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Lunch time round

1    7/26/2016   7/27/2016
Review By: Skirby000
Played: 6  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 5.6 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Well manicured
Decent baskets
Bathrooms on site
OBs marked on the course map made it slightly more challenging.
Cons: No marked tees
Need to google course map
Hole nine's basket is gone so there's only 8.
Water is so dirty there is no retrieving discs
Other Thoughts: Thought I'd play a nice round at lunch. Should have thought better. There was a farmers market in the OB parking right along hole one and two so I was chicken on both holes afraid of hyzer bombing the tents. I rolled my ankle on the uneven hardened mud spot that was supposed to be tee 4. Then on 8 I tried to throw a forehand flick shot to fade right toward the basket but instead I yanked it and it turned over on me and sailed out into the nasty lagoon. I understand I'll loose some disks but my favorite fairway driver.... Here???!!!
I probably won't return for another round but they have some baskets in the shade near picnic tables that are good for practicing putts and ups.

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 What A Waste!?

2-4    12/26/2013   1/4/2014
Review By: Aim For The Chains
Played: 134  Reviewed: 25  Exp: 9.6 Years
This review was updated on 1/3/2016
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Solid baskets
-Multiuse Park with amenities
-Pick any shot you want?
-Practice putts, up shots, drives kind of..
-Shopping center across street and Farmers Market held here
Cons: -No Tees, at all.
-Signage does not exist and there actually isn't a real DG course here.
-Lots of geese and poop literally everywhere
-Homeless hangout
-Straight safari style play with lots of other people wandering the park and paths.
Other Thoughts: My cousin lives down the street from this park. It could be a great local addition to the disc golf scene but instead is a bunch of baskets placed throughout the park with NO way to navigate or play a designed course. Its a good park which could have a nice 9 hole course but instead appears to be controlled by other activities and DG is def. just thrown in the mix-- literally. I wouldn't suggest coming here to play seriously but its a fine place to work on some shots. Some real tees and a few signs would go a LONGGGG way here.

Don't worry about he harmless squatters at the park as they basically use the center pavilions as their hangout and wont even talk to you. I played here until dark throwing basket to basket and other shots without any issues other than feeling like I was lost the whole time. The worst part about this course is the fact that it actually COULD be a fun one to play in a local park and we have similar style courses in MN where land or features are just not very desirable but this park could provide a good disc golf experience yet is one of the worst I have played to date which makes me hate it even more. It almost doesn't even deserve to be listed on this site. One course you can say is truly the $#!t.

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1    3/25/2013   3/27/2013
Review By: joegraham
Played: 110  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 33.7 Years
1 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Played on a Monday morning with no traffic. 9 baskets in a well maintained park. I threw from what I could try to find a tee spot from the course map that is available inside the rec center and the shots were actually all challenging. Only parked 2 holes and had long birdie shots at 4-5 others. Uses the trees as obstacles well. Water fountains in the park and bathrooms in the rec center. Not a lot of Pros for this course.
Cons: Baskets aren't marked. No marking on the sidewalks where the tees should have been according to the map. There is no way you could find a tee without a map. This can easily be remedied with some spray paint! Tight layout that I'm sure will conflict with any amount of traffic in the park.
Other Thoughts: Great safari potential with NO traffic!

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1    1/24/2013   1/27/2013
Review By: Hazer
Played: 163  Reviewed: 53  Exp: 11.8 Years
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 9 nice baskets. No tees, but you can shoot from paved walking paths to all baskets. Easy beginner course. A lot of ace runs (depending on where you decide to throw from). Very nice park with many other activities on site. Clean and well maintained with mowed grass fairways and a small amount of mature trees throughout the course and park. There is a pond in the park that could be used as an obstacle. Pretty open space so alternate layouts are safari and possible.
Cons: No tees or signs. The way the holes are laid out in the course map were unplayable the day I played due to other non-disc golfers in the park. Most holes are wide open with only a small number of trees coming into play on a couple holes. Not very challenging at all. Only slight elevation change throughout the course. Pretty boring round.
Other Thoughts: This course could be used as a nice practice or warm-up course for one of the more challenging courses in the area, and would be a good place for a beginner. There is a lot of pavement throughout the park so you can definitely tee off from pavement to every basket multiple ways. The park seems to be pretty popular. The course, not so much. I would like to go back sometime in the early AM before it gets packed and do a crazy safari round before hitting up something better in the area.

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 Welcome to Planet Goose Poop!

1    10/6/2012   10/14/2012
Review By: Magiken
Played: 58  Reviewed: 58  Exp: 8.5 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
A decent park
There are restrooms and water
Easy to find
Some fun shots here and there
Goose poop
Tricky to navigate
Goose poop
No tees/signage
Goose poop
Heavy park traffic in play
Did I mention the goose poop?
Other Thoughts:
Bring a map.

Random Thoughts:
Wow. Twice in one week I came to a course and thought immediately about turning around and leaving. I'm apparently on a roll. While this is a nice park, and there are a few interesting shots, the goose poop is completely out of control, and I'm not talking about the dry, only in one spot variety that you find out at Lagoon Valley. This park has it EVERYWHERE and it's nice and gooey fresh. I felt like I was walking around in a goose port-a-potty. It's really quite disgusting. Now I know this has nothing to do with the course per se, and the local course designers probably can't do much about it, so I certainly don't blame them. It's really more a comment on perhaps considering moving this course. As for the course itself, it's not the easiest to navigate so you will need a map and then you may just be guessing, and that's assuming there's no one in the way on the hole you're throwing on as this is quite a busy park, even in the early AM when I went. One obstacle which I had never encountered before was a gaggle of young girls massaging the basket chains in some sort of ritualistic circle. Put that on your next tournament test! Anyway...most of the shots are pretty straight forward with the more interesting holes being #3, #4, #7, and #9. #3 is interesting because it demands a high hyzer. #4 has a guarded basket with OB along the right. #7 has quite a few obstacles to deal with, including a tent (which probably isn't there normally). #9 is obviously the signature hole on the course as it throws over the lake, but here's the trouble with this hole: if you follow the map, the tee is in the dirt under some very low trees, which you means you have an unorthodox/difficult run-up, and you really need a good tee area because this is not an easy shot. Between the fountain and the trees, the route/landing area is not all that big and it's not exactly short either. I imagine kersplashes occur frequently out here. But I can say this: it is a picturesque shot.

Bottom Line:
There is actually a lot of potential for a nice course out here but I'm really not sure if it's possible to execute it. Between the proximity and busyness of the park goers and the ridiculous amount of goose poop, this didn't make for a fun experience for me, despite what is actually a decent park. So for that, I'd advise skipping it for now, or at least planning your trip appropriately (i.e. when the people and the geese aren't there and there's some miracle shower for the place).

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 Lou's Cheesy Park

1    5/13/2011   5/17/2011
Review By: humchris85
Played: 135  Reviewed: 78  Exp: 12.6 Years
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Pros: - Some trees around on course
- A little bit of water around on course
- Free to play
- Mowed grass farways
- Baskets
- Close to the Lagunitas Brewery
- Friendly locals
- Good for a safari round, make up your own tees as you go
Cons: - No tee signs
- No markings for the tees
- Short boring holes
- Hard to follow, even with a map
- Tons of pedestrians around the course including lots of kids, making many holes unplayable
- Goose poo everywhere
Other Thoughts: When I played Lucchisi Park in Petaluma it was a sunny friday afternoon, so the park was filled with other park users making alot of the disc golf holes unplayable or dangerous to throw. There were kids everywhere running back and forth across the fairways with no care as to what's going on around them. There was nothing marking the tee areas, and even with a map trying to figure them out is neer imposible. The locals that I was playing with said that the best way to play the course is as a safari course just picking out your tee and pin each hole. You can also make it a much longer course and bring the water into play a little more. The goose dropings around the pond make it a less than enjoyable experiance though. This actualy should be listed as a practice area not a course, as there are no real indications of where to start or finish, where tee pads are, or where they go. The one big plus side that I found to this course is that there was a person from PIAS with a table set up selling brand new star and champion discs, including Ape's and Vulcan's, for 10$ including tax! It made my stoping there not a complete waist of time. If you get lucky and show up on the right day they might have someone out there again.

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 Don't even bother

1    8/26/2010   8/27/2010
Review By: DutchViking
Played: 46  Reviewed: 17  Exp: 11.8 Years
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Disc golf down the street from LAGUNITAS Brewery, very nice big park with green grass, little rolling hills, and a nice pond with fountain. Potential for some interesting shots.
Cons: Absolutely no indication of tee pads (every spray paint would work), zero signage, goose poop EVERYWHERE you walk.
Other Thoughts: This would probably be a decent course if there was some signage. I don't understand how they can install a course with no indications whatsoever as to where to tee from or even start. Bottom Line, SKIP IT! (unless you are playing with a local or just want to practice some putting)

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 There Is Some Potential Here!

1    8/19/2010   8/27/2010
Review By: The Valkyrie Kid
Played: 1177  Reviewed: 1124  Exp: 39.7 Years
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Lucchesi Park is a large multi-use park with two ball-fields, a soccer field, tennis courts, play-ground, lots of gentle barely rolling terrain and scattered trees. There are nine baskets painted brown (reddish) (maroonish). Who paints the baskets? Actually, they're kinda cool! There is a big pond with a big circulating fountain. There are also more Canadian geese here than in the entire country of Canadian. They've pretty much taken over the entire park and left their poopy little imprints everywhere. The day we attempted to play the park was filled with little soccer players having their pictures taken making the course viturally unplayable.
Cons: Even with the on-line map, we were unable to navigate our way around. There was no indication of any teepads, no signs of any kinds, too many kids and too many geese. We were reduced to playing safari. Even when we threw over the pond, the goose droppings just kind of ruined that experience. Yuck!
Other Thoughts: This is really a shame because this could be a nice little neighborhood 9 hole course. There seems to be room at the other side of the park. The terrain, minus the goose droppings, is wonderful. I don't mind sharing the park with the other park patrons but concerning the geese, I say we teach their owners the proper use of pooper scoopers!

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 Loosey Goosey

1    7/24/2009   7/26/2009
Review By: swatso
Played: 530  Reviewed: 369  Exp: 9.5 Years
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Nine baskets, red.
Lack of tees or signs. Plays in a multi-purpose park, where disc golf was probably thrown-in as an afterthought, meaning that non-playing patrons and their walking paths are quite near to several of the baskets. Geese, ducks, and other birds have completely "fowled" the walkway around the pond, and the nearby grass.
Other Thoughts:
The rec center was closed when I arrived after 5PM on a Friday, so I couldn't determine if a map was available. I did find nine baskets - two of them unnumbered near the rec center, and 2-4, 5-8 were numbered, with #5 being a very long distance from #4 - had to pass back by #3 then #2 to find it. So, I did what most any disc golfer might do, and made up my own course, teeing from the basket I just finished to the next basket - this is the pitch-n-putt course I came up with:
- #1, ~125', tee from sidewalk with rec center to left, pond behind you, bench to left, Have to throw under tree branch or left-turn to reach unlabelled basket
- #2, ~100', tee from basket you just finished, wide open, unlabelled basket
- #3, ~150', tee from basket you just finished, through/over parking circle, basket "#8" guarded by trees
- #4, ~225', tee from basket you just finished, wide open, towards baseball fileld, basket labeled "#7"
- #5, ~200', tee from basket you just finished, to right of walking path and under trees, labeled as "#6"
- #6, ~200', tee from basket you just finished, to left of water and under trees, labeled as"#5"
- #7, ~225', tee from basket you just finished, over slight rise, towards baseball field, between weeping willow and oak tree, labeled as "#2"
- #8, ~125', tee from basket you just finished, to right of walking path and under trees, labeled as "#3"
- #9, ~250', tee from basket you just finished, to left of tennis courts and building beyond them, labeled as "#4"
Walk to the front of the building where you just finished and play this "course" backward for 18 total.

Maybe the rec center has a map which represents a more challenging course, but I can only imagine that (presumed) #1 to #2, and #4 to #5, would have any length. The course is very flat, with few obstacles, and will potentially have a lot of non-player traffic, so save this for a bad-weather day when you're in the mood for flat safari golf.

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 it is free after all

2-4    7/10/2009   7/17/2009
Review By: tai madama
Played: 9  Reviewed: 9
0 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: the course is well laid out for what it is and there are alternate tees to make 18 group up with a local as it can be a little hard to navigate the sidewalk markings are in need of repainting or show up mondays at 5pm for the weekly $5 and an ace pool there are some nice variations of the course that the locals play
Cons: there can be a lot of pedestrians in the park and kids especialy on the weekends and the wind can make it challenging ( as there is a chance you can hit non players ) if one gets up in to it
Other Thoughts: there is a map in the rec center if you cant find a local to help you the first tee is the sidewalk in the front parking lot shooting twords the baseball field not the duckpond

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