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A mostly recreational player, I jumped into the sport playing on off hours around work trips. Really dived into play in 2019 and into reviewing in 2020.

I feel that most any course deserves the full amount of information available. When I'm out wandering around and looking for courses (usually within a days drive of my central Iowa home), I'm more than happy to pace out holes, take pictures, and jot down any information I can about most courses. Along with the reviews, it helps people visualize the course and navigate, even on a first time. I've used the info here to find and play many courses (and even added a handful myself, almost giddy with excitement when I get that chance).

As for reviews, with over 200 courses in the books for me and six years in, I have preferences that sway my ratings like anyone. I am happy to see courses go up wherever they can, but I see the pitfalls of many design and location choices. I can have a blast at a 9, or even 5, basket course, though there is a top end for those ratings. I can also see major issues with 18, or more, basket courses. I do also knock a course heavily for falling into disrepair, may have been great once, but broken baskets, lack of upkeep (mowing and trimming), missing/broken/faded signage will all sour my rating. Overall, I try to give a fair rating. I don't really have a "home course", so I think that helps me be a little more objective. Ultimately, it is just one man's opinion to add to the flow of information. Even the smallest of courses deserves a little love, even if it's tough love.

I hit quite a few "thumbs up" on reviews on the site (over 1000, now). I look for those who make some decent points, back them up, and overall, add to the content of this site. I also try to upvote newer reviewers who are giving a good try. (I know my first review 6 years ago had 5 down votes, it gets better, if you try.) I rarely give downvotes. More views on more courses gives more people more information to play more courses....did you get all that? If you're adding to the site, as I hope I am, I'll probably give you a thumbs up.

Disc Golf gets me out of the house 8 or so months of the year (depends on the upper Midwest weather). I enjoy a round by myself, or with others. Whenever life doesn't keep me back from throwing, I'll probably find a way to be out there.

Get to the outdoors, curse a little at hitting a tree or missing that putt, yell "fore" when you grip lock and almost hit a car, laugh at your buddies who do the same, bang some chains, and enjoy!
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United States
South Lake Tahoe, CA Bijou Community Park
1 Course(s)
Polk City, IA Big Creek State Park
Cedar Falls, IA Big Woods DGC
Coralville, IA Coralville DGC
Des Moines, IA Grandview Park
Cedar Rapids, IA Jones Park
Iowa City, IA Peninsula Park DGC
Cedar Rapids, IA Shaver Park
Charles City, IA Sportsman's Park
Cedar Falls, IA Tourist Park
Johnston, IA Walnut Ridge
Urbana, IA Wildcat Bluff
12 Course(s)
Rhode Island
Richmond, RI Willow Valley
1 Course(s)
Course Wish List (1)
United States
Hawk Point, MO Eagles Crossing
1 Course(s)
United States
South Lake Tahoe, CA Bijou Community Park 10/21/2018
1 Course(s)
Lisbon, CT   Lisbon Meadows 10/8/2020
1 Course(s)
Springfield, IL Duncan Park 5/24/2018
Springfield, IL Lincoln Park - North 5/22/2018
Marion, IL Pharaoh's Way DGC 4/17/2018
Springfield, IL UIS DGC 5/21/2018
4 Course(s)
Albia, IA   Albia City Park 4/23/2021
Alburnett, IA   Alburnett DGC 6/7/2021
Algona, IA Ambrose A. Call Park 8/30/2021
Atkins, IA   Atkins Park 4/25/2019
Avoca, IA   Avoca DGC 8/6/2021
Kellogg, IA Bakers DGC 8/8/2019
Parkersburg, IA   Beaver Meadows DGC 6/12/2020
Des Moines, IA   Becky Zallek DGC 7/2/2020
Hudson, IA   Beech Nut DGC 6/26/2020
Polk City, IA   Big Creek State Park 11/9/2015
Pella, IA Big Rock DGC 10/14/2020
Cedar Falls, IA   Big Woods DGC 8/27/2019
Lake View, IA   Black Hawk State Park DGC 6/14/2020
Hancock, IA   Botna Bend Park 8/6/2021
Denver, IA   Brandt Park 9/16/2020
Breda, IA   Breda DGC 8/24/2021
Webster City, IA   Brewer Creek Park DGC 6/18/2021
Britt, IA   Britt DGC 8/21/2020
Waverly, IA   Brookwood Park 5/8/2017
Creston, IA   Cedar County Park DGC 7/25/2020
Huxley, IA Centennial Park 11/12/2016
Waukee, IA Centennial Park 10/28/2016
Centerville, IA Centerville DGC 5/27/2019
Pella, IA Central College DGC 5/3/2019
Chariton, IA   Chariton DGC 4/23/2021
Dunkerton, IA   Charma Park 3/29/2021
Fairfield, IA Chautauqua City Park 10/3/2018
Eldon, IA   Chippewa Creek DGC 3/19/2021
Mitchellville, IA City Park 10/8/2016
Clarinda, IA   Clarinda Lied Center DGC 8/6/2021
Clarion, IA   Clarion DGC 7/31/2020
Coon Rapids, IA   Coon Rapids DGC 7/16/2021
Coralville, IA   Coralville DGC 6/28/2019
Mt. Vernon, IA Cornell College 6/6/2018
Corydon, IA   Corydon Lake County Park 3/26/2021
Des Moines, IA   Crivaro Park 8/28/2016
Mechanicsville, IA Cruise Park Course 6/5/2019
Crystal Lake, IA   Crystal Lake Park 7/10/2020
Osage, IA Davidson Park DGC 9/1/2021
Evansdale, IA   Deerwood Park 10/17/2016
Dexter, IA Dexter American Legion DGC 4/19/2019
Dubuque, IA Dubuque Veterans Memorial Park 8/8/2018
Pella, IA Dutch DGC 8/28/2021
Dallas Center, IA Eagle DGC - Memorial Park 8/30/2019
Eagle Grove, IA   Eagle Grove DGC 7/31/2020
Mason City, IA   East Park 3/16/2020
Cresco, IA   East Park 6/21/2021
Afton, IA East Union School DGC 7/24/2020
Madrid, IA   Edgewood Park 8/26/2016
Oskaloosa, IA   Edmundson Park 7/16/2020
Elkader, IA   Elkader City Park DGC 6/23/2021
Adel, IA   Evans Park 4/19/2019
Des Moines, IA   Ewing Park 3/12/2016
Fairbank, IA   Fairbank Elementary 6/28/2021
Ankeny, IA   Faith Baptist Bible College DGC 7/19/2020
Hiawatha, IA   Fay Clark Park 4/23/2019
Fayette, IA   Fayette DGC 6/28/2021
Manson, IA   Featherstone Memorial DGC 8/23/2021
Clarence, IA Field of Greens DGC 6/5/2019
Forest City, IA   Forest City DGC 7/10/2020
Iowa Falls, IA   Foster Park 6/12/2020
Marion, IA   Four Oaks - Marion 6/10/2021
Belle Plaine, IA   Franklin Park DGC 3/27/2020
Ottumwa, IA Franklin Park DGC 3/19/2021
Fredericksburg, IA   Fredericksburg DGC 9/21/2020
Center Point, IA Fross Park 5/14/2019
Lamoni, IA   Graceland University 3/26/2021
Des Moines, IA   Grandview Park 4/25/2016
Des Moines, IA   Grandview University 6/10/2021
Greenfield, IA Greenfield Lake City Park - Back 7/12/2019
Greenfield, IA   Greenfield Lake City Park - Front 7/12/2019
Halbur, IA Halbur DGC 5/15/2020
Hampton, IA   Hampton Rotary 4-Way Test DGC 8/21/2020
Nevada, IA   Harrington Park 2/17/2017
Ankeny, IA   Heritage Park 11/2/2015
Bertram, IA   High Point DGC 9/10/2018
Cedar Falls, IA   Hillcrest Park Apartments 9/22/2020
Urbandale, IA   Interstate Battery DGC 10/28/2016
Fort Dodge, IA   Iowa Central Community College 7/31/2021
Emmetsburg, IA Iowa Lakes Community College 10/26/2015
Aurora, IA   Jakway Forest County Park 9/10/2019
New Hampton, IA Jaycees DGC - Old Layout 5/11/2018
Van Meter, IA   Johnson Park DGC 4/19/2019
Cedar Rapids, IA   Jones Park 4/23/2018
Kanawha, IA   Kanawha DGC 8/21/2020
Peosta, IA   Kelly Oaks Park 6/22/2019
Cedar Rapids, IA   Kelly's Park 4/12/2019
Polk City, IA Kiwanis Park 7/27/2020
Knoxville, IA Knoxville Middle School 8/28/2021
Corning, IA   Lake Icaria 5/21/2020
Ladora, IA   Lake Iowa DGC 4/17/2017
Bedford, IA   Lake of Three Fires 7/3/2020
Orient, IA Lake Orient Recreation Area 5/16/2021
Gowrie, IA   Laurel Park 6/18/2021
Cedar Rapids (Marion), IA Legion Park 6/4/2019
Audubon, IA   Legion Park DGC 6/25/2021
Colfax, IA   Lewis Club Park 4/6/2020
Mount Ayr, IA   Liberty Lake DGC 3/26/2021
Altoona, IA Lions Park 10/8/2016
Exira, IA   Littlefield Park 6/25/2021
Decorah, IA Luther College DGC 6/12/2018
Malcom, IA   Malcom DGC 8/8/2019
University Park, IA   Mammoth Disc Golf 7/17/2020
Storm Lake, IA Mandeville Park 11/17/2015
Manly, IA   Manly DGC 8/25/2021
Manning, IA   Manning DGC 5/15/2020
Marble Rock, IA   Marble Rock DGC 7/6/2020
Maxwell, IA   Maxwell City Park 11/12/2016
Newton, IA Maytag Park 9/14/2018
Shenandoah, IA   McComb Park 8/6/2021
Boone, IA McHose Park 6/16/2017
Creston, IA McKinley Park 4/27/2016
Ottumwa, IA Memorial Park 4/22/2017
New Hampton, IA   Mikkelson Park DGC 9/21/2020
Reinbeck, IA   Milky Way Galaxy DGC 5/25/2021
Grinnell, IA Miller Park - Lake Nyanza 8/8/2019
Zearing, IA   Minerva Creek DGC 5/13/2021
Montezuma, IA   Montezuma DGC 5/7/2021
Stuart, IA   Nations Bridge Park DGC 6/25/2021
Nevada, IA Nevada Baptist Church 5/13/2021
Redfield, IA New Ireland Park DGC 8/27/2021
New Vienna, IA New Wine Park 10/16/2019
Mason City, IA NIACC DGC 8/25/2021
Calmar, IA   NICC - Calmar DGC 6/22/2021
Knoxville , IA Northstar Elementary 8/29/2021
Coon Rapids, IA   Orion 9 DGC 7/16/2021
Elkader, IA   Osborne Park DGC 6/23/2021
Osceola, IA Osceola DGC 4/8/2020
Clear Lake, IA   Outlet Recreation Complex DGC 8/21/2020
Jesup, IA   Parker-Muncey Pioneer Park 7/9/2019
Pella, IA Pella Christian High School 8/28/2021
Iowa City, IA Peninsula Park DGC 4/25/2018
Indianola, IA   Pickard Park 4/9/2017
Pilot Mound, IA   Pilot Mound DGC 6/18/2021
Bloomfield, IA   Pioneer Ridge 3/19/2021
Oelwein, IA   Platt Park 5/11/2018
Plymouth, IA Plymouth DGC 8/25/2021
Polk City, IA   Polk City DGC 6/19/2020
Ackley, IA   Prairie Bridges 6/12/2020
Prairie City, IA Prairie City Park 4/6/2020
Fairfax, IA   Prairie Creek Park 4/25/2019
Thornton, IA Prairie DGC 8/25/2021
Mount Vernon, IA   Quarry Ridge DGC 6/5/2019
Belmond, IA   River DGC 8/21/2020
Cherokee, IA River's Edge DGC 3/14/2016
Charles City, IA Riverside DGC 8/31/2016
Vinton, IA   Riverside DGC 5/14/2019
Cedar Falls, IA   Riverview DGC 6/12/2020
Marshalltown, IA   Riverview Park 8/8/2020
Pella, IA Roberts Creek State Park 5/3/2019
Rockford, IA   Rockford Public DGC 7/11/2020
Carroll, IA   Rolling Hills Park DGC 5/15/2020
Runnells, IA   Runnells City Park 4/8/2020
Eddyville, IA   Sandy Dunes Disc Golf 4/23/2021
Coggon, IA Savage Park 9/10/2019
Cedar Rapids, IA   Shaver Park 7/11/2018
Humboldt, IA   Sheldon Park 7/31/2020
Shell Rock, IA   Shell Rock DGC 5/9/2017
Waukee, IA   Shuler Elementary School 6/24/2021
Fort Dodge, IA   Snell-Crawford Park 7/31/2021
Saint Charles, IA   Soaring Eagle 7/25/2020
Creston, IA   Southwestern College - Old Layout 7/24/2020
West Des Moines, IA   Southwoods Park 4/16/2021
West Des Moines, IA   Southwoods Park - Old Layout 4/19/2019
Charles City, IA   Sportsman's Park 8/31/2016
Jefferson, IA   Spring Lake Park DGC 10/7/2018
Osage, IA   Spring Park 7/8/2020
Ames, IA   Stable Run DGC 8/26/2016
Story City, IA   Story City Park 6/16/2017
North Liberty, IA   Sugar Bottom Rec. Area 4/25/2018
Fort Dodge, IA   Sunkissed Meadows DGC 8/23/2021
Atlantic, IA   Sunnyside DGC 10/26/2015
Washington, IA Sunset Park 4/18/2017
Carroll, IA   Swan Lake DGC 5/15/2020
Peosta, IA Swiss Valley 6/22/2019
Independence, IA   Teacher's Park 6/20/2018
Monticello, IA   The Baty DGC 5/16/2018
Clear Lake, IA The Village 8/2/2020
Solon, IA Timber Dome DGC 6/3/2019
Tipton, IA Tipton City Park 8/8/2019
Toledo, IA Toledo Community DGC 3/27/2020
Cedar Falls, IA   Tourist Park 8/27/2019
Iowa City, IA   Turkey Creek 5/18/2020
Waterloo, IA Valley View Park 10/19/2016
Des Moines, IA Veterans Affairs Park 10/14/2020
Anita, IA   Victory Park DGC 6/25/2021
Villisca, IA   Villisca DGC 8/6/2021
Johnston, IA   Walnut Ridge 4/22/2016
Des Moines, IA Water Works Park 8/1/2019
Urbandale, IA   Waterford Park 4/7/2020
Waterloo, IA   Waterloo Exchange Park 7/12/2016
Osage, IA   Watertower Park 7/9/2020
Waukon, IA   Waukon DGC 7/22/2020
Le Mars, IA   West Floyd Park 5/28/2021
Sioux City, IA Western Iowa Tech Community College 10/26/2015
Dyersville, IA   Westside Park DGC 4/6/2019
Iowa City, IA Wetherby Park DGC 6/5/2018
Perry, IA Wiese Park 2/17/2017
Urbana, IA   Wildcat Bluff 5/14/2019
Allison, IA Wilder Park 6/22/2020
Algona, IA Williams Park 10/26/2015
Norwalk, IA Windflower Park DGC 4/22/2017
Newton, IA Woodland Park 9/14/2018
204 Course(s)
Plainville, MA   Hawkins Woods 10/1/2020
1 Course(s)
Stewartville, MN Bear Cave Park 8/29/2016
Harmony, MN   Harmony DGC 6/21/2021
Mankato, MN Land of Memories Campground 10/30/2015
Glencoe, MN Oak Leaf Park 10/26/2015
Monticello, MN Par-West 10/26/2015
Milaca, MN Rum's Edge DGC 10/26/2015
Hutchinson, MN South Park 10/26/2015
Albert Lea, MN Tall Grass DGC 10/26/2015
8 Course(s)
South Sioux City, NE Crystal Cove Park 10/26/2015
Columbus, NE Pawnee Park 4/19/2016
Columbus, NE Raider Run 4/20/2016
3 Course(s)
Rhode Island
Charlestown, RI   Ninigret Park 10/3/2020
Richmond, RI   Willow Valley 10/8/2020
2 Course(s)
Prairie du Chien, WI   Rotary Club DGC 8/31/2017
1 Course(s)