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Uploaded By: gottafixit Hole #5 (Taken 6/2009)
3 / 216ft. Par / Distance:
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Don't go out of your way

5+    7/30/2017   7/31/2017
Review By: B_Murray
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3
Pros: 1. It's about 3 miles from my house

2. It has baskets?

3. It's not Windlestrae
Cons: 1.#3 and #4 are often unplayable because they require you to drive through soccer fields that are often in use.

2. If you are a newbie throwing a high-speed disc (like I was once), you can end up throwing into a busy playground or a busier road on #1.

3. You can easily lose a disc up on the pine trees on hole 2, the thick brush left of the basket on hole 3, or the even thicker brush on the entire right side of 6 and 7.

4. The field has bad drainage around the #2 basket and #3 tee pad.

5. Course map is not readily available and no signage
Other Thoughts: #1 isn't a bad hole, despite their closeness to a playground and busy road. It reminds me of the average hole at Boyertown. Nice distribution of trees.

2 and 3 are pretty straight forward over a field.

4 is mostly open but requires an accurate shot to make the tunnel into the woods.

5 has a hysterically narrow path (I refuse to call it a fairway) to try to shoot down and you will hit a tree 83% of the time.

6 has too many trees, but has a RHFH and RHBH line.

7 is pretty much only RHBH or major anhyzer RFH and has some major nastiness to the right of a pretty narrow fairway.
And 8.... just skip 8.

9 would be nice but there are 2 annoying trees not far enough to the left of the tee pad, and also some close trees to the right.

I come here quite often after work to practice my drive and throw some putts. I usually play #1, #2, and #3 a few times if people aren't playing soccer. If they are, I'll play #1, #2, #5 and #9 a few times. I like the end of 9 for some putting practice.

Conclusion: Don't drive too far out of your way to play here.

Practice Practice Practice

5+    2/11/2016   2/15/2016
Review By: Zunz
Played: 81  Reviewed: 21  Exp: 4.2 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Some interesting shot shapes and lines to work on.
Rarely have to worry about other park patrons, occasionally a dog walker on the back paths or a soccer game (which make 3 and 4 unplayable).
Real bathrooms (closed in the winter)
Water fountain
The car in the woods behind 6's tee
Huge open field to do field work (A soccer field sits directly between baskets 3 and 4)
Tee markers are arrows with distances on them pointing at the basket.
Cons: Holes 2 and 3 can get very muddy.
Hole 8
The rough is quite thorny
The gravel paths can sometimes chew up your discs
Other Thoughts: I play this course quite a bit as it's my closest local (with baskets). It's a fun little practice course that will let you work on a variety of shots.

Hole 1 is a straight shot through a stand of large trees. There are several other lines to the basket. Miss too far left and you are heading towards a playground, miss too far right and you could end up on the road.
Hole 2 is a straight shot with one large tree on the left and a couple off to the right.
Hole 3 is another basically straight shot but because of the way the basket is tucked into the trees, the ace opportunity requires a huge annie (rhbh).
Hole 4 is a straight line with trees along the left side and a wall of trees about 50' before the basket with the tunnel following the walking path. Miss the line right and you have to decide between the high risk shot through the woods, or throwing back to the path.
Hole 5 is where the course moves into the woods. The basically straight path bends in the middle forcing you to choose a path at least slightly through the thick little trees. I can't recommend a line here as I haven't found a consistent one yet. My best results tend to come from hyzer-flipping a mid straight up the path and hoping it gets past the trees in the middle. The basket is tucked in off the path on the left behind a large tree.
Hole 6 has a few decent lines including a big hyzer out over the walking path, but the recent removal of a single tree about 2/3 of the way down the most direct annie line now means you only have to make a great throw to get to the basket, not make a great throw AND get extremely lucky.
Hole 7 is a big gentle hyzer throw down a straight path.
Hole 8. Hole 8. Hole 8. When I first started playing, I bought a Wolf for hole 8. I don't carry it anymore, but something super understable like that or a strong hyzer flick that will turn the whole way "can" work it's way along the path towards the basket leaving you a reasonable upshot that will also most likely need to continue working to the right. I've seen people throw other lines through the trees, usually up high, that occasionally work. Ultimately though, I don't think there is a line on this hole that can be consistently hit because of how thick the woods are.
Hole 9 My most consistent shot here is a hyzer-flipped leopard that, if it makes it through the line of skinny trees about 15' in front of the tee (My window is less than 2' wide) is quite often parked within 10' of the basket (usually long but there's a bit of wooded backstop to keep me close). Last time I was there a friend showed me a huge sky annie line (winter only) that my Cyclone did pretty well with.

I play this course a lot because of its proximity. If there were other courses as close or closer, I doubt I would play here very often. With that said, I always have fun when I play here. I've only ever lost one disc at this course, it was on the roof of the garage to the right of hole 2. Sat up there for several months,it was found by a friend at Camp Sank. shortly after it disappeared off the roof. Overall I think this is a nice little practice course. Nothing overly challenging here, but it's not boring either. It would get another half a star if they would clear out the rest of the thorny underbrush from the rough.

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 Nice quick play

5+    4/11/2012   4/12/2012
Review By: raynger27
Played: 50  Reviewed: 19  Exp: 6.4 Years
This review was updated on 8/24/2012
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course is great for a quick play if you are in the area. The course map was very useful and I was able to follow the course the first time out with it. For such a small area, the designers did a good job of incorporating the natural elements to make a varied and fun course. Some open shots to give you a birdie chance, and some more technical shots through the trees. As a beginner to the sport, the distances of the holes on this course were perfect for my skill level. I felt a par was achievable on every hole, and with a quality drive, birdies as well. Good way to practice many aspects of the game: shorter drives, mid range shots, and putting.
Cons: As stated previously, the course plays through a soccer field and walking trail. The trail isn't very large, and I have never had an issue with people being in the way. If there is a soccer game going on, hole 3 is completely unplayable, and hole 4 is only playable is you are very confident you can throw your drive relatively straight. Again, I have never encountered an issue in the 10 or so times I have played the course, so it is only a minor concern.

Some of the holes border on unfair. Hole 5 has no real fairway, and it takes some luck to land a drive neer the basket. Hole 8 is also a crazy anhyzer shot through the heart of the woods that takes a prayer to land close. A little thinning of trees would improve things tremendously.

Without the use of the map provided at the park, or online here, the course would be tricky to navigate the first time through. With the map, I was able to navigate it without issue, just look for the mulched tee pads on each hole.

Also, basket numbers would really help the first timer navigate.
Other Thoughts: Overall, this course would be rated higher if not for the other elements of the park interfering with the disc golf layout and the unfair shots that there are. Can't fault the park too much, since the disc golf course was shoe horned in here after all those elements existed (I imagine). If given the choice, I would play this course over the Branchwood course due to the increased technical aspects and better layout. Some reviewers expressed concern over the proximity to the road on hole 1, but unless you are WAY OFF with your drive, this shouldn't pose much of a problem.

I wouldn't make a special trip from far away to come check out the course, but if you are local, it is definitely worth a visit. The playground seems nice as well if you have children to bring with you. The course itself is child friendly as well if they are interested in giving it a shot.

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 Excitable but something's wrong...

2-4    8/8/2010   8/8/2010
Review By: jcf5083
Played: 44  Reviewed: 17  Exp: 8.3 Years
This review was updated on 12/21/2011
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Bathrooms on site
-Scorecards with maps, always good
-Friendly people in the area
-A few choice holes did really challenge skill
Cons: -Many holes relied on lucky shots through trees
-I liked hole 3 but I could picture the entire hole being inturrupted by activity on the soccer or baseball field
-Tees and baskets still pretty hard to find even using the map
Other Thoughts: - The course was cool, but I would not go out of my way to play it
- Hole 1 was a pretty straight shot that makes you worry about a few trees
- Hole 2 required good thinking. There were two very large trees you had to go around to get to another straight shot
- Hole 3 was another straight shot, this time through two sports fields (I was lucky that they were empty) and ending in a protected basket
- Hole 4 was where you enter the woods, like #3 it was a straight shot that ended in a protected hole
-Hole 5 was the beginning of the luck holes. You have trees about fifteen feet away that you have to avoid only to run into another set of trees twenty feet after that. I suggest just chucking a power shot hopefully through them.
- Hole 6 was a fairly straight shot protected by more trees. This involved a "someone's gotta hit it" tree in the middle of the fairway that eliminates the straight shot.
- Hole 7 requires a good RHBH and a set of trees you need to get lucky to get past.
- Hole 8 took a miracle to find even with the map. It is straight for about 25 feet and takes a sharp left for the last 175 or so. This required a set of nice rolls to scrape out a 4
- In front of Hole 9 is four trees. You close your eyes and T-Hawk through it, good luck.
- Overall the course just "passed" but none of the holes really did anything for me. I was a little disappointed because I brought my dad out for the first time and it was fairly frustrating.

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 Hidden Gem - with Flaws

1    8/1/2009   8/1/2009
Review By: nosajeel99
Played: 37  Reviewed: 24  Exp: 16.6 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This is a really nice park with a good balance of open and wooded. There is some actual distance to the holes, all over 200' and two over 300'. Baskets are nice and the tee signs do their job. The tee pads are natural, but level for the most part, with a defined line for the front. Navigation is fairly easy from basket to next tee. The wooded holes provide some challenge and I don't think any of them are gimme twos. Advanced players will probably get 3s or better on every hole, but is a good step up for those beginning disc golf and are tired of the open, short courses.
Cons: The biggest con with the course is the fact that it overlaps other activities. The course plays around a soccer field (no fence around it) and a baseball diamond, so if one of those activities is going on, you will probably have to skip a few holes. The course also plays on, over, and around a walking path through the woods, so if someone is taking a stroll, you and they both need to be aware. I played this course on a Saturday morning and there were people walking on the trail. They were very polite and knew what disc golf was about.

Often times fairways over lap each other (such as 4 throwing over 3 or 8 crossing 9). If many groups are playing you will want to be careful and keep your eyes open.

There isn't any water in play, no elevation changes.
Other Thoughts: This is one of the better 9-hole courses I have played. It is not without its flaws, but it is still a pretty good course. The danger this course provides to others using the park for intended purposes lowers the score a good bit. If this park was solely used for disc golf, the rating would be a lot higher. Since it isn't, I feel it needs to be rated lower. And as I mentioned earlier, this course is great for those who are beginning disc golf and want to experience something other than wide open holes. This will teach more control with the wooded holes, but still require distance and accuracy on the open holes.

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 Plain and Simple

1    3/17/2009   3/17/2009
Review By: adlacro
Played: 101  Reviewed: 87  Exp: 11.6 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: A nine hole course with the baskets in great shape. A little mix of wooden and technical holes is always nice. Tees were playable and not muddy. Short drive from the Turnpike. Seems like the course is very well maintained (thanks to any who take care of it). Not overpowering length but not always easy to birdie. The playground, for the most part, does not interfere with the disc course. Fresh supply of maps with scorecard on back. A solo player can be done in as short as 20-25 minutes.
Cons: Unfortunately, with a small park comes a lot of dangers. The first hole plays just off Orvilla Rd. Any shot that screams right will almost certainly nail a vehicle. You probably won't get to play hole 3 safely if there's soccer or baseball being played. It seems like holes 5 and 9 are crapshoots. No clear path from the tee to the hole, just a matter of getting lucky. Pole for the tee of number 9 is missing.
Other Thoughts: For an area that doesn't have any major signature courses around, this will have to do. If the church had more land to work with, there was another small section of woods to work with. If you knocked out some of the trees on 5 and 9 and made a little more of a path to the holes, that'd be a start. My main concern though is the first hole. It should be a bit further from the road. Other than this, if you're passing through or nearby, this is nice to just stretch the legs. I don't recommend driving out of the way to stop here though. One other thought: The second hole could have another pin position behind the field and that would make for a tight, technical, and possibly this course's signature hole. Place it in the far back corner and woods nearby for an even greater challenge.

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 Decent little park

1    12/24/2008   12/24/2008
Review By: strain
Played: 42  Reviewed: 40  Exp: 9.6 Years
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The course ia a nice little park for beginners. There is a map and makes it eaiser to navigate.The baskets are in good shape and have numbers for each hole.
Cons: The course is a little short and the tee pads could be better well marked.It gets tough to navigate,even with a map.The fairways could be cleaned up a little bit better.I played this course in the ice and snow and can get a little muddy and slippery, so watch your step.
Other Thoughts: This park could use some concrete or rubber tee pads for better stance. Also it would be nice to have numbers on the baskets so there eaiser to find.It looks like the park is big enough to add a few more holes to the game.But over all, the park is a nice little neighborhood park and I will play it again when in the area.

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 Just Alright

2-4    9/19/2008   10/19/2008
Review By: misfitrev
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course is easy to locate. There is a nice park and pavilion available for use. The course is mostly shaded on those hot summer days. The course is relatively well maintained.
Cons: Signage is not that great. If you have never played it before you will have a very tough time knowing where to go. Many of the baskets are hard to see. Summer time foliage makes this course even more challenging.
Other Thoughts: This course could use some tree clearing. I would not feel comfortable taking newbies to this course - they would hate the game!

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 Short course

7/3/2008   7/9/2008
Review By: maf763
Played: 21  Reviewed: 13
0 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: A couple of tight wooded holes provide some challenge for accuracy. Reasonably well kept except for dirt patch tees. Well-marked.
Cons: Tees - throws on first four holes are bound to hit somebody in playground or on field - short.
Other Thoughts: It's nice to have another course in Montgomery County so I can do a quick nine or 18 after work.

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  Quick Niner

2/9/2008   3/2/2008
Review By: adamn
Played: 46  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 10.6 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Nice Park Setting, Signs pointing you in the right direction, Scorecards available, 10 minutes away from Branchwood Creek DGC (another 9 holer)
Cons: Park Activities on Ball Field may interfere, most Tees are mud with some tees placed on a gravel walking path used by others, Woods are thick with undergrowth and thorn bushes,
Other Thoughts: Good Recreational Course, would be great if tees had some gravel or other medium. Woods need to be cleared out more, lots of thorns and vines get in the way
Hole 1: Lightly wooded through playground area
Hole 2: Straight Shot to the pin
Hole 3: Straight Open Shot across the ballfield to a protected basket surrounded by trees and shrubs
Hole 4: Straight Shot from feild into woods with trees protecting hole
Hole 5: Heavy Woods, No fairway, just tomahawk it and hope you get close...
Hole 6: Tight Straight Fairway, moderately wooded to a protected basket
Hole 7: Straight Shot down walking path to a protected basket, tight fairway
Hole 8: Long Anhyzer shot through tight fairway to a protected basket.
Hole 9: Straight Shot through a Twisting Wooded fairway, follows path.

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