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Uploaded By: zapplayer12 Hole #17 (Taken 7/2009)
3 / 188ft.   3 / 213ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #17 Basket to Tee

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 Perfect for Casual Players

5+    12/10/2016   1/10/2017
Review By: coyotisdog
Played: 41  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 2.8 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Being a newer player and this being the course I've played the most, Field of Dreams was the obvious choice for my first review.

The course is set in a secluded park with a decent variety of terrain and hole types. There's some steep hills, woods, open fields and some water to contend with. Concrete tee pads are in good shape as are the baskets. Most of the tees have benches and trash cans, and the signage is pretty decent as well. The group that maintains the course does a great job keeping the fairways clear of debris and high weeds. So as far as course condition goes, it's better than most.

I know all of the holes on this course very well and will give my description from the point of view of the band of misfits that cut their disc golf teeth here along with me. We're all fairly new to the game so I'm not ashamed to say that we usually play from the short tees. The long tees are usually just a little further back but on some holes they are set in positions that completely change the dynamic of the hole. That being said...

Hole #1 - Starts in a field with basketball courts on the left and thick rough (woods) immediately to your right. The basket is nowhere in sight. The fairway makes a 90 degree turn at around 150 feet. When you make the turn you'll see more woods with an opening to the right. Take a walk to that opening and you'll see the fairway then goes down a rather steep hill with the basket on the flat at the bottom. Be careful throwing through this opening to go down the hill. If your disc fades to the left, there is a truly vile and evil gorge waiting to suck your disc to the bottom. This is no exaggeration! That thing is nearly impossible to walk down into from the top. You'll most likely have to walk to the bottom of the hill and go in that way. Still no day at the beach, and then you have to throw blindly out of it. So don't go in there. You'll come out scratched up and dirty and you still have 17 holes to play. One more thing, overthrow the basket by more than 20 feet and you're going wading in the majestic Pequest River, which you won't be far from for the next 6 holes, with the exception of hole 2.

Hole #2 - You'll tee off facing a mound with brush and woods on either side. Clear the mound and stay in the fairway and this should be an easy par or bird. The hole finishes with a sweet anhyzer shot at a basket tucked in a natural cul-de-sac. One other thing about hole 2, it's obvious the river once ran through here as the first third of the fairway is covered with round river stones - no run ups.

Hole #3 - Tee off from a slightly elevated tee down through a tunnel while trying to get a good fade right to the basket - easy. An accurate tee shot should produce at least a par on this hole. Oh yeah, if you make it though the tunnel but your disc doesn't fade, get out your wading suit. I've heard a lot of bad words said from this tee.

Hole #4 - Par 3 with a slight fade right at the end to a basket set on a slight hill. Go off the fairway and you're beating the bushes to get to a tough lie. Go too hard left and you guessed it, wading. Although making it into the river here would take a really bad shot, of which my companions and I have had our share of.

Hole #5 - Another par 3 through the trees to a basket with thick rough as a backdrop for the Popeye arms among us. Fairly straight shot with no straight line to the basket.

Hole #6 - Kind of a repeat of 5 with different lines. Of course the rough is always threat if you go there. I know this because I've gone there.

Hole #7 - I like this hole because a well thrown s-curve looks awesome going through the trees and usually lands pretty close to the basket. Lots of birdies on this hole.

Hole #8 - Long uphill hyzer shot. Accuracy is important because too far left will put you on or at the bottom of a steep, heavily wooded hill. This par 4 is a lot of fun and ends back up on top of the gorge in a field. New guys like me feel a par is a pretty good accomplishment on this hole and a birdie is like your birthday. So, on hole one you walk down into the gorge, play along the bottom on 2 through 7 and then come back up top on 8. Now to the field holes.

Before I get to the next holes let me say this: I've read other reviews that complain that the field holes are boring and take something away from the course. I disagree. After 8 holes in the woods where you've watched trees kill otherwise good shots and went trekking through the brush and brambles in search of bad throws, it's refreshing to be able to throw where there are no trees and kind of collect yourself. If you're having a bad game, this will almost certainly restore some confidence. If you've got a big arm, now's your time to shine.

Hole #9 - Nice open shot at a slightly elevated basket. Split rail fence in between and walking path to the right. On or over the path is OB, but it's usually not a problem. One big difference from the first 8 holes is the wind. Down in the woods you hardly notice it, but in the fields it is a factor.

Hole # 10 - Long straight shot with walking path, split rail fence, and road all along the left side. If you're really having a bad day, you might clear the road and wind up in the cemetery on the other side where you can pay your respects while you look for your disc.

Hole #11 - Long par 5. 750' from the short tee, 1,000' from the long. Very wide fairway so should be easy to avoid the rough on either side. We don't do things easy so at least one of us almost alway finds the rough, usually underestimating the approach to the basket, which is not visible until you're within a hundred feet or so. The basket is tucked off the left side of the fairway down a short hill and protected by a large tree that prevents going in high on your approach. The opening cut in the rough to accommodate this layout creates a wind tunnel, as all the rough is just a barrier between two fields. Putting can be an adventure here on windy days.

Hole #12 - Short straight shot across open ground into a tunnel in a patch of trees. Cheat right on this hole. easier to get out of and a shot to the left will cost you strokes trying to get back to the fairway if you don't go OB across the walking path. Ideally, throw it straight into the tunnel and enjoy your par/birdie.

Hole #13 - The twin sister of hole 10, but going in the opposite direction.

Hole # 14 - Read the sign at the tee and believe it. Tee off in a clear tunnel with a pine tree right in the middle of the end of the tunnel. You want to throw near the tree without hitting it. If you do this you'll sail into an open field and the rest of the hole is fairly easy. After you clear the tree, the fairway takes a 90 degree left turn with a chain link fence running the distance. Do not allow your disc to go over that fence. The other side is another steep gorge that you really want to avoid.

Hole #15 - Tee off from the top of a steep hill into the woods. This can be a really fun hole with a good tee shot. The layout is basically a fish hook that produces a lot of birdies. There is an ugly wretch of a vine that hangs in front of the tee that has kept many of us from enjoying this hole. That and about a hundred trees, but just miss all of those and you'll have a blast!

Hole #16 - Infuriating par 3. Tee off up a small hill, go between two trees and land in the fairway. Don't go right - bad. Now you see the basket and have to decide to go for it or lay up and take your par. Your choice but know this, miss the basket and almost assuredly roll at least thirty feet down a vey steep hill and now you can plan on trying to save a bogey.

Hole #17 - Par 3 with the basket hanging from a tree that grows in a crater on top of kind of a giant termite mound. It's a tougher shot than it looks with a large cedar tree guarding the entrance to the crater. Get around that and you got a shot at another bird.

Hole #18 - Straight shot through a tunnel that favors a natural left fade. Get through that opening on your tee shot and your par is all but guaranteed. Take the steps back up to the land of the living and talk with your buddies about the cool course you just played and when you're coming back.

Like I said at the beginning, this course is not as challenging as say a Nockamixon or a Tyler park for more experienced players, but it's still a lot of fun and in my opinion a great place for the less experienced player to become better at a great game.
Cons: The hills can be a bit hazardous when wet, so be careful. Bug spray in the summer is a must as you're playing in the woods along a river, bugs live there. The rough is the rough but it's not that bad and the crew there has done a great job keeping it in check, but there are some thorns, etc. Those are all typical of just about any course. What stands out as the biggest negative to me about this course is the sports fields when they're in use. People will park on the fairways to have a shorter walk to watch their kids play soccer, even though there is ample space in the designated parking areas only a short walk away. No parking signs would certainly help in that area and I scratch my head as to why they've never been put up. Even temporary ones tacked to wooden stakes nailed into the ground on event days would help. So if you show up there and there's a lot full of cars, understand that you will probably not be able to play all 18 holes. The upside to that is that this problem exists almost solely in the spring and fall. In the winter and summer you and other golfers and a few walkers are likely to be the only people in the park.
Other Thoughts: Some have complained about the distance between some of the holes. There are only four or five where you have to walk more than a few feet. But if you don't like walking, what are you doing out there? Switch to regular golf and then you can ride a cart if it's too much. With that said, I hope you found this review helpful and will give Field of Dreams a play or two.

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 a funny little thing called love.

2-4    10/10/2015   11/9/2015
Review By: whitefedora
Played: 315  Reviewed: 27  Exp: 9.3 Years
4 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: I wish I could give this course a 3.25. Really I do. I'll get into that later though.

-concrete pads
-short and long tees
-large variety in length(188'-1000'), tightness, elevations, and left/right holes
-some very fun unique holes to the topography
-trash cans and benches throughout
-easily accessible park
-good baskets and signage
-clean and fair fairways
-some fun water risk reward
Cons: There are some boring holes here. Straight, flat, and open.
Obviously avoid the rough. But I really don't think it's all that bad here. Not compared to some places. The fairways are also plenty fair that you shouldn't have to go in here unless you go for more than you can.
Other Thoughts: This course surprised me quite a bit the first time I came here. It has some truly awesome holes. Hole 1 is super fun and quite challenging. Straight with rough on the right until a 90 degree turn that goes way down hill and has a river behind the basket. There is plenty of room though, so unless you just throw high, you should be pretty safe.
Hole 2 or 3 has a fun couple of rolling mounds early on the whole with a sweeping anny finish. Very fun.
Hole 8 has a giant uphill hyzer shot that ends in open flat green. Super fun.
Hole 9 is wide open with a tiny planted tree and a rough pretty far out on the left and winds deep. Shouldn't be going in there ever, but it's nasty looking. Again. Shouldn't have to go there on a 300ish hole that is entirely wide open. The walking path does kind of come into play with the sweeping hyzer shot, but it's so visible that you should never have to risk hitting a person. It's not like it's blind here.
Hole 10 is about as boring as a hole gets though. And that is the downfall of this course. The middle section is very segmented to open long boring holes. It is also right along the walking path, which again is highly visible but could make for wait times.
hole 11 is at least away from the path and super long with a very fun interesting approach/green. At the end of this 1000' monster is a plenty wide sharp downhill through the left sides rough. This area is mowed and clearly a fairway, but it causes a break in the rough. Very fun end and causes you to set up this shot or risk running into the rough on a long hyzer approach.
Hole 12 is the only short hole in the abyss and while it is refreshing, the hole is located only a few feet (20ish) from the walking path and this time it isn't very visible. This is the only time I'm really knocking the rating due to the walking path. It becomes a bit more of a danger. Which is a shame. It would be a great hole with the giant spike over/through the trees with a very visible straight putter shot that is quite tight at the last part of the hole.
13 is wide open and boring and long. Not super long, but just long enough to make it a boring 3 for most intermediate players.
14 is a bit of an awkward walk to get to and a bit of a weird hole. It has a 90 degree turn with a fence lining it. It's a tunnel to get out and then wide open after the 90 degree turn until it hits the green with a guarded basket. It's not terrible, but biting off the turn of the hole doesn't seem to really benefit the approach ever.
15 has another kind of weird walk to get to, but it's awesome. A downhill horseshoe kind of design with tall skinny trees to avoid. I actually think a cut RHFH roller is the optimal way to play this hole and I find that fascinating.
16 has a great mound to throw over and a tunnel with a dangerous risk reward downhill sloping green that could cause some serious bogies. Super fun.
17 is my favorite hole. Really fun hyzer lane uphill with a bowl shaped green and a hanging basket in the middle. What a neat ace run opportunity.
18 is a decent finisher as well. A fairly tight hyzer lane that looks more forgiving than it is.

Again. Some great holes. I missed some of the earlier holes that were at least decent or would be good holes other places, but didn't really have anything crazy unique about them. But certainly the first eight and last 4 are really quality holes. It's unfortunate that you play around soccer fields in the middle though and kind of battle the ordinary.

The club here seems great though and the people not playing around the park seem to know about disc golf and are friendly as well / respectful of the people playing.

I wish I could give this course a 3.25 I'm really just having a tough time getting over those middle holes though and I can't quite bump it up to 3.5. Still worth a visit for sure.

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 Great Winter Course

1    6/17/2012   6/18/2012
Review By: bcr123psu
Played: 81  Reviewed: 64  Exp: 8.5 Years
9 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: This course is easy to find as the park is just one turn off route 46 (which is a main road in this area). The course is also easy to locate once inside the park. The conveniences of a multi-use, community park and recreational facility (bathrooms, vending machines, garbage cans, benches, etc.) are readily available and adjacent to the parking area (plenty of space to put your ride, FWIW).

As far as the course design goes, there is a variety of fairway distances, from as little as 188' on up to a MONSTER 1,000', depending on which tee you play. The course also factors in elevation changes, some more extreme than others, on numerous holes. Fields of Dreams features a mix of left, right, and straight fairways as well as a mix of wooded and open fairways. There are several holes where water can come into play on extra long drives or from ugly tree kicks.

Other positive features of the course include two tees per hole, detailed maps and tee signs showing tees, fairway, basket, distance and par, and a practice basket between holes 1 and 14.

The bulk of the wooded holes at this course appear to be exclusive to disc golf and include a small pavilion, picnic table, and garbage can on 17 and the course overall was fairly clean.
Cons: Although it's not the biggest con at this course, safety (or lack thereof) will be the first thing to get a course pulled. Specifically, bystander safety is a concern on holes 9, 10, 13 and possibly 12. For all these holes, the fairway is directly adjacent to walking paths and other sports fields where a wayward disc could injure a pedestrian. In this regard, holes 10 & 13 are unplayable when soccer games are taking place. For the wooded holes, the safety of other players needs to be considered as there are several fairways that cross each other, baskets finish too close to the next tee, or require the thrower to backtrack down the fairway to get to the tee. Additionally, blind baskets pose a risk to players, including holes 1 and 15.

The biggest drawback at FOD is the vegetation. The overgrown underbrush and knee-high weeds on the fairway are a total mess. The growth on several of the wooded fairways was bad, really, really bad and the rough was painfully rough. During the summer months, a spotter would be a good idea as well as long pants.

In terms of course design, there are some unrealistic lines on a few of the holes (1 and 15, for example) and several holes that push the risk vs. reward way to far into the risk category (such as 8 and 16).

The tees at FOD actually prohibited a run-up as they are fairly small and in most cases and were rutted and uneven, forcing a "stand and deliver" throw. In several cases, the long tees not always visible/locateable. Specific to the longs, most were just subtle variations of their shorter counterparts and didn't really offer much more of a different playing experience.

The baskets are rusting and showing signs of wear.
Other Thoughts: Despite me knocking hole #1 for having a blind basket and a fairly impossible line, it's a pretty rad hole. The 200+ foot straight shot, followed by the hard right turn, and then a signature downhill floater is pretty unique. Same goes for the high climb on hole #8

For the six month window of October through April, this course is probably easily a 3.5 because all 18 holes will likely be playable (not as much soccer, if any) and all the overgrown underbrush and rough probably dies back to a very managable level. That being said, for the remainder of the year, it's an expedition to slog through the jungle that takes over this course.

Removing the "jungle" from the equation, you're left with a technically challenging course that makes good use of the land that's available. If the overgrowth were mitigated and if the tees were a little safer, I'd be much more likely to play this course as it's very close to family that lives nearby. Regardless, it's the only DG in this area of NJ, so for those folks where FOD is their only option, this course is a good play (in the winter).

PLEASE NOTE! If you're going to mark this review as not helpful, please send me a PM and let me know why before you do. I'm always trying to improve my reviews so whatever feedback you can provide would be appreciated.

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  Bring a Spotter

1    7/10/2011   7/11/2011
Review By: fort
Played: 28  Reviewed: 1
This review was updated on 2/1/2012
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Overall the course has a nice good lay out. The initial 9 holes are wooded with good use of elevation changes. Several early holes are along a river. #'s 14-18 put you back in the woods.
Cons: TALL GRASS - the undergrowth through the woods was ridiculously long. I was playing solo and I don't know how I managed to not lose a disc - at times you could be standing right over your disc and not see it in the weeds. Bring a spotter! #11 was a joke - 750+ft long hole over an un-mowed field of weeds and Queen Annes Lace 2 1/2ft tall - total disc eater. #15 is a wooded hole and the under growth was particularly deep - spent 20 minutes searching for a disc that I made a perfect throw right down the fairway. Tee boxes are in terrible shape - I played most holes from next to the tee boxes.
UPDATE 2/1/12- I hear they have started to do a bunch of work clearing underbrush and thorns - might be time to go check it out again
Other Thoughts: The open holes are very uninspiring - basically they are just straight throws bordering the edges of soccer fields. I think this would be a very fun course to play in the early Spring or late Fall either before the weeds grow in or after they die off. Definitely not a course I'll head back to in the summer. If they could somehow get the growth dealt with I'd raise the review to a 3 1/2

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 Course is almost as good as the state's bagels!

1    6/10/2010   7/1/2010
Review By: jblough
Played: 85  Reviewed: 85  Exp: 8.7 Years
This review was updated on 7/10/2013
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Notable holes = 1,12,16, 17

Clever use of course design. It's quite obvious that the designers didn't haphazardly place holes here; careful attention to uniqueness, novelty, and challenge is evident on many holes. Not too many of the wooded holes are alike and require a nicely crafted bag to par. Nice balance of dogleg for hyzers and anhyzers as well.

Spectacular elevation changes. Holes 1 and 14 and ... And ... are testaments to the mad downhill and uphill changes you'll experience, respectively.

Hole 12 may seem like a gimmicky ace run hole to some, but I love its placement. The views of the trees juxtaposed with the fields are spectacular and I think it's a fun run for the ace!
Cons: I've seen fewer courses so overgrown; maybe I came on a bad day but even the fairway was covered with vegetation. As such, this course can be a disc eater and a spotter is highly recommended.

Plays over a soccer field, which I can imagine gets crowded at times. These open holes are good for big arms, but kind of get redundant do their similarity.

The teepads show some evident effort with the wood and gravel, but they're hardly conducive to run-ups unless you are 4 feet tall. This caused me to throw more forehand shots as a result.

Tees are close together; you don't need to go far from basket to tee. This can be a pro if you're the only one playing and a big con if lots of people are playing due to congestion.

Some of the holes are downright short. Your hopes are let up after playing the mammoth first hole, but the technicality of these holes almost negate the length.
Other Thoughts: Northern Jersey seems to be notorious for short hole lengths and Cubby Ace holes. This is definitely an exception! This is a fun course with a degree of challenge. I regret being unable to play a tourney here a few months ago because it seems like a good place to hold an event.

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 Seems like a solid 3

1    5/2/2010   5/11/2010
Review By: Noaceyet
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 19.5 Years
2 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Variety of shots needed
Long and short holes
Elevation changes
Tight and open holes
Some very unique holes
Great easy to follow tee-signs
2 tees per hole
Good parking
Cons: Tee pads are short - but I heard they will be re-done soon
Several holes seem uninspired. The 750/1000 foot hole or the 2 soccer field holes. A couple of the wood holes
The soccer fields....The park was crowded as can be with soccer players everywhere. People walking close to driving areas, sitting close to the baskets. On a busy day, there are probably 3 or 4 holes with too many people around.
Other Thoughts: Many blind holes - need to go down and see where the basket is.
The rough was not too bad. Yes, you need to watch your disc closely. But it's not worse then many other courses.

Is it worth playing and worth a trip? You bet! Is it a great course? No, but it's a solid course and well worth a visit

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 Jersey Disc Golf

2-4    1/18/2010   1/18/2010
Review By: Cyclops
Played: 79  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 26.8 Years
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: I'm writing my first review, so be gentle. Nice location with a picturesq back drop.
Doesn't seem this course gets heavy play. But, after all it is mid January. My home course is Tyler Park, Pa. and on a 45* day even in winter, it will get well used. The course layout uses most of the land and terrain changes. I played the Red tee's one time throught to get a feel of the basket locations and fairways. Second round went quick and focused on score. I printed the map from this site and brought it with me just incase. I didn't have any problems finding the tee's. They were normaly a short walking distance from the last basket. Holes 1-8 are more about placement and accuracy than distance drives. Holes 9,10,11,13 are more your big arm open field drives. You finish your round with 14-18 playing much like the front 9. Seems to be a 50-50 split on distance and placement.
Cons: We played after a full day of rain, the place was a total mud pit. Slippery fairways, hole 1 was a nightmare to get down the hill to the basket. Hole 7 had a 15" deep puddle in front of the basket, that I had to fish my disc out with a stick to make the putt. The up hill walk on 8 was very slippery as well. I'm not feeling alot of love for holes 10,12,13 playing so close to the soccer fields and the paved walking path. The tee signs say to give the pedestrians the right of way, so you may have to wait a bit to drive from these tees. Roller bladers, joggers, baby strollers, walkers and bikes are easy targets for an errant drive from tee 10 & 12. The two biggest cons for this course, tee boxes need work. Some were so bad it was a safety hazard to try. A few were filled with water, missing most of the gravel. Hole 17, the tee sits in a ravine with little sun and water filled and froze to solid ice. Holes 1-8, 15-18 have some of the worst thorns and brush. I can imagine what a nightmare this area would be in the summer. If you drive into the thick or tap off a tree. Good luck, and bring a machete so you can get to your disc.
Other Thoughts: I give this course a 3.0-Good and really couldn't give it more. There just doesn't seem to be anything that makes this park stand out. No true signature hole that is memorable. If I had to pick one? I would have to say #1, never played a hole like this anywhere else. Over all a good local course that will offer a lot of fun. Hopefully over the next few years, improvements to fairway layout, and tees will let this course mature. It's still a new 18 hole layout. I will stop here from time to time for a change.

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1    7/28/2009   7/28/2009
Review By: StymieDidIt
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5
2 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Most holes are challenging. Some short some long. It covers a good sized area and is well maintained. Very good signs for each tee and directions to the next hole.
Cons: Some of the holes between 1 & 8 are very short. It seemed that they were even shorter than the distance noted on the sign? Tee boxes... ouch! I thought they were small and difficult to throw from. Also, the gravel boxes provided me with loose footing several times and it really altered my shot(for the worse). Lots of blind shots, over hills around bends, dropoffs, etc. I don't know if that's a con for everybody, but I thought that there were too many of those type holes.
Other Thoughts: I'd go back. Certainly not a bad course, and it is new, so maybe there are some bugs to work out. The Soccer fields could be an issue as well.

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