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Uploaded By: fairweather_fan Hole #10 (Taken 10/2009)
3 / 260ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #10 Basket to Tee ('A' Placement)

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 Lots of Lost discs

5+    8/1/2009   8/7/2009
Review By: CrimsonRavyn
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4
5 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: This course gives a great amount of challenge to everyone. They move the baskets every couple weeks, which does mean that the course does change. The baskets have three different placements, A (am), B (advance am), and C (pro). Since putting in the three pin placements the course have never been all A, or B, or C. Course layout is nice with a lot of trees, creeks, and hills.
Hole 1 is next to the pavillion and the basket is down the hill. This is one of the easier holes, yet it is still tree ridden. Hole 2 is back up the hill never the tee for 1. This normally takes 3-5 shots due to the hill and trees. Hole 3 is near the road and the basket is down the hill towards to creek. The tree in front of the tee can bee a difficult one to decide what to do at, left or right. I have seen people go both ways, but to the right work better for many of them. There are also a few baskets down there occationally, so if you feel a safe game is in order, shot down the hill and then determine which basket is the correct one. Hole 4 is across the creek. Watch out because if it has rained for a couple days the creek can get high and cause lots of mud. 4 does have two pin placements near the creek, up the hill, near the large tree. The other pin placement is up the hill and in a grove of trees to the right slightly. This one can be hard to see at certain times of the day due to the sun. This hole is one of the easier ones on this course, but it can be challenging due to the creek and trees. Hole 5 is down the road to the right from the basket for 4. The basket is located down near the group of trees. If you cannot see it is further down and hidden by the trees, or it is lcated past the trees to the right. Do watch out, if your disc goes into one of the yards it could be a lost cause due to large disc eating dogs. Hole 6's tee is back down near hole 4's tee, near the creek. This hole is difficult no matter where the basket is. Sometimes you can see the basket and other times you can't, but it tends to be located near the edge of the creek and away from hole 4. The trees along the creek do eat discs, so try to not throw into them. Once again if it has rained recently this hole could be flooded. Hole 7 is back across the creek, near the tee for 2. This hole is difficult. When shooting out there are two trees near the tee, a small clearing past them, and then lots of woods. The basket is down though the trees, but the first trees can ruin this hole adding an extra shot. If the basket cannot be seen once you are down the wood, it is located up a steep hill and cannot be seen. I suggest a tomahauk to get up the hill. Hole 8 is where many stop for a break, the tee is though the woods (down the hill and thought the woods if the basket for 7 is up the hill). It runs next to hole 7, so watch your head. The basket is located though the trees, there is a nice path but it is narrow, and out into the field. The hole can be near the tee for 9, or 2, or near the basket for 3, depending where pin it is located at. Hole 9's tee is up the hill from hole 2's tee. The basket is located up the hill near the baseball diamond. This hole has lots of tree, but you can see lots of paths though them. Hole 10's tee is near hole 9's basket, so once again watch your head. The basket is located through the trees near the baseball diamond and to the left. You should be able to see the tee for 14 here, the basket will be to the left. Hole 11 is back down the hill near the tee for 9. The basket is located through the two sets of trees (sometimes it is easier to go around to the right of the trees), and deeper into the woods. The basket does move, but the pins are close to each other.
Hole 12 is back into the woods. You can see the basket for 7 if it is in the pin on top of the hill. When you come out of the wood from hole 11, watch your head, becasue the tee is to the left and the basket is to the right. The basket from the tee is located down through the dense forest (trees and brush) and slightly to the right at the very end. To get to hole 13, go thought the woods and up the hill. Once you have found the tee, the basket will be straight and toward the left at the end. Watch out because the disc gods will keep your disc at this hole if you go into the woods. This hole has a great deal of difficultly, so beware.
Hole 14 is dangerous to get to, so watch your head. You have to go back down hole 13 part of the way and then up the hill. The tee is located on the edge of a baseball diamond, but it is rare to see anyone playing on this baseball diamond. The basket is located down the field (follow the tree line), and into the woods at the other end of the field. You can see another basket from the tee and the field this is a practice basket for putting and is near the playground. From the basket for 14 go towards to playground/sand volleyball pit. Hole 15 tee is near the valleyball pit. When walking from 14 look down the hill and into the woods, you should be able to see the basket for 15 down in one of the tree lined coves. Make sure to do this, or you may not know where to shoot. 15 has tree near the tee and one tree that many people have hit, the tree is scared from the discs hitting it. Hole 16 is located though the woods to the right of 15's basket. From the tee the basket can be several places. I suggest shooting out though the large tree and the tree line. You will have to shoot up the hill and the basket could be right there, but it can also be located down across the walking path. You can yell fore, but most non-golfers ignore the warning. Hole 17 is down next to the edge of the walking path and the creek. The basket located down the creek, but on the other side of the creek. There is a concrete turtle with no head at the tree line that scares most people that don't know it is there. The bridge across the creek to between a couple bushes. Once across the bridge look along the tree line for the basket. It could be near the top of the hill, or the bottom near the creek. This is a difficult hole becasue of the tree and not being able to see the basket. Hole 18 is up the hill for 17's basket and in a little alcove. You can see interstate 170 from the tee. the basket is located down near the parking lot and/or edge of the creek and/or tennis courts. This hole can be difficult if thrown wrong. The tree branch in front of the tee can be a problem along with all the trees near the basket. This is an epic hole because by this time you have gone up and down lots of hills and played in alot of trees lines and filled passages.
Cons: Holes 3, 4, 6, 7 and 17 do flood sometimes when there has been rain for a couple of days.
Hole 7 does have a pin placement up on top of a steep hill that is dangerous to go back down to get to hole 8.
Holes 12, 13, 14, and 15 have a large hazzard of losing discs. I have seen a friend launch his disc out on 13 or maybe it was 14 into the near by interstate, but not many people can get a disc to go that far.
If you end up in the woods look up also, because the tree gods like to keep discs.
Other Thoughts: I play this course often and it does tend to get a bit crowded on nice days with large groups. I suggest playing early in the morning before the crowds show up. A lot of large group also reserve the pavillion near the playground and hole one, so it can be loud.

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 nothing special

1    7/26/2009   7/29/2009
Review By: Adgeri
Played: 6  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 9.6 Years
1 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: A number of challenging uphill shots and a lot of challenging trees to avoid.
Cons: The course is very compact which limits hole lengths and boundaries on a number of occasions. Finding your way to the next hole is difficult if you don't know where your going. Information about the course isn't available. Many boxes have some sort of obstacle directly in front of the them.
Other Thoughts: There wasn't much special about this course but it's still disc golf!

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 Nice course

2-4    12/18/2007   7/27/2009
Review By: smokey102977
Played: 22  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 12.9 Years
0 Helpful / 8 Not
Pros: This course is easily accessed from nearly any area around St. Louis. The course plays to every players strengths and exploits weaknesses. Titans on the course helps improve your game too.
Cons: Don't care to play in this area.

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 Fun Course

1    2/9/2009   2/17/2009
Review By: tdortch
Played: 80  Reviewed: 34  Exp: 11.7 Years
10 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This is another great St. Louis course. There are elevation changes, wooded and open holes, hyzer and anhyzer shots. The layout is pretty easy to follow, but I did get turned around a few times (more on that in the cons). This course will challenge you, which I think makes a course fun. The tees were mostly in the long position when I played it. If I remember correctly, there are 3 pin locations per hole. Definitely worth stopping by if you're in the area, or even if you are planning a DG trip, add this one to your list!
Cons: As seems to be the norm in St Louis, there are no signs telling you where to go to the next hole. I took pics with my phone of the layout, which helped to some extent, but the alt. pin locations are written on there and the sign is kind of old, so i had to kinda look around sometimes. Especially going from hole 12 (which I think is the "Blair Witch" hole), to hole 13. I took a little trail near the pin on 12 and I ended up at the basket for 13. Not a huge deal, but after a hole like that, it would be nice to know where to go. That one is tough...
The course was really, really muddy when I was there, but a recent snowstorm melt-off did that. I don't think it would hold water for an extended period of time. I only saw one guy out there and he gave me a scorecard (which he found on the ground - the box at tee one was empty) and it had a map on it, so that helped too. Of course, these types of things only affect the first time you play, but it still makes you spend time figuring out where to go instead of just playing on. The parking was a little confusing too. You can't park anywhere near hole one. Most of the spots are near 18's basket and there is no sign telling you where hole one is. I was told by a friend where to go, but if you didn't know, you could walk around for some time before finding the first tee.
Other Thoughts: With all that being said, i really liked this course and hope to play it again soon.

FYI - the first tee is behind the rec area building to the left of the main drive. Follow the little park road to that buliding and it's right there behind it.

There are spots right when you pull in, which is where I parked, or you can pull down to the right and be near the 18 basket. Either place puts you on the wrong side of the park to get to hole 1.

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 At least hole #1 is downhill

1    9/13/2008   1/15/2009
Review By: peabody
Played: 50  Reviewed: 34  Exp: 14.8 Years
8 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: I like this course better than Jefferson Barracks. It flows so much better from one hole to the next. Lots of different shots required here. This is Nikko's home course and he is there on Mondays a lot of the time. The harder shots were through wooded areas that were slightly uphill. The back 9 has the more strange holes. Blair Witch and the Ball Diamond holes didn't bother me at all , In fact I liked both. You go from one extreme to the next. I just love the pin placements back in the gnarly bushes and behind trees. Very fun course for beginner and novice alike.
Cons: Police are driving their cruisers around to see where you are. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Do they know something I don't? The area surrounding the park is a little seedy but we didn't have any trouble there. I didn't like the highway sounds on the East side of the park but that is only for a couple of holes.
Other Thoughts: Only playing this once is a disservice to the course. I hate it that I live so far away. If I were to live in St.Louis, I would make this my first choice. JB is pretty nice too and I haven't tried Souix Passage.

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 Trees and More Trees

2-4    11/14/2008   11/14/2008
Review By: REDARMY
Played: 40  Reviewed: 29  Exp: 9.6 Years
This review was updated on 2/23/2009
12 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Great facilities; there a bench to sit at at every hole, trash cans at every hole, and the 4x4's that show the hole number and yardage have iron hooks on them to hang one's bag - a nice little touch.

A challenging layout for people who can't drive very far like myself; (accurate) bombers will get multiple birdies.

Very good course map at the first tee which even shows where all the different pin locations are at; another nice touch.

Well laid out in that there are only a couple places where (errant) shots might cross paths.

Great variety of uphill/downhill, left/right, into/out of trees shots. NOT for beginners, but definately a blast for intermediates/advanced. Hole 7 in particaular is a great test of accuracy (first 1/2 is wide open, but last1/2 is a bitchin tunnel fairway).
Cons: Parking lot will get awful crowded during peak use, and that lot could use a sign to point you towards the first tee.

The park is roughly shaped like a bowl, and the lower holes of the course don't seem to have anyplace for water to drain off. Bring a spare pair of socks (or shoes) if you plan on playing after it rains.
Other Thoughts: No indication at the tees what the standard pars are for the holes. Experience says they're all par 3's.

No hole maps on the tee signs either, but you can see the pins from most of the tees so this doesn't really matter.

Trees EVERYWHERE! Frustrating, but a fun challenge.

Signs of some sort to point you towards the next tee wouldn't hurt.

No water fountains in sight, but the road to the park takes you right past a gas station.

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 Terrific Technical Challenge

5+    8/28/2008   8/30/2008
Review By: AceMcLemur
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 13.2 Years
11 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Pleasantly wooded park; it always feels about 10 degrees cooler than in the city

- Deliciously difficult technical requirements; you'll be using every disc in the bag (except maybe your distance drivers)

- Beautifully maintained course with fine concrete tee pads

- 3 or 4 rotating pin positions per hole, so it's never the same course twice

- Not nearly as difficult to navigate as some of these other reviews suggest. Most holes are right next to the antecedent fairway and marked by posts
Cons: - Will not be your favorite course if you simply like to throw it really far. Requires some skill!

- Easier course for forehanders than backhanders

- It's a difficult course, so it can be frustrating if you have a short temper. If you play this course a few times, chances are you'll lose at least one disc in the woods.

- Poison ivy, especially on the back nine

- Woods = Mosquitoes. Also tends to be a little bit muddy after rain
Other Thoughts: I've played this course hundreds of times in the past few years, yet it keeps bringing me back for more

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7/17/2008   7/23/2008
Review By: ferretdance03
Played: 87  Reviewed: 19  Exp: 12.7 Years
9 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Endicott is a shorter wooded-esque course with a good bit of elevation. It can provide a challenge for most skill levels, and there's a fair amount of variety in the shot selection.
- Excellent concrete tee pads
- Interesting pin placements on sides of hills
- An equal amount of left/right shots, although mostly straight
- A fair mix of woods with the open; most holes incorporate the woods
- Multiple shot options off the tee on most holes
Other Thoughts: Endicott is not the course to play if you want to throw monster drives, but there are a few opportunities.
- It can be confusing to find the next hole, as most are running right next to each other.
- I found myself shooting at the wrong basket twice, a combination of no tee signs, no visible numbers on the basket from the tee, holes that play close together, and my unfamiliarity with the course.
- Playing over the ball field is interesting I'm sure in mid summer.

Endicott is the type of course you could play everyday and still be challenged.

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7/3/2008   7/7/2008
Review By: CaptainKickAss
Played: 23  Reviewed: 10  Exp: 15.8 Years
12 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course offers players a very decent amount of variety, ranging from wide open elevated tee shots that soar for days to very long and tight fairways through the woods that gobble up errant discs left and right. Multiple tee placements offer additional variety, and the holes make great use of the terrain.

To truly master this course you will need a good combination of distance, control and patience. The park is full of trees, and there are very few holes where they do not come into play.

A creek runs along many of the holes, and can come into play on the poorly placed shot.

Overall, very fun and challenging.
Cons: There is a bit of repetition on some of the holes on the back 9. The course can also be a bit hard to navigate, but common sense will get you through it. A few fairways run a little close together, so keep your head on a swivel.

Make sure you bring the bug spray as the mosquitoes, particularly along the creek, tend to be quite thick.
Other Thoughts: This course is definitely one that should be avoided by the easily discouraged or short tempered player, as it really does require a lot of patience to enjoy. There are tons of trees...which you will hit...often. There are lots of places to lose discs...which you will lose.

If you can deal with that...definitely play this course. If you can't...try somewhere else.

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1    3/25/2008   6/26/2008
Review By: Chucktown
Played: 18  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 10.7 Years
This review was updated on 11/30/2009
5 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: Very challenging course, the trees and elevation changes will test you skills. Great elevation changes that will make you think about what to throw. Right off the bat you are faced with a 300 ft downhill with trees all the way down, then the second hole is a huge uphill hole that you have to put everything you have into to make it to the basket in two. Three different pin placements make the course different every time you play it. Corridor hole that is over 400 feet, will make you want to quit!!
Cons: Can be hard to navigate if its your first time. situated at the bottom of a hill so it takes some time to dry out.
Other Thoughts: Great place to learn the game, there is always someone you can partner up with.

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