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Most miss the point of this course

2-4    9/20/2007   9/20/2016
Review By: 3Throws of the Condor
Played: 69  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 16.7 Years
Pros: Ball golfers might remember that most metro areas had "pitch + putt" courses that you played with a wedge a putter and the long hole might require a 7 iron if you had no distance in your shots. That is what this is. So when judging it judge it for the short game practice facility it is and looking at in that light it succeeds quite well. The ideal use of this course would be play this get warmed up then drive the mile and a half and play Sinnissippi which is one of the better courses in the state.
Cons: Holes are bunched together tightly so be aware of other players. NOT a destination course unless used in conjunction with Sinnissippi and Genseo.
Other Thoughts: If this was in metro Chicago close to some decent courses it would be used constantly day and night. As is it is out in the middle of IL

 Great for fast play

2-4    8/9/2013   8/9/2013
Review By: Pink69
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 4.6 Years
1 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Holes are close together great for practicing short throws.Easy to find the next hole.
Cons: Can be a little harder near playground equipment.Plus if roles to the right too far will lose Frisbee in the river.
Other Thoughts: My best there is a 43 par, but haven't played too long.

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1    10/8/2011   10/11/2011
Review By: notapro
Played: 465  Reviewed: 280  Exp: 14.5 Years
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Course is set in a small piece of land next to a small park. Some of the holes are immediately next to some playground equipment, which could cause some interference. According to the course's sign, no professional discs allowed! Blunt frisbees only, ha!
- About half of the holes have some sort of tree obstacle involved, so there is a decent variety in hyzer, anhyzer, or straight here and there. For the ace run, at the very least.
- This side of the park has some hilliness to it, so there are some uphill and downhill shots throughout. #13 is practically a blind downhill; it is definitely noticeable.
- Teepads are gigantic runs of dirt, but are actually fine when dry. Baskets are old but catch fine. Signs in good shape, and navigation is easy thanks to gigantic spray-painted numbers and arrows on the trees. Ugly but effective.
Cons: - Layout of this course is absolutely crammed in this small area. If there is anyone else playing at the same time, always keep an eye out for a stray shot.
- Beginners course to the extreme, the short short hole lengths almost require non-professional discs to make it interesting.
Other Thoughts: - For a pure beginners course, it really is not that bad at all. Plenty of trees on almost every hole to force some short of line, even if it is as simple as hyzer/anny/straight. Minor elevation changes also help to keep things interesting, and provide different looks. Any player with any experience had better bring a putter or slower, though, just to avoid overshooting every hole.

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2-4    6/11/2011   6/14/2011
Review By: mykeg44
Played: 64  Reviewed: 44  Exp: 8.6 Years
This review was updated on 6/5/2013
7 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: It's hard for me to review this place like a normal course. I have never seen anything like it, and I'd be willing to bet there are very few courses like Nims Park in existence.

I give this course a 1.5 purely on the fun factor here. I had as much fun playing this course as some 3-star courses, but if you are looking for a standard 18-holer, hit Sinnissippi like every other reviewer has said.

If you've never played before, broke your throwing arm and need an 18er to play with your off arm, have a 5 year olf daughter you're looking to introduce to the sport, or are too drunk to play a normal course, this place is ideal.

For serious players,see harr0140's review. Playing for a 36 is a challenge, and will really test your short game. And if you're looking to rack up your ace count in a cheap way, this is the place. You'll only need one disc here and it will take you 20 minutes tops.
Cons: For as much fun as this place was to play, I can't give it anything more than a 1.5, Anybody who shows up here looking for anything other than a gimicky ace race course is going to be sorely, sorely disappointed.

Going through the laundry list of cons would be unnecessary. As other reviewers have mentioned, there is enough room at this park for about 4 legitimate holes. This is like a maniac getting ahold of 18 baskets and just throwing them in the ground at random intervals in a local park. Fairways criss cross, dirt teepads are rutted, and the teepads are dangerously close to the previous basket in a lot of places.

The baskets are pretty old and don't catch well. I had 3 spit outs off the tee.
Other Thoughts: This is just a weird, weird place. If you make the trip out to play Sinnissippi this place is worth a stop in the same way a sideshow is worth a stop if you go the circus.

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 Ace Race

2-4    6/1/2011   6/1/2011
Review By: Nick from Sterling
Played: 3  Reviewed: 2
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -18 holes
-Chance for ace on every hole
-15min bike ride from Sinnissippi
-Easy to shoot under par. theyhave a 186ft. Par 5
-Good practice for putting
-Only takes about a minute per hole
-Easy to follow
-Almost impossible to lose discs
Cons: -Waste of time. Don't travel for this course unless you're going to Sinnissippi too.
-Offers absolutely no challenge
-Dirt tee box
-Par is hard to read on the Hole sign. I played all par 3's but i think its like a 60-ish
-Some people play +5 discs a hole for aces, and it takes forever if you get caught behing them
-In a residential area. I threw a disc into someones yard and had to jump the fence to go get it
Other Thoughts: This course is fun and short, great for ace races, but not worth traveling for. Go 10min. away to Sinnissippi for a real disc golf course

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1    8/30/2010   10/27/2010
Review By: harr0140
Played: 976  Reviewed: 480  Exp: 9.1 Years
9 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: 1) Beginner friendly course because of how short it is and there is virtually no way to lose a disc.

2) I thoroughly enjoyed going for a perfect round of 36 but I ended up with two 3's. I know it is a short course and they even call some of their holes par 2'd but to shoot 18 2's in a row on this course would have been impressive.

3) #'s of the baskets are painted on the trees with arrows. Although this detracts from the look of the course it helps identify which basket to throw at. It was so funny when I drove up I parked right behind #1 tee and I could literally get 5 or 6 baskets in one photo. You know it is a tight small course when you can see that many baskets in such a small area.

4) Signs with Hole # and distance on each tee.

5) Just a fun course to play, no it isn't the best but I would play here everyday if I lived nearby. It not only would be fun to see how many aces could be racked up on this course in a year, but also to see if youcould get the perfect round ever of 18 2's. First time playing I got 16 2's and 2 3's for a solid 38. I bet I would struggle to get that score on future visits but I will make sure to stop by anytime I am driving through the area.

6) Course takes about 15-20 minutes to play alone so it won't take up your whole afternoon.

7) Nice mature Oaks and other hardwood trees make this course acceptable.

8) Some of the baskets are perched on a hill and with the hard compact soil underneath rollaways are a real posiblity for those shots that hit the basket or chains but dont stay in. I say hyzer one in and let it slide under the basket on every hole.
Cons: 1) Course is so similar in distances it is all long putts and simple approaches. It gets a little old if you are looking for a true DG challenge, but if you like running for aces or trying to get a 2 on every hole it can be fun.

2) The course is beat up pretty good . . . tees are on grass, but that is all gone and wore down to dirt and gravel and tree roots. There is a lot of compaction and erosion happens everytime it rains I would expect.

3) Some of the baskets seem to be leaning slightly. There is a little bit of rust visible on some of the baskets also but at least the chains seem to be in perfect condition.

4) Short short short, although I enjoy the course for what it is, many people will consider this a garbage horrible course. I value it not for its challenge but for its fun factor, but the shortness of all the holes is still a negative overall. I think the longest hole is like 190' or something like that and the shortest somewhere around 75'. I really wish those distances were on this site because I totally forgot to write them down.

5) Private property on one end of the park should be avoided.

6) Safety would be an issue if more than a couple people are in this park especially if they are also playing DG.
Other Thoughts: Remember my rating is based on the theory that I rate courses according to how likely I would be to return with all things considered the same. I would be very likely to stop hee and play a round . . . perhaps even moreso than Sinnissippi but it would depend on what I am interested in doing that day. if I wanted a DG challenge and wanted to play like a tourney I would hit Sinnissippi, but if I was just goofing around with some buddies or my wife, I would rather stop here and play. I value all courses for different reasons, so I may give Nima a higher rating than many fo you might, but that is my puogative.

Take it for what it is . . . a short course with 18 ace runs. Dont come here thinking this is a great epic course that forces you to think about every shot and presents PDGA tourney like atmosphere. It can be fun to go for aces only and it can be fun to shoot for the perfect 36.

Just understand what you are getting yourself in to when you come here and you will not be disappointed. This course gets a 4 for its fun factor and ace race charateristics, but on amenities, DG challenge, scenery and maintenance it gets about a 1.5 so I settled on a 2.5. Like I said I likely will return if in the area and I do not feel like championship caliber DG at that moment in time. I wish I lived nearby so I could up my ace total!!!!


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 Why bother.

1    10/4/2010   10/4/2010
Review By: Ukeubuuke
Played: 25  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 7.9 Years
2 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: - A golfer has 18 tries at an ace
- Good putter practice
- Fun one disc round/challenge
Cons: - No holes over 200'
- Too many holes under 100'
- 18 holes
Other Thoughts: - They fit 18 holes in an area that really could stand to have 9. Even 9 is crowding the park space

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 Good course for small chilrren

1    6/11/2009   6/11/2010
Review By: Brado
Played: 20  Reviewed: 7
5 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Location is scenic.
This would be a good course for teaching children and beginners.
Cons: Too small of area for 18 holes.
This course is to be played with a "whamo"-type or ultimate throwing Frisbee.
Other Thoughts: Coloma park district should make this course 9 holes and put the other 9 in Centennial Park.

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 Pure Comedy

1    6/14/2009   5/11/2010
Review By: Countchunkula
Played: 156  Reviewed: 50  Exp: 11.6 Years
12 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -You should get a good laugh out of this course, it's kind of a joke.
-Sinnisippi park (a good/great 18 hole course) is only 10 minutes away.
-Would be a good course to introduce small children to the game.
-The course has 18 baskets.
-Ace runs on every hole.
-Basket #'s spray painted on adjacent trees. (I guess this is a pro)
-You only need a putter to play.
Cons: -Not anywhere near enough land for 9 holes much less 18.
-Take the shortest course you have ever played, cut the distances in half and you have Nims park.
-Dirt tees, but you don't need the traction, every hole is a long aproach or maybe even jump putt.
-From most tees at least 4 baskets are in view.
Other Thoughts: -This course is just silly. The park is very small, it should probably be a 4 hole course judging by land availablity. I can't believe that there wasn't a better place to put these 18 baskets. They should have put the baskets over a Sinnisippi, that course has multiple pin sleeves per hole and could have 2 baskets in place at all times.

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2-4    4/9/2010   4/13/2010
Review By: mashnut
Played: 828  Reviewed: 775  Exp: 15.9 Years
14 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The course plays through a tiny neighborhood park with nice mature trees, a central hill that most of the holes play on or around, and a nice view of the river from the top of the hill. The river can come into play on a couple holes if you have a terrible shot or a really nasty roll, so there is a little bit of risk here. The tees are all marked with number and distance, and the baskets are numbered on the band and with large markings on adjacent trees that are easy to see from a distance. The course is easy to follow, and flows well from one hole to the next. If the course isn't busy, the number of baskets in a small area makes for a great practice area and safari opportunity, and the lack of underbrush and short holes make this an fun place for night golf.
Cons: This is the shortest and silliest course I've ever seen. There wasn't even enough room in this park for a pitch n putt 9 holer, and they crammed 18 holes into the space anyway. Not a single hole is longer than 186', and a couple are under 100'. Nearly every hole has an open hyzer line for either hand, so you don't need to shape any different lines to be successful here. The tree markings for basket numbers are necessary because often there are several baskets right in front of the tee, and any one of them could be a hole on this course.

Not only does the length make the course a bit silly and boring, it also leads to some safety hazards. You are often throwing at several other holes and tee pads, and most 5 year olds can overshoot several holes on this course, so keep your eyes out if there are other players on the course. Some holes play very close to the parking lot and playgrounds, on a busy day this could be a real problem.

The tee signs don't have any indication of which direction they face, so there were a couple where the tree markings were less obvious and it took a second to figure out where to shoot. The tees themselves are dirt, and have spread out quite a bit, some up to 20 feet long which is a significant difference on a 90' hole...
Other Thoughts: Beginners will enjoy the opportunity for ace runs and birdies on the short easy holes here, though they won't develop much of a skill set here. More experienced players will find the course silly and not worth playing, with nothing but short repetitive holes. The only things this course is really good for are really young kids getting into the sport, or something like an ace race or super class event (though all holes are short even with a lid...).

The course is unique enough that I'm glad I stopped by to play a couple quick rounds with a zephyr (and hit metal several times), but unless you want to rack up your ace count or just want to add a course to your list (my excuse) don't bother with this course especially with Sinnissippi not too far away.

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