC   Kenan Park 5/9/2019
Raleigh, NC   Kentwood 4/25/2015
Charlotte, NC   Kilborne TPC 8/24/2016
Goldsboro, NC   Kiwanis DGC 10/22/2015
Wilson, NC   Lake Wilson 12/10/2015
Durham, NC   Leigh Farm Park 4/25/2015
Leland, NC   Leland Municipal Park 5/9/2019
Morrisville, NC   Lenovo DGC 7/23/2018
Cary, NC   Lochmere DGC 7/24/2021
Cary, NC   LORD Corp 12/17/2018
Troy, NC   Lowe Warner Park 5/17/2019
Lumberton, NC   Luther Britt Park 6/18/2015
Morrisville, NC   Marcom Woods 8/21/2015
Apex, NC   Middle Creek DGC 5/22/2015
Fayetteville, NC   Middle River DGC 8/26/2016
Mint Hill, NC   Mint Hill Park 5/16/2019
Mount Olive, NC   Mount Olive College 5/21/2022
Rocky Mount, NC   Nash Community College 6/14/2015
Raleigh, NC   NC State Centennial Campus 4/25/2015
Charlotte, NC   Nevin Park DGC 3/17/2017
Sanford, NC   O. T. Sloan Park 6/10/2018
Louisburg, NC   Owen's Park @ Bull Creek 7/25/2021
Kernersville, NC   Patriot DGC 5/26/2016
Charlotte, NC   Pinewood Elementary 8/22/2016
Burlington, NC   Pleasant Grove Community Center 8/2/2020
Thomasville, NC   Pleasant Grove UMC DGC 2/13/2018
Gastonia, NC Rankin Lake DGC 4/25/2015
Haw River, NC   Red Slide Park 8/3/2020
Charlotte, NC   Renaissance Park - RenSke 8/22/2016
Southern Pines, NC   Reservoir Park 6/10/2018
Hope Mills, NC   Resurrection Park 3/18/2018
Louisburg, NC   River Bend Park 1/14/2018
Midland, NC   Rob Wallace Park 5/16/2019
Cornelius, NC   Robbins Park 3/5/2018
Charlotte, NC   Robert L. Smith Park 8/23/2016
Pittsboro, NC   Rock Ridge Park 11/20/2015
Roxboro, NC   Rockness Monster 12/3/2018
Rocky Mount, NC   Rocky Mt. Sports Complex 5/16/2015
Rolesville, NC   Rolesville HS - Main 11/11/2018
Rolesville, NC Rolesville HS - Wooden Pond 6/28/2019
Wilkesboro, NC   Rolling Pines DGC 11/12/2015
Research Triangle Park, NC RTI International DGC 7/30/2015
Cary, NC   SAS Institute 1/11/2017
Roxboro, NC   Sasquatch DGC 7/25/2020
Cary, NC   Scottish Hills 6/5/2015
Clayton, NC   Shotwell 8/9/2019
Smithfield, NC   Smithfield Community Park DGC 3/3/2020
Polkton, NC   South Piedmont Community College 8/24/2016
Wake Forest, NC   Southeastern DGC 12/13/2015
Chapel Hill, NC   Southern Community Park 11/22/2015
Burlington, NC   Springwood Players' Course 4/25/2015
Goldsboro, NC   Stoney Creek Park DGC 9/17/2015
Mooresville, NC   Stumpy Creek 10/23/2021
Charlotte, NC   Sugaw Creek Park 3/18/2017
Lewisville, NC   Sunrise UMC 7/9/2020
Rocky Mount, NC   Sunset Park 4/25/2015
Raleigh, NC   Sunshine Acres DGC 12/11/2015
Surf City, NC   Surf City DGC 7/3/2018
Moncure, NC   Swinging DB's 5/30/2018
Franklinton, NC   Tar River 6/11/2015
Dunn, NC   Tart Park DGC 9/21/2022
Cary, NC   The Airborne @ WakeMed DGC 7/21/2017
Hickory, NC   The Bear 2/1/2020
Rocky Mount, NC   The Community @ NCC 4/22/2020
Oxford, NC   The Incinerator 11/12/2022
Germanton, NC   The Rock at Stonewall 11/8/2019
Carolina Beach, NC   Trinity DGC 7/11/2016
Asheville, NC   UNC Asheville DGC 11/12/2016
Chapel Hill, NC   UNC DGC 4/25/2015
Chapel Hill, NC   UNC DGC 6/27/2021
Durham, NC   Valley Springs Park 9/30/2015
Charlotte, NC   Veterans Park 1/1/2023
Concord, NC   Vietnam Veterans Park 5/15/2021
Pinehurst, NC   Village of Pinehurst DGC 6/10/2018
Waynesville, NC   Waynesville DGC - Old Layout 4/25/2015
Thomasville, NC   Welborn Woods DGC 9/20/2019
Burlington, NC   Wellspring 7/4/2015
Wendell, NC   Wendell DGC 4/9/2017
Greenville, NC   West Meadowbrook Park 3/3/2016
Wilson, NC   Williams Day Camp 10/22/2015
Windsor, NC   Windsor Disc Golf 8/13/2020
Yadkinville, NC   Yadkin County Park 4/25/2015
Yadkinville, NC   Yadkin County Park - The Outback 11/13/2015
Zebulon, NC   Zebulon Community Park 4/25/2015
154 Course(s)
South Carolina
Rock Hill, SC   Boyd Hill 10/7/2017
Conway, SC   Coastal Carolina (CCU) DGC 10/21/2017
North Charleston, SC   Four Poles DGC 4/2/2021
Isle of Palms, SC   Isle of Palms Recreation 1/1/2016
North Charleston, SC   Park Circle DGC - Old Layout 4/25/2015
Awendaw, SC   Sewee Outpost 1/1/2016
Myrtle Beach, SC   Socastee Rec. Park 10/21/2017
Charleston (John's Island), SC   Trophy Lakes 3/17/2018
Myrtle Beach (Garden City), SC   Tupelo Bay DGC 6/17/2015
9 Course(s)
Knoxville, TN   Admiral Farragut Park 5/28/2016
Nashville, TN   Cedar Hill Park 3/19/2016
Gatlinburg, TN   Mills Park DGC 7/13/2019
Nashville, TN   Naval Hill DGC 3/18/2016
Knoxville, TN   Pellissippi State Community College 12/26/2017
Roan Mountain, TN   Roan Mountain DGC 4/25/2015
Alcoa, TN   The Claytons 7/31/2021
Chattanooga, TN   The Sinks 6/22/2018
Nashville, TN   Two Rivers Park - Old Layout 3/19/2016
Sevierville, TN   Walters State DGC 7/12/2019
10 Course(s)
Austin, TX   Circle C Metro Park @ Slaughter Creek 11/10/2015
Austin, TX   Zilker Park 11/10/2015
2 Course(s)
Salt Lake City, UT   Creekside Park 7/14/2021
Ogden, UT   The Fort - Long 7/14/2021
Salt Lake City, UT   University of Utah 7/15/2021
3 Course(s)
Arlington, VA   Bluemont Park 9/10/2019
Moneta, VA   Moneta Park 7/4/2021
Meadows of Dan, VA   Primland 11/21/2020
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Darkside 9/9/2019
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Sunnyside 9/9/2019
Spotsylvania, VA   The Blockhouse - Tiki Course 9/9/2019
Abingdon, VA   VHCC Wolves DGC 3/17/2016
7 Course(s)
Costa Rica
Orosi, Costa Rica   El Jardín Sagrado 10/3/2015