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 A witch might live in these woods.

1    7/31/2016   7/31/2016
Review By: Cool
Played: 11  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 3.5 Years
This review was updated on 8/9/2016
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Pros: I'm asked to find Pros for this course for this review. Okay. The directions to the course on DGCR are accurate. The course is only about 2 miles total off Interstate 74 in LeRoy. There is parking off the country road by driving into the pasture (when not wet) at the entrance. The pasture field is mowed every now and again. There were no charging bulls to throw us around the field with their horns.
Cons: The grass is rough, at least ten inches long, full of chiggers, and hides stink-water ruts that wet our shoes. The wooded areas that surround the pasture--an integral part of the course--as of July 2016, are unplayable due to jungle-thick vegetation and rampant poison ivy that can turn a man pale just to peek at it. Regardless of studying the map, the holes are virtually impossible to locate and play. There are no tee pads, just wooden poles in the ground that have a faded number on them, and one simply tees off in the pasture grass next to the poles. The pointed poles dot the pasture like totems placed in the ground by a long lost civilization that used them to warn enemies by impaling shrunken heads atop each of them.

It is extraordinarily easy to lose a disc in the woods which border most holes in the pasture. The dual tees (short and long) only serve to further confuse the intrepid golfer, as they will see poles around every corner of the field that make little or no sense with the location of any nearby basket. The map on the bulletin board near the entrance to the park looks to have been drawn in crayon by a non-golfing child.
Other Thoughts: In a word, this course is atrocious. The photos on the Disc Golf Course Review Media tab appear like a country club compared to what is present out there today. The course is unmaintained (except for an occasional bush-whacking of the pasture), surrounded by soggy bottomland that is covered with insects and poison ivy and undergrowth, and has the appearance that, at any moment, a leather-faced man in denim overalls with a black crow on his shoulder might run out of the trees and toss an axe at you. Although one might practice on a couple of holes, like #1, #3 and #4 (if they don't mind chasing their discs in an unmowed pasture), a player cannot even play the wooded holes if they made the foolish decision to protect their eyes, roll up their socks, and leap through the prickers to try it...it's far too overgrown on holes #5, #6, #7 to even see the basket. Those crawling into the woods, I feel confident, would never be seen or heard from again, with the local sheriff's bloodhounds finding little more than a couple of mud-covered Frisbees and an incomplete scorecard totaling 23 strokes and ending at hole #4.

It was with a mysterious anticipation that my son and I drove to LeRoy to check out this course. As the reviews here are over two years old, maybe something has been done to improve the course. Surely, I thought, the good people of LeRoy have a conscience.

It was with terrible remorse and soggy socks that we splashed our way out of the damp pasture (weather was 80F and it hadn't rained for a week) after hacking along for four holes total, skipping the inaccessible ones in the woods, and not being able to properly locate 2-3 more holes that seem to have vanished into thin air. We entered optimistically, but left feeling like a dog that had been struck on the snout with a rolled newspaper. And, like that dog, we had little idea what we had done to deserve such punishment, seemingly inflicted upon us by a difficult master who harbored a deep grudge.

It is a crying shame that the baskets are not moved by LeRoy into a more appropriate setting. With the Ledgestone Open playing courses in nearby Washington, Eureka, Peoria, etc, and much superior courses in Blo-No, just west, the LeRoy course remains, in 2016, like soiled diapers found on a neglected infant thanks to uncaring parents. If only there was a dept. of family disc golf social services to take away the baskets and give them to a warm and loving foster home; should a court order, signed by the judge, be necessary, so be it.

Perhaps--and this is a stretch--if you visited the course in the late fall, with pasture grass dead and brown, leaves off the trees, poison ivy dried up and the surrounding swamp hardened by frost, and used the most fluorescent disc you own so that it can be seen among the fallen trees, poisonous mushrooms, and fungal wood rot (and maybe a rabid possum wouldn't ramble off with your disc if it's unappetizing neon pink), you could play a full round and escape alive to tell about it. Any player who might wish to attempt this feat, though, is advised to avoid playing at dusk, when long autumn shadows can play tricks on the eyes and mind, and even the bravest golfer will drain their bladder when they come abruptly face-to-face with a frightening hobgoblin within the timbers, imagined when they suddenly run into a rusted Discatcher smack in the middle of the woods where no sane human would stick such a device.

No one can hear you scream at Leroy Disc Golf except maybe the farmer in the deserted-appearing homestead in the next field over, and something tells me that he's not going to rescue you as he's licking his chops for an excuse to plant corn and beans in this unloved and forgotten farm field, finally ridding himself of those darned city slickers who arrive with fancy bags full of plastic Wham-o "pie tins" and who get their Saabs stuck in the mud.

Summary: I would not play this course if I lived in a treehouse in the woods alongside it, let alone drive to it from any surrounding town.

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 Low expectations made for a GREAT surprise

2-4    4/24/2014   4/25/2014
Review By: MidwestZest
Played: 97  Reviewed: 69  Exp: 19.4 Years
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Pros: - Very fun course that plays both in the open, and in the woods.
- Red and Blue tees, clearly marked by post.
- #2 starts wide open, but ends with the last 70 ft deep into the woods.
- #4 is a 'chair' shaped hole. Very unique, and I imagine nearly impossible to get a 2 on, considering it's shape. You will always be hoping for a solid 3 here.
- #5 is one of two fully wooded holes. The Red tee is 40 ft shorter than the Blue, but they both give very different shot lines through lightly wooded shallow next to a creek.
- #6 is a long narrow tunnel shot through the trees that will give any tunnel shot on any course a run for its money. Very nicely designed, about 15 feet across the whole way down. Especially cool/difficult from the longer blue tee.
- #8 is a bit like #2, in that the basket is tucked into the woods after an open fairway. I really like holes like this, especially when the basket isn't just a little into the woods, but 50-80 feet into the woods. Definitely gives you the risk/reward of going for that gap in the tree line.
Cons: - No water, bathrooms, trash cans, or designated parking.
- Natural tees. Many are uneven, some uphill a little bit. If the course were getting more play, it probably would have already leveled itself out just from traffic alone.
- Tee post has color-coded number, but nothing else.
- Some parts of the course are overgrown, but for the most part not in fairways or any throwing lanes.
- #1 obviously designed as a warm-up hole, but not a whole lot there.
- #2 blue tee is a great hole design, shooting through a window in a stand of trees directly in front of the tee (great picture in the media section). However, there are some small trees/bushes growing directly in that window now, so it is unplayable.
- #9 basket looks like it got hit by the tractor while the course was being mowed. It's very playable, just bent up a little.
Other Thoughts: - Iterating what I said about #6 in the pros, really any of the wooded or partially wooded holes can hold their own against most wooded holes on 4.0+ rated courses (especially the Blues). (5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Well designed with specific narrow but fair shooting gaps in mind.
- It is obvious that this used to be a junk yard, but for the most part there's no issues. In fact, I kind of like the scenery. Some old rusting farm equipment and machines - it's actually got a cool ambiance if you ask me. Fairways and major paths are free of anything - some metal and pipe here and there as you wander from the fairways. I consider it a non-issue.
- I was thoroughly impressed with this course. I played twice through, once from Reds and again from Blues. I think the hole design itself on this course is a 4/5. Lots of time was put into that, and I like it. Unfortunately, natural tees and lack of amenities (like trash cans, even) bring the rating down. If I were to see the course in worse-off state, like some other reviewers have reported, my feelings towards this course would diminish as well.
- As of my playing in late April, the course was in great playing shape. Not overgrown, all lanes and windows were tidy and available (except for #2 Blue). I can surmise how the maintenance can get out of hand, which will be a shame. I imagine the other reviews concerning poison ivy aren't too out of line once full summer hits.
- It is 100% likely that I will visit this course again. I enjoyed my time here very much - so much so that I may go here to play 9 twice (red/blue) instead of some other area 18 hole courses. Addition of concrete pads, trash cans, and obvious upkeep could put this at a 3.5+ for me...even for a 9-holer.

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 Has Potential - Needs TLC

1    8/25/2013   8/26/2013
Review By: Iowa420DG
Played: 207  Reviewed: 37  Exp: 8.6 Years
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Pros: Overall Score (2.2)

Tee pads (1/5): There were no tee pads to speak of. The 1 point awarded here is simply for the tee posts. There are 2 tee "posts" per hole. The ones that are blue on top are the longs, reds are shorts.

Baskets (4/5): Surprisingly nice baskets for a course that no one seems to care about. New looking (bright yellow tops) Discatchers, and they caught great! The only qualm here was the fact that several baskets are overgrown with weeds and severely need to be weed-whacked. My girlfriend missed a putt on hole #7, but it hung up in the air, on the edge of the basket anyway, thanks to a bush growing up through it!

Layout/Design (3/5): Yet again, surprised here. The design of the course was actually intricately thought out... a trait you don't often find on a 9 hole course. You get 3 or 4 fully wooded holes, and the rest play along the woods (with VERY thick rough). There are some hyzers, some annys, and some hallway shots. #4 is a very unique hole, in that it is a double dog leg through a tight hallway. There are no tee signs, and the course doesn't loop well from #1 - #9. I couldn't tell where to park, so I kind of made my own parking spot. This course is very difficult to navigate, but certainly challenging and well-designed.

Scenery/Surroundings (1/5): Bring water. No trash cans, no benches, nothing to look at except for a couple silos and corn. At least the fairways (in the open) were mowed. This course, however, needs so much TLC its ridiculous. (TLC = tender love & care, if a little slow lol) The spiderwebs are so huge, thick, and abundant on holes #5 - #7. I don't know about you, but my this isn't my cup of tea when it comes to fetching my disc. At least mosquitoes weren't bad. I don't know if that's because of how dry it has been lately or because of Spiderweb City on hole #5! All of the wooded holes were so terribly overgrown that I found myself carrying my girlfriend through them (large in part to a review a read on here about poison ivy). Poison ivy sucks, by the way. I saw no wildlife, probably because there's no water around. The only positive about the surroundings was the fact that we had the course to ourselves!

Likeliness to Return (2/5): I would like to return to this course in a few years to see if anyone has decided to care for it. STRAIGHT UP POTENTIAL HERE. I would consider playing a tourney here because I know that the course would undergo some cleanup for a tourney. Otherwise, I would not return to play this course in the condition that its in.

Cons: Tips:
*You will probably find no one else at this course.
*Wear high socks/cover legs
*Bring machete
*The path from hole #4 to tee #5 is very hard to see because the weeds are so high. Its a mulch path leading into the woods, down the hill near #4's basket.
*Its difficult to tell where #8's basket is from the tee. The best time to get a look at #8's basket is while you're approaching #7's tee in the woods. The basket you see at this moment is #8's basket.
*I strongly recommend taking a photo of the hole layout on the course sign at #1. You will want to use this photo for reference throughout the course.
Other Thoughts: This course is actually awesome for being a 9 holer. And considering the fact that I didn't see a single soul playing while I was there. And because its on the outskirt of a small town that I'm surprised would fund a course so nice that no one will play. Obviously, they're not funding the maintenance... can't blame em. People of Le Roy and the surrounding area... play disc golf!

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 Bad Bad Leroy Brown!

1    1/16/2013   2/9/2013
Review By: harr0140
Played: 1064  Reviewed: 480  Exp: 10.8 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 1) There are some very unique shaped holes here which create some different shot making requirements. It is awkward on one hole but it is certainly unique. It is very different than any hole I have ever played.
2) Red and Blue posts with the hole number and stenciled in white help with navigation and mark the long and short tees. There is also a board in the ground to mark the front of the tee.
3) Hole #4 is a very unique hole with a straight dogleg left and a basket tucked to the right. There is brush on both sides and the fairway approach is tight so it is all about placement on this hole,
4) There are some fun wooded holes down in the woods. They are certainly challenging but fun to throw.
5) I know it is tacky looking because it looks like this place was just a landfill but the old threshing machines in the background on Hole #6 are pretty cool looking. They are rusted and likely will never move, but I think they give this rural farm course some character. The old unusable refrigerator on the edge of the woods definitely takes away from the character but there were two threshing machines.
6) This is the only disc golf course for this community and it is a good effort. It is not top notch and will never draw people to the course but it exposes the local community to the game. I think it was a landfill but I am not sure what else this land would have been used for, so why not throw in disc golf.
7) Excellent mix of open and wooded holes. There was a little bit of everything in terms of foliage density. Variety is the spice of life.
Cons: 1) I found barbed wire in a couple spots. I also found an old refrigerator on the edge of the woods and all sorts of other trash. This leads me to believe it was an old landfill that they were looking to do something with the land. I am thankful they decided on disc golf but saddened some of the junk is still visible. I simply think disc golf deserves a little better.
2) There are a couple of confusing spots where other baskets are visible from the tee. The most egregious of this was on Hole #4, I threw to the #5 basket unknowingly, but then I saw the basket in to the left.
3) Dirt tees have been eroded in the woods, but most of the turf tees are in ok condition. I assume this is mostly because of lack of play.
4) Distance variation is not enough. It is hard on only 9 holes but I think it is ok to have some holes in the 100's, 200's and 300's on this course. You can still use the great basket locations and the best part of the woods, but to have 8 holes of very similar length and one longer hole just takes away from my enjoyment.
5) Old Innova DIscatchers are showing some rust, but they still seemed to catch as well as Discatchers do. I have a feeling this property floods from time to time and the baskets might take some abuse in the wooded section of the park.
6) The overgrowth might overtake the woods because this course likely does not get lot of play. The more play it gets the better the brush would be.
Other Thoughts: There are some fun holes overall, the dual tees add some distance and change a few of the shots, but overall this course is just sub par . . . meaning it is not quite good enough to call "average" but it still has some redeeming features. I think they did just about the best they could with the land, but there are a couple ideas I have that would make more sense to me. This was course #3 on my month long road-trip and a good example of what to do on a small town park, but overall it was just lacking in quality.
Overall a good effort, lacking oin maintenance just slightly, but still fun and challenging. There are some fun holes and also some boring holes but overall it is a pretty decent mix, especially for a small town.

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 Odd layout, a little creepy

1    11/14/2010   12/6/2010
Review By: mashnut
Played: 828  Reviewed: 775  Exp: 17.6 Years
7 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The course plays through a seemingly disc golf exclusive area with a mix of tight wooded tunnel shots and more open holes . Many of the open holes bring stands of brush or the edge of the woods into play to keep the shots a little more interesting. There is one small elevation change on the property, but it's used well to make a fun hole up and out of the woods.

All holes have dual tees, marked with tall posts that are color coded and numbered. A few of the long tees offer a different line, and all add some distance for a little more variety. The baskets are newer discatchers that are in good shape and catch well.
Cons: The course has a very creepy and abandoned vibe, especially with no sign, just a broken gate to mark the course entrance. The wooded holes are pretty thick, and not cleared of downed brush or small stumps. Off the fairways gets pretty dense with thorns and stickers, along with lots of poison ivy.

The layout is a bit odd, the flow of the course isn't always obvious. A couple holes are oddly designed, with no good line to the hole. There isn't a whole lot of variation in distance here, there's room for a long bomb out in the open. The tunnel holes are a nice change of pace, but they aren't very interesting shapes to mix things up. The tees are natural, and all are pretty lumpy and uneven, you risk your ankles if you do much of a run up here.
Other Thoughts: The course has some potential, but it would need quite a bit of work and some holes would need some rethinking to really be a course worth going out of your way for. Beginners will find the rough very punitive, but the short tees aren't too terribly challenging. More experienced players will find a couple interesting shots, but there's just not enough variety or challenge to keep you coming back.

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 needs a lot of work

2-4    5/18/2010   5/18/2010
Review By: uigrad
Played: 36  Reviewed: 13  Exp: 29.8 Years
This review was updated on 5/30/2013
7 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: EDIT: See my updates
Cons: EDIT: See my updates
Other Thoughts: -

This course is the second closest for me, so I had to eventually visit it. The pictures on the course site show that it was originally pretty nice, and if it actually was kept up to that state, I would visit it regularly. In it's current state, I can't justify driving even 25 miles for it. I'll start this review by listing the positives of the course.

The baskets are really nice. They are Innova DISCatchers, and are all in excellent condition.

The land is very nicely mowed. Someone obviously spends a lot of time each week keeping the huge lawn areas clean. There's a few ruts in the mowed areas, but really the mowed area is one of the best kept I've seen in any course.

There's a website and map! Definitely print this out before going:

The course layout is decent. There's no hills, but with the trees and the woods areas, they've made some interesting shots.

The land is beautiful. In the woods is a couple nice lakes. I heard birds the whole time, and frogs near the tees of #4.


Even with the positives listed above, this course is not worth playing. I ended up just walking holes 5-8 since I knew it would be impossible to play them without losing discs. Hole 6, I couldn't even walk, since the downed trees and overgrowth was so bad. I uploaded a great picture of the pro tee, but it looks like it was so overgrown that a moderator deleted it!

The map clearly shows which holes incorporate the woods. Of these, only hole #3 is still playable. The worst is hole 6, where the "fairway" has weeds that are waist high the whole way. One of the tees for hole 6 had no place to stand, as a large tree had fallen, and was being supported by the tee marker. Even if some major work is spent on this course, I don't think this hole will ever be playable.

Almost all the holes are right by O.B. areas. If you overthow hole 4 by even 5 feet, your disc will land in grass that is 3-4 feet high.

Even though the course is near the interstate, finding it can be tough. There are no signs as you enter, and the high fence makes it seem like a private area. When you get there, you will question whether it is the right area.

As everyone has said, there's a high probability of poison ivy being a problem. I wore long pants, and seem to have been okay, but I'm pretty sure that it is everywhere. I also experienced thorns and thistles the times I wandered off the paths.

In my opinion, the holes in the open of this course do not have enough obstacles. In the woods, there are too many. You might see this as a positive, since variation is generally a good thing, but I saw it more like every hole fails, each in its own different way.

UPDATE 4/23/2011:

I visited the course today. The bndisc.com community came out last fall and did a little work on the course. I could definitely see the results. The fairways through the woods were greatly improved, and some of the out-of-bounds areas in the woods were cleaned up also, so that finding errant discs will be a lot easier. Most of the poison ivy is probably gone, but there were still thorns everywhere.

Unfortunately, the area got a lot of rain over the last few days, so hole 2 and holes 5-8 were unplayable. Even with the high water, I could tell that the course of water has changed dramatically since I was here before. Instead of calm lakes, it has turned into moving water. It may be a creek normally, but with the recent rains, it was essentially a river today. The tees for 5-7 today were all in the river, and the water was moving quite fast at the tees for 5 and 6. The water was probably at least waist high at these tees. The days that this course has left may be numbered.

The trash has gotten worse. Most of the beer cans were gone, but there was more broken glass lying around than before. Now that the brush has been cleared a bit more, it's easy to find discarded large appliances lying around. When I was there today, A large DLP TV (60") was lying near the fairway for 4. It wasn't in the woods at all, it was just out in the open. I can't believe people would do that. There's even a large dumpster near the entrance of the course, but someone drove their truck right past it, and down the fairways, just to dump their garbage in the course.

On the positive side, there is now a sign at the entrance. It's small and just says "DISC GOLF", but it does its job!

UPDATE 5/24/2013:

The B-N community has put a lot of work in since I had been there last:

* There is now a nice sign is at the entrance. It no longer feels like a place out of a horror movie.

* As soon as you enter, if you turn around, you'll see where the first tee has been moved to. There's also a nice board with a map. Way to go! This is awesome!

* All the holes that had flooding problems have been moved. It's rained a lot this spring, and it still appeared that you can stay dry while playing this course, and your shoes will not even get too muddy! The holes that are in the woods are really a lot of fun!

* Some of the long tees are in extremely interesting spots. This course is clearly designed to be fun for experienced players. Fairways are extremely narrow, but well maintained. STAY OUT OF THE ROUGH!

* All the trash seems to be gone. No more broken beer bottles!

I had given this course 0.5 stars originally, and am now bumping it up to a 3.5 (Very Good). It's not an easy course, and if you can't control your disk well, you will be losing it. But, if you are looking for a secluded place that you can experience nature and still have a complex round of disc golf, there is nothing better than this course.

My girlfriend is into photography, and got a lot of excellent pictures during our trip. There are large fields with cottonwood seeds sailing across it. There is a stream you can photograph, and lots of interesting junk that is nearly a century old, that is great for taking pictures.

Even though there are some long holes, I rarely used my regular driver. My Eagle was perfect for the precise shots I needed to stay on fairways. When done correctly, it's a spectacular thing.

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 kent sign is not there

1    3/27/2010   4/10/2010
Review By: airspuds
Played: 131  Reviewed: 10  Exp: 33.5 Years
2 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: nice baskets
Cons: wet
Other Thoughts: cant wait to play in warmer dryer weather -
both sets of tees

KENT sign NOT there > turn left after hotel then first road after WATER tower turn right 1 approx around bend then 3 silos and fence. look for hole 1 tee sign - big post

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 tough, overgrown niner

1    8/7/2009   8/9/2009
Review By: hognosesucker
Played: 441  Reviewed: 87  Exp: 20.5 Years
5 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -2 teepads per hole
-4 of 9 are very wooded, you either play into the woods from outside, play out from inside or play in the woods
-probably one of the toughest nines in IL from the blues that I've played
-Good mixes of shots required, hyzer,anhyzer, straight; long and short throws
Cons: -No signs for park as you are entering, it didn't seem like a public area, I was nervous that I'd get run off by the farmer next door. There is no parking lot.
-No facilities
-None of the holes in the woods were maintained. Some of the natural pads were rutted out, trees and other plants were either growing in or had fallen into the tees, the fairways were nonexistent.
-The walking paths were overgrown
-No tee signs, only 4x4s with the hole #
-Crappy natural pads, a lot of natural pads at other courses aren't bad. These were terrible in the woods: uneven, rutted etc. On the open holes they weren't bad.

Other Thoughts: This could be a great nine holer. If someone would maintain the woods holes it could be both challenging and fun. As of right now though, it's just kind of frustrating.

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 Poison Ivy Farm???

1    11/23/2009   8/9/2009
Review By: ElementZ
Played: 170  Reviewed: 159  Exp: 10.5 Years
This review was updated on 8/28/2011
3 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: -The muddy, tree filled land is used nicely.
-Abundant Parking
-I saw a deer. :)
Cons: -After driving by the course 3 times, I finally found it. Not really that impressive. Very muddy and trash filled. Some of the Tee Blocks were on the ground, making them hard to find.
Other Thoughts: Don't come here...it's very dirty and the course is in the middle of no-where.
I saw a Geologist doing tests here on the river the runs behind some holes to make sure it was even safe to play here, haha.
Definitely not coming back.

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7/16/2007   12/20/2007
Review By: riecker2
Played: 7  Reviewed: 7
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The layout of the course is very challenging and would, if the course were kept up better, be very fun to play. There are two tees on each hole which, if the course were not over grown, would make it good for beginners and more experienced players. The only times I've been, I've been the only person out there so it's not like you'll have to wait in line.
Cons: I have never seen so much posin ivy in one place. I played in the summer of 2007 and there is literally a field of poison ivy. It's a shame because if the course looked like the posted pictures, it would be a lot of fun. On one of the holes, the basket was completely overgrown by vines which--by the way--make pretty decent chains. The holes in the woods are almost unplayable unless the course has been recently mowed. Otherwise, throw something fast and hope it can cut through the roughage.
Other Thoughts: Again, would be a pretty fun course if someone napalmed the poison ivy and kept up the holes. A lot of big, long shots that would be a lot of fun.

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