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Hole #6 White Tee

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5+    4/4/2009   4/4/2009
Review By: NovaDiscHead
Played: 9  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 33.7 Years
This review was updated on 7/6/2009
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Pros: Course is varied, challenging and very fun, with the dual tees and baskets making the game challenging for all levels of experience- from newbies to pros.

The best hole is 16, which is a murderous 950 footer, which from the pro tees starts off with a slight uphill and narrow fairway with a sharp drop off to the right, you do NOT want to get into.

Some tips to keep in mind...

The course is confusing for newbies, with some loop-backing between 1-3, 4-5, and 15-16. There's also a long walk between 7 and 8, and back from 16 back to 17.

Each basket has a small peice of red tape that points to the next set of tees.

The course has a large open parking lot, next to the old Lorton Reformatory. There is a cadre of regulars that you can find willing to let you play in with us.

Hole by Hole:

Hole 1: Located Behind the old telephone office a short walk from the Parking area. There's a practice basket next to the Pro Tee Pad, the Rec Tee Pad is located on the otherside of the building, next to the bike path (OB). The Baskets are located slightly downhill from the tee off points, and there's a small group of small trees, plus a signifcant thorn patch on the right of the hole. The woods to the left drop off severely, so make sure to keep an eye on disks that fade into the woods around the telephone pole, as they may roll down in the stream bed.

Hole 2: Both tee pads are located across the bike path, with the Pro tee being back and lower, while the Rec tee is next to the bike path, about 20 feet higher. The Rec basket is located straight across the way, guarded by an old split rail fence bisecting the fairway. The woods and a thorn patch guard either side of the fairway, beware of the OB areas in the woods, due to country regulations (and make you be more accurate). The Pro basket is located well beyond the rec one, and to the left, The fairway doglegs to the left and runs parallel to the old prison fence. This is a very challenging hole Pro to Pro, as it's very long, and the wind coming up from the valley (severe drop off on the left side, as well as a pond) makes the upshot a challenge. Also beware that the bike path runs parallel to the fence line, and is OB, as is the old parking lot.

Hole 3: Rec Tee is located on the hillside, on the other side of the split rail fence from the practice basket. (This is actually the first set of tees you'll see on your way to hole 1.) The Pro Tee is located next to the path, behind and elevated from the rec tee. The hole is located hard to the parking area, with a severe drop off to the right. The distance to both the Pro and Rec basket is fairly short, but this is a high risk, high reward hole, as a mis-throw can end up OB in the parking lot, or downhill in the woods. Word of warning DO NOT PARK NEXT TO THE BASKET!

Hole 4: This hole is located behind the Pro Basket for 3, and the Pro and Rec Tee are about the same location relative to the baksets, but the Pro Tee is elevated, with a slight dogleg left, while the Rec to Rec hole is slight Dogleg right. EIther way, you're throwing over a gulch, with a narrow aperature. The fenced in area at the bottom of the gulch is OB, as is the woods more than 5 meters in on the right side. This hole is great for tomahawks.

Hole 5: This hole is a bit hard to find, as it is across the playground and past the tees for Hole 6. Once you get there, you'll find a long Pro tee location, (about 150 feet back from the rec tee), with a blind shot down a narrow fairway. If you are playing pro tees, you might want to get someone to scout your throws, as it is very easy to lose discs in the wooded area on the left side of the fairway. The Rec tee is located a bit closer to the opening out into the meadow, so it's a good ace-run hole. The Rec Hole is a slightly to the left location, with a slight downhill slope (right to left relative to the tee boxes) while the pro basket is located hard dogleg left, further down the meadow, almost to the pond.

Hole 6: Pro Tee is located up the hill on the meadow, next to the playground area, the Rec Tee is next to the Rec basket for 5. The Rec basket for 6 is halfway down the meadow, and is a good ace run for either fore or backhand.

The Pro basket is well beyond the rec basket, down and around to the left. The wind really rips from the right to the left, so beware not to flip your disc into the Pond, or OB bike trail, located to the left of the pro basket.

Hole 7: Is located beyond Pro 7, and across the dam from the meadown, on the other side of the pond. The Rec Tee is slightly farther along on the path from the Pro Tee, both tees are about the same location, length wise, but give a different angle of approach, since this hole is one of a few on the course where trees come into play. This hole is a fairly straight shot for the rec basket, but the pro basket is buried deep into a grown in area, adding a much higher difficulty to this hole, although distance wise, there's not much between the pro and rec placements, just more obstacles to deal with.

Hole 8: This is the hole where many people get lost. You will find a path behind Hole 7 pro. Follow that path along a ridgeline, then down across Giles Run, then back uphill to the Pro Tee for Hole 8. The Pro tee is a long, uphill shot, closely bordered by woods on the right side, but wide open on the left side. The Rec Tee is about 150 feet up the hill, and slightlty to the left. The Rec basket is pretty much a straight shot (uphill), while the Pro basket is located slightly uphill, behind the rec basket.

Hole 9: Located uphill behind 8 pro, the Pro Tee will be the first one you will come upon. The Rec tee is located along the left side of the fairway, a bit more uphill. The Rec placement for the basket is a straight line shot, with a fairly wide and flat fairway, just beware of the thorns and stuff on either side, as well as behind the rec basket. The Pro bakset is located well beyond, and below the rec placement with a hard, dogled right. Some bombers may try to throw their discs way over to the right from the tee pad, but unless your name is Ken Climo, this is not recommended, unless you can afford to lose some discs! There is a giant flag on the top of Hole 9 Pro to help you spot it from the tee.

Hole 10: Located behind the basket location for hole 9, rec. The Rec tee is located to the right, around the thorny area, while the Pro tee is across the fairway, (on the right side, and set back and slightly downhill. The Rec basket is located hard to the left next to a thorny area, so while the rec-to-rec looks fairly easy, you may end up in the bramble...so beware. Also, the uphill nature of this hill causes many to throw nose up, so lots of people will end up in the woods to the right of the fairway (which are fairly nice). The Pro basket is located a bit beyond the rec basket, in a fairly open area.

Hole 11, This is one of the easiest holes on the course. Short, with a fairly easy line for both Pro and Rec tees. The Pro tee is located slightly behind and to the left of the rec tee (both of them are to the left of the basket for 10). The Baskets are also closely placed, but there is a dangerous bramble area located to the left, and behind the baskets. Beware of wind in this area, as you can get blindsided by a gap in the thorns.

Hole 12: This hole is located off a short path, which runs to the right from the basket for 11. This hole, I nicknamed "The Orchaed" is one of 3 where woods come into play, and is the most wooded hole on the course. The Pro tee is located on the other side of a 4X4 and walking trail (to your left as you walk up to the hole), on the right side of the hole, while the Rec Tee is on the basket side of the path (on your right). The basket is a short one, relatively speaking, but this hole is a deceptively hard one, as the small trees make most shots risky. The Rec placement is fairly straight on from the rec tee, while the Pro bakset is slightly left, behind the rec hole.

Hole 13: Located in a clearling where you will double back from 12, on the left side of the fairway. This hole features a long, undulating downhill fairway, with clear sailing to the left side, but a murderous bramble on the righ. The Pro tee is slightly behind and to the left of the rec tee, but both tee placements are blocked by a pesky set of trees making tee offs something of an adventure. The Rec basket is located in the clearing on the left side of the fairway, while the Pro basket is much farther downhill on the fairway.

Hole 14: This hole doubles you back along the clearing of Hole 14. The tee boxes are along the same line relative to the fairway, with the pro tee being 100 feet further back. The Rec basket is located near the old stables, pretty much straight on to the tee, while the proo bakset is 200 feet further, beyound the stables. The fenced area on the right side of the hole is all OB, as is the old stable and it's fence. There are some small trees in the fairway on the left hand side, but are young and small.

Hole 15: Once you are done with 14, you will go to the left, down the path that took you to 12, and emerge right at the Pro Tee for 15. The Pro tee is only 50 feet behind the rec tee, but this hole has a huge difference between rec and pro! The Rec basket is located straight away, about 250 feet away, making this a good ace run, but the Pro basket is located 200 feet beyond to a severe dogleg right, then an additional 200 feet! The hole is 650 feet pro to pro. Beware of wind coming in from the right side of the fairway, and know that there's a severe drop off and thorns along the left side of this fairway.

Hole 16: The one I call "Death Row" The pro tee pad is located right next to the rec basket for 15 (to the left of it, facing the pro basket). The Rec tee is located some 400 feet down the fairway, and hard left, attop a hillock, overlooking the hole placements for both rec and pro. I could write an entre review on this hole alone! The pro to pro distance is 930 feet. The first tee off is a slight uphill, into a narrow gap, boardered on the left by a heavily wooded (and snake infested) area, and on the right by a huge, thorny canyon, with a severe left to right slope down. This hole definately rewards strategic, accurate throws! The second and third throws are no easier, as the fairway is still narrow untill you reach the hillock, where it opens up. If throwing from the rec tee, you have a nice, open downhill shot, but be careful, as the thorny area to the right eats discs, and has a sharp drop as well. The Rec basket is located about a 3rd of the way down the hill, while the pro basket is allll the way at the bottom of the hill (there's a giant white flag so you can actually see it).

Hole 17: Once you are done with 16, you will walk back across the stream, up the ridge, then along the path near Hole 7, then follow the path around and to the left. The Pro and Rec tees are located fairly close to each other and are almost parallel to each other. The Rec basket is an easy duece/ace shot, located on the right side of the fairway, but beware of the thorns on the right side of the fairway, and the large downslope to the left. The Pro basket is located beyond the Rec basket, in pretty much the same spot, just 100 or so feet futher.

Hole 18. Located to the right of the baskets for 17, Hole 18 is a long, uphill, pretty open shot back toward the parking area. The Rec tee is located on the right side, while the pro tee is on the left side and back. The hole has a couple of small trees that seem to mess with a lot of peoples lines, a wide open area to the right, with some woods and thorns along the left side. The Rec Basket is located at the bottom of the rise, while the Pro basket is higher up and further back relative to the tees.
Cons: Thorns, lots and lots of thorns. The fairways are narrow at some points and the thorns can make it hard to get errant throws back.

The course is newer, (installed in 2007/8) so theres a lack of benches, trash cans and bathroom/water fountain facilities. Plan ahead, and bring water, as the course is a long one- you will walk between 2.5-4 miles depending on your throws.
Other Thoughts: The course is young, and will need some seasoning, but it will be a World Class course in a few.

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 Finally world class makes it to NOVA

1    12/31/2008   1/8/2009
Review By: Dscgl4
Played: 131  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 23.6 Years
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Pros: This is a truly beautiful and well manicured course. All the other reviews captured the highlights: innovative design, great views, good use of elevation, excellent hole variety--from open bombs to technical shots. This is a carefully manicured and truly world-class course. For quality of play, I can't imagine much more I could want.
Cons: The only con can best be described as youth. This is a very young course, and many of the problems will subside with use (including ticks and to some extent, thorns). I was there in the winter, so admittedly missed the thorns in full bloom, but the mowed fairways tell me the course is being well maintained year round.
Other Thoughts: Throw smart and you'll be fine. If you can't throw a 400 foot drive and land it in a 30ft circle, then don't try it. There's enough fairway that even in heavy winds I only hit the thorns three times (but yes, they were three painful times).

10 of 11 people found this review helpful.

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