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Uploaded By: KenanFlagler01 Hole #6 (Taken 7/2015)
3 / 192ft.   3 / 211ft.   3 / 211ft. Par / Distance:
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Ye Olde Disc Golf

1    11/7/2019   11/7/2019
Review By: BrotherDave
Played: 168  Reviewed: 165  Exp: 12.3 Years
4 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: This is a historic course, one of the oldest in the state and you definitely get that old school feel. The front 9 is like a Jewish midget: Fairly short and very tight. The lines are there generally but definitely designed for the discs of yore to navigate. Many of the "long" tees, listed as blue, are basically the same length but at a very acute angle that only beat to death Aviars and lid-type discs like Polecats and Rattlers are able to manage. Putters will do most of the heavy lifting here but occasionally a mid or driver is useful, especially for sidearm or niche shots like thumbers.

The back 9 is much more like your typical wooded course in terms of length and fairway shape. It's the better of 2 halves IMO and feels more like conventional disc golf compared to the approach and scramble nature of the front 9. You can actually rip on the disc a little on the back.

The baskets are ancient DGA Machs. They have shallow trays and the chains don't like hard putts. If you're used to conventional, modern baskets and putt like Wysocki jacked up on Mountain Dew they will be the bane of your existence and the stuff of your nightmares. I actually think these baskets complement the course though. Whereas a modern basket would catch a lot more ace runs and outside the circle putts, these make the hole seem longer by requiring more precision. An inside the circle drive is that much more desirable than one just outside the circle. On most baskets, a slightly errant jump-putt won't scare you too much with a long comebacker. On these, that comebacker seems much scarier.

The tees are actually pretty good, especially for an old course. A few don't seem lined up with the fairway but otherwise no complaints. Tee signs have survived on most of the holes and are very helpful b/c many fairways are not obvious and often multiple baskets are visible. Blue and red spray painted dots on trees do a good job of showing the way.
Cons: I would absolutely not want to play here on even a decently busy day. Your chance of being hit by a disc is very high. Holes are shoehorned on top of each other, especially on the front 9, tees and baskets are in very close proximity often and there are multiple crossing fairways. You don't just get to endanger other disc golfers either. A sidewalk is in play on hole 10 and hole 11 has a basketball court directly in line with the fairway.

Apparently locals park near hole 3 and start there. It's not like hole 1 is a really long walk but hole 3's long tee is literally the sidewalk beside the road you have to park on so you see why they do this. I'm only mentioning this in the cons b/c you might be surprised to see some guys seemingly jumping in front of you at the beginning of your round.

The baskets are very hard to see. Fortunately, the holes are on the short side so it won't take you too long to scout their location before teeing off. Just keep your head on a swivel at all times, ha ha.

A lot of holes finish to the right slightly, the classic "lefty hole." Back in the day, before anyone knew what a forehand was, these must have been a nice challenge and satisfying to hit with your artistically thrown Super Puppy on a turnover. Now, you just flick a putter, collect your drop-in and repeat.
Other Thoughts: I'm glad I finally got to play this course, just from a historical perspective. It indubitably shows its age but the old-timer still has some pep in its step. You can have fun here, time warping into the early 90s and throwing your putters and flippy discs on the same lines as the early discers did back when shorts were short and a dime bag cost a dime. But you can also get really frustrated if you don't adapt and disc down because a fast distance driver here can potentially kick across 4 fairways and decapitate 6 people. And these baskets, oh man. Charmin soft putts or suffer the consequences.

But it's actually a fun little course to throw and when not very busy a peaceful place to play.

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 Decent Practice for Putter

1    7/17/2017   7/20/2017
Review By: DonkeyCopter
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: + 2 sets of tees

+Situated in a nicer neighborhood

+Really get to work on short disc placement

+10 was fun, I played it a couple of times

+Used the space it had well

+Lots of shade
Cons: I played here for the first time by myself while I was passing through the area.

- Flow was lacking, it was very difficult to know whether or not to backtrack the previous hole to the next tee or move on.

- There were tee signs, but the distances were inaccurate for some for certain, and the pictures not so true to scale

- On many holes it was difficult to find the correct tee if trying to play one color consistently (blue/red). I was trying to play blue but couldn't easily find a couple of the blue tees.

- I believe every hole except 10 and 18, which use the field in the middle of the course, was tight wooded dogleg or tight wooded tunnel shot.

- Couldn't find the blue tee for 18, so threw from the trashcan on the sidewalk by the field.

- It's not really a fun course to play (except 10 mentioned above) for the golf itself, unless you REALLY care about being able to shoot a low score or have lots of ace opps.

- Poison plants everywhere. You'll hit plenty of trees which will force you to come in contact with them.

-Single chain baskets, and are also tough to see from the tee since there is no color on them
Other Thoughts: I wouldn't go out of my way to play here, but if I lived in the area, I'd be here for short game practice. The course seems to do the best it can with the space, aside from the tee sign inaccuracies.

If the course was crowded, it would be pretty easy to hit someone or get hit by an errant drive since the holes (especially on the front) are on top of one another.

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 This Course Deserves a Higher Rating!

5+    6/6/2017   6/6/2017
Review By: Jonjey
Played: 9  Reviewed: 9
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: I think a lot of the less than stellar reviews of this place are trying to hold it to standards that it was not meant to be held to. It's not meant to be the most challenging course or the most technical course, it's meant to be a nice, well maintained short course for a nice casual round with friends. And it EXCELS in that regard. It's the perfect course to take new players, it's the perfect course to take kids, it's the perfect course to just enjoy disc golf in a relaxing way.

Pretty much every hole (Except maybe 5?) are birdieable from regular tee.

Some of the alternate tees really make great holes, particularly 10 and 18! 10 from the alternate tee (Which is by the basket of 18) is the perfect hole to break up the short wooded feel of the rest of the course. Really lets you let lose on a 380 foot open field from a slightly elevated tee.
Cons: The tee signs are old and sometimes misleading, if you've never played here before you may get turned around or lost just because of the tight layout and somewhat confusing signage. When I first played here I accidentally threw to 7's basket from the first tee, and then threw the wrong direction from the second tee. Maybe I'm just stupid, the guy who told me I was throwing the wrong way certainly seemed to think so.
Other Thoughts: I think a lot of people are judging this course for not being things that it's not trying to be. It's an old course built to be forgiving and fun, a solid introductory course to disc golf and an enjoyable course with friends. And it does that better than any other course, in my opinion.

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Durham's original

5+    8/29/2018   7/31/2015
Review By: KenanFlagler01
Played: 155  Reviewed: 151  Exp: 9.6 Years
This review was updated on 6/23/2019
4 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Cornwallis is a short, fun, rec-level course near Downtown Durham. This is one of the very first courses in North Carolina. In the Triangle, I believe Kentwood (Raleigh) predates it by a year and Cornwallis predates Cedar Hills (also Raleigh) by a year. The disc golf historians can correct me on that, if I'm mistaken.

+ Ace runs. Cornwallis is one of, if not the shortest 18-hole course in the Triangle. There are ace runs all over the place.

+ While very short, this is a very technical course that rewards hitting your lines and good shot-shaping. Missed lines can be punished with bad tree kicks.

+ Good course for beginners and intermediate players alike. Very few power drives on this course. Hole 10 from the long tee might be the only exception. This is a good course for noodle arms (like me), people who like technical courses over open big arm courses, and newbies learning the game.

+ The underbrush usually stays under control. This course has been around forever. The fairways are beaten in and fair.

+ Dual tee pads (blue and red). I would not say the blue tees are a "blue level" layout, by any means. I would say it's perhaps white/intermediate level, if not a harder red/rec layout. But you do get a good bit more distance and difficulty out of the blues than out of the reds (maybe 5-6 strokes).
Cons: Here are my cons:

- The fairways at Cornwallis are practically on top of each other. Kudos to the City of Durham and the course designers for using every available square inch of small city park land, but Cornwallis's fairways are stacked up next to each other. Lots of tees in close proximity to baskets, lots of places where you have to double-back in the fairway you just played. If you play at a busy time, watch out for players on nearby holes.

- Distance and challenge are lacking. Cornwallis is a short pitch and putt. Higher intermediate-level players and advanced players will want to look for longer, tougher options, when possible.

- Most of the tee pads are very narrow and short.

- You have to park on the street. There is no parking lot.

- The baskets are old and can be hard to spot from the tee when the vegetation is at peak levels.
Other Thoughts: Problems aside, Cornwallis is a fun little course. It has lots of ace runs. It is tight and forces you to make accurate, albeit short, drives. It's a great course for beginners and more advanced players looking to hone their short woods games. The risk of losing a disc is low.

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 A Durham version of Kentwood - (sort of)

5+    11/19/2013   11/20/2013
Review By: pfpro
Played: 53  Reviewed: 40
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Convenience - super easy access off 15/501 (so from I85 as well). I recommend parking at the tee pad for #3 (it's about a half block before the playground), start there and end on #2. You could literally touch the tee pad from your car, and can practice putt on basket #2). If know one is on the course, you could get a round in under an hour - easy.
- Alternate tee pads are available for all holes. These alternate locations (for the most part) add difficulty and a different line/shot for MANY of the holes. There are a few where the two tee pads are right behind each other (within 20 feet or so), but that is the minority. I would recommend playing the standard tee for #5 IMO it is the more challenging of the two.
- decent use of elevation changes.
- relatively tight fairways are challenging
- a front nine (tight and cramped) and back (not as cramped, with a few open holes) nine that allow for a convenient stop at nine or start at ten.
Cons: - tee pads are very small. They could do with a refresh on Red vs Blue pad markings.
- layout it tight, there are some overlaps, and if you were playing 6-9 stacked up, it could be challenging. Seems like they have an active weekly group - that would be interesting to see how they play it. Stay Alert! Sometimes can be confusing (and since the baskets are old mach two baskets with a faded OB flag) - you may see a basket that isn't the hole that you are on (because the holes are short, and the signs use basic geometric shapes to show tee pad, fairway (straight of doglegged) and basket). On the signs, all the doglegs look the same, when they may not quite be in real life.
- signs are adequate (all but one were there when I played), but I think some of the distances are not correct. I list as a con, because many of the other Durham courses have very nice signage.
- since there's no underbrush, everything is kind of eroding. It's kind of monochromatic.
Other Thoughts: I compare it to Kentwood for several reasons. First, course closest to the local college. Second, it's older, mature and "worn" in good (don't have to worry about losing discs) and bad (watch out for mudslides from the eroded areas after rain) ways. There's a big of elevation on each course (a little more at Kwood). They both have some variations in types of holes as they meander through the park. Finally, the hole layout is very compact (they used every square inch available) and most relatively short.

How they are different - this course is much tighter and plays through wooded areas. You must hit your line here. This course has alternate tees, which gives you many more options when you play. If you only had the short tees at Cornwallis, I would put it equivalent to Kentwood - the alternate tees give it the edge in my opinion.

It's a solid little course. There are a few that are much better 15-20 minutes away, but if you need to get a quick round in (and the course isn't crowded) it can be slightly challenging.

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 It's Old School

2-4    11/12/2013   6/3/2013
Review By: reposado
Played: 278  Reviewed: 276  Exp: 8.4 Years
This review was updated on 11/12/2013
5 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: This older course may not bring the challenge of some the other area courses, but it's a fun play that has something to offer to both new and intermediate level players.

New players will love the short, manageable holes and lack of underbrush. Intermediate players will relish a chance to throw mids to either direction and straight. There's a lot of game that can be worked on here. The lines are fairly tight so the course will actually require some serious thought and placement.

There's some decent elevation changes for such a limited area and a few pins are nicely placed where you'll have to be careful not to slide past the basket. My favorite hole is a downhill number where there is a small creek just past the target.
Cons: There's a ton of short holes. There's a bunch of holes that are both short and straight ahead. There isn't enough distance and there isn't enough challenge for this to be a course that you would go out of your way for. But that comes with they type of course this is.

The major con of this course is the complete lack of navigation aids. There's such a mess of intersecting paths and unintuitive paths to holes, as well as places where multiple tees are in view, that it would be tough to find your way around the first time. It wouldn't be too tough, as you can't walk that far without exiting the park, but there isn't even a map online. This park needs next tee arrows more than any I've ever seen.

On the same subject, it's entirely too easy to wander into a different fairway while looking for a tee. Combine that with a walking path that pops out of blind corners and there could be some dangerous spots here on a crowded day.

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 Sir Corn of Wallis

5+    6/1/2012   6/16/2012
Review By: New013
Played: 169  Reviewed: 119  Exp: 9.3 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Layout - The course is very short and technical. You'll really need a good short game and the ability to work shorter lines than you're probably used to. You can score low but you'll need to be accurate and putt well.

Two tees on each hole and many times they give you a completely different look at the hole.

Many holes give you multiple options from each tee. You can use a variety of shots here and it's a great place to work on shots you don't normally use.

There's not a lot of elevation change but for a short course it really uses what's available. Some really nice downhill holes that'll test your ability to gauge distance correctly.

I'd say it's a great course for all skill levels. Beginners will have the distance to play it and it'll help them with their accuracy. More experienced players can work on their short game.

Equipment - The pads are adequate for the size of the course. Each hole has signs.

Atmosphere - It's a fun course to play in an old park.
Cons: Layout - Some of the holes are basic pitch and putts which take no real challenge. The course is crammed in to a small area and crosses over paths in some areas.

It's mostly short technical shots through sparse trees so there's a bit of monotony to it even though the holes require different shots. It'd be nice if they could fit a few more long holes in there but there just isn't room.

Not a ton of risk/reward here, even bad shots are usually fairly easy to save par on.

There's a few places where it's a bit dangerous. Some baskets and tees are very close together. You also play down sidewalks on a few holes; come near the road twice.

Equipment - Baskets are old and suck. Only one tee has the sign and it's a pain because they're not always right near each other.

Atmosphere - The park is old and it shows, looks rough in a few places. It can get really crowded here and for such a short course that's crammed in it can be a problem.

Other Thoughts: Like I said it's a fun short technical course. Better than Kentwood down the road because it gives you a bit more of a challenge even though it's a bit shorter.

It's got it's problems but it's one of the oldest in the area so keep that in mind.

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 old favorite

5+    5/5/2012   5/5/2012
Review By: logjammin
Played: 32  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 22.5 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 2 teepads on every hole.
Not too crowded usually
Weak-armed players can manage these short holes.
Well-defined fairways.
Several legitimate ace opportunities. The only place I've ever aced.
Opportunities to get great scores.
A good variety of fairway shapes.
Cons: The discs will take a beating with all the trees.
Hole 5 will have you throwing very close to a busy road.
Holes crowded together a lot.
Other Thoughts: Hole 1 uphill, slight dogleg right, several trees to dodge, mando left. Alt tee is longer and straighter.
hole 2: several legitimate gaps, but none of them very wide.
Hole 3: very short, mando left, with sharp dogleg right, several trees to dodge after the dogleg.
Hole 4: short uphill, with a straight shot if you can hit a 4-foot gap from 100 feet away.
Hole 5: a problem with the road to the right. Alt tee doesn't have you turning left as sharp. One of the toughest holes for me to play.
Hole 6: blind right turn downhill from original tee; straight downhill from alt tee. The fairway goes right past the tee for 7.
Hole 7: straight narrow downhill, it might skip all the way into the 8 basket if you throw past it.
8: very short, no straight shot. I try to skip it in (succeeded once)
Hole 9 is my favorite. slight downhill; wider fairway with a scattering of tree trunks to miss.
10 is the only non-wooded hole. original tee has you throwing into the field and fading left to the basket; alt tee is a long downhill with a left fade.
11 is another ace run, but if you miss you could end up in a shallow creek. Basketball court to the left.
12 has about a 15 foot gap to hit, then you're in the open and cross the small stream.
13 is uphill, with a clump of trees blocking a straight shot. Go left or right.
14 uphill, with a slight right at the end.
15 pretty straight, slight right at the end, and dense brush on the left.
16 has a straight 100-150, then slight left, another 150, then slight right. Narrow gap all the way.
17 short, with a pretty narrow lane.
18 go to the right of the big cedar tree (original tee) or throw the alt tee (just painted on the walkway) for longer open field shot.

I've thrown 4 aces in my life, all of them here. 4, 8, 9, 11.

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 My go-to course for a quick lunch round!

5+    4/9/2012   4/9/2012
Review By: kdizzle1337
Played: 14  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 8.2 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Short course length makes for great lunch breaks.
-Really works your short game.
-Teaches you obstacle avoidance.
Cons: -Not to0 LHBH friendly, really hard to find a line without a tree in it... but that is most courses for me haha.
- wish it had a water hole!
Other Thoughts: Great course for recs and pro's a like!

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1    2/16/2011   2/18/2011
Review By: warpzilla
Played: 12  Reviewed: 1
2 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: -Works short game
-Low scoring
-Alternate Tees
Cons: -Too crowded
-Difficult to navigate, especially first time playing and if you are playing the Alternate Tees.
-Heavy leaf coverage on ground in fall/winter. Difficult to find discs, even on good shots.
-Easy to throw shots into other people, tees and greens overlap too much.
Other Thoughts: This course jams too many holes in one place. Course layout is tight and difficult to navigate. Could be good for first timers with little distance to their game. If you are going to play in this area though, I would make the short drive to Valley Springs; a much better course for the intermediate and above players.

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