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Underrated, but I get why

5+    7/30/2017   9/19/2017
Review By: themcmc87
Played: 4  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 0.6 Years
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Pros: I'm giving this course a 4 rating in an effort to combat some of the really negative things that have been said about it which are, to my mind, undeserved. A few caveats:
1. I am a relatively new player. Been playing on and off (mostly off) for about 4 years, but I picked it up again this summer with a goal of trying to actual improve.
2.I played 4-5 times a week this summer, and Leigh Farms was the course I played more than any other. I only played the rec course, so this does not include any information about the advanced course. The one time I tried to play the advanced course, the holes were indeed very confusing to find, and I ended up resorting to the rec course halfway through.
3. I admit that perhaps some of my admiration comes from the fact that this was, for the most part, the course I attempted to teach myself to play disc golf on. I tried my damnedest to make this course my own, to play it until I knew every nook and cranny. Perhaps many of the negative things people have said about this course are things I just forced myself to get used to and play through, things that others used to more well-manicured courses would not have tolerated. I also managed to somehow score an Ace on hole 7, the only ace I have ever scored, out of freak luck. So, I'll admit I'm a bit emotionally attached.
4. The first time I tried playing this course, I didn't take one of the brochures with me, and I got lost, and frustrated, and quit. I went back months later, grabbed a brochure, learned the layout, and fell in love with the course.

But there are a bunch of things to love about this course.
Hole 1 and 2 are both short shots that are fun to shoot for ace on with a mid-range forearm and you can easily overshoot.
This course is both so frustrating and so rewarding because almost every hole can either end up as an easy birdie or a double-bogey. You are ensconced in trees the whole time, and slight deflections can send your disc into an abyss of brush and trees. But the reward for a perfectly delivered drive through the trees is oh-so-sweet. This course is an excellent course to drill if you are trying to get better at throwing through trees.
The first 3-4 holes are all pretty similar, but there is some great variation as you get into the later parts of the course.
Hole 12 is a fun shot to practice changes in elevation and shooting down hill.
Hole 13 is one of the longer holes on the course, and requires some interesting choices about which route to take to try to clear the mini-creek. The creek creates a low-risk OB type opportunity for you to practice - discs are easily retrievable, but you do have to climb down into the creekbed to get them.
Hole 14, the gulley hole, is one of my favorites.
Hole 17, around the barn, is just such an incredibly fun, tricky shot to have to drive from.
Leigh Farm takes all of the wonderful, frustrating things about NC courses and packs them all into a tiny little package. I get why some people don't like this course, but I loved learning to play disc on it.

Cons: The key to not getting lost on this course is to grab one of the brochures at the front of the course and take it with you until you learn the course structure. As many have noted, the layout is a bit counter-intuitive, and with the two courses laid on top of one another, it's REALLY easy to get lost. Get yourself the brochure, and read the instructions carefully. For the most part, the instructions do a pretty good job of walking you from basket to basket.

You might get lost a few times, but once you learn the layout, it makes sense and is really easy to navigate. When you're done with hole 13, you'll need to cross the street to the other side of the park closer to the highway. Look for a wooden plank marking the trail from the road/sidewalk to the second part of the course.

The brush is pretty bad, as some have noted, but I think some people's reviews are exaggerating it quite a bit. This is not much different than any other heavily wooded NC course. Pretty standard fair for NC courses in terms of how bad it is if your disc gets out into the rough. The one thing that is a bit worse here than at other courses is spiderwebs. When walking through the rough to get to my disc, I definitely liked to carry another disc with me to wave in front of my face to prevent me from walking into spiderwebs ("Sorry, I'm not home right now... " Sing along if you know the words, kids).

The teeboxes could definitely be better maintained.

If you have no problem moving your disc through trees with ease, you will probably find this course very easy. There are not many holes which require much in the way of distance driving. It is almost entirely enclosed in the woods, so if you need 900 ft fairways and enormous par 5's, the rec course is definitely not the place for you.
Other Thoughts: I get why people may not like this course. It's a bit rough around the edges. But for me, this was a great course to learn how to play disc golf on. It honed my skills in the woods, taught me to throw a variety of shots, and was a fun place to get some good disc golf muscle memory down. Don't let these reviews scare you away. But seriously, use the instructions, or go with someone who knows the layout.

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2-4    6/6/2017   6/6/2017
Review By: Jonjey
Played: 9  Reviewed: 9
This review was updated on 6/27/2017
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Pros: I give it a 0.5 because I can't give any land with disc golf baskets a 0.
Cons: 1: Insane overgrown brush just off the fairway on pretty much every single hole. If you go off the fairway you'll be in thorns, ticks, mud, spider webs, etc... This is the worst, most dangerous brush of any course in the area, by far.

2. Legitimately dyslexic course design. Completely convoluted and absurd. You have two courses in one course, "recreational" and "advanced". This could be fun, it usually is done by simply having multiple teepads, and at times on certain courses well marked second baskets for extra length/difficulty. This course goes a different route... You'll walk up to the first tee, no sign of course, you see a basket out in front of you about 150 feet. "Okay, this must be the first hole." You throw to it, walk towards it and find another tee, no signage, oh well finish your hole. You make your putt, and find another basket. "What's this basket to?" Must be hole two, alright, walk back to that random tee you saw on hole 1. Make your putt, walk another ten feet, find another basket. Alright, I officially have no idea what this was supposed to be! So you get to the third tee, or at least what I think is the third tee, and the sign shows you two baskets, with one being literally right in front of you about 60 feet. Alright, I'll play to the longer hole. Skip the first basket, find another tee next to it, ignore it, play to the long basket, find signs that split the course in two. It's just a complete mess.
Other Thoughts: UPDATE: I have reduced my score to 0.0, today I decided to go back and give this course another try, because I left after 2-3 holes the first time, I decided to try to stick it out and really see if this course gets better.

It doesn't. It gets worse, so much worse. Hole 3(I think) is an easy shot, about 230 feet up into an open fairway. I threw my GM dead center, perfect line, looked like I had parked it about 10 feet in front of the basket. I get up to the fairway and THE FAIRWAY is literally up to my knees in vegetation. THE FAIRWAY. I spent 10 minutes looking for my disc, finally found it about 15 feet out from the basket and tossed in my easy birdie. I found the next hole, but only thanks to the brochure I had grabbed at the beginning of the course, which is a pro that those are available. The next hole, hole 4? of the "advanced" course, is literally just throwing into an overgrown wasteland. I didn't feel like losing my discs today, so I just walked through. Using the brochure, because you'd never be able to find where the next hole is without it (Hard finding the next hole WITH it actually), I managed to find the next hole, or at least what I think was the next hole. I walked past baskets that had no teepads anywhere in sight, I walked past teepads that had no signage and seemed to point off into nothing but extremely dense woods, so I assumed all these were old holes or something... I found a teepad at the bottom of a hill, which is what the brochure told me was the next hole, but there was no sign there. I saw another teepad about 75 feet up to the right side of the hill that had a sign, so I just went to that. This hole would be cool if it weren't for the fact that you have a 10 foot wide fairway and if you go off the fairway to the left you'll never see the disc again because it's a complete mess of dangerous vegetation on the side of that big hill. I very carefully threw my Wraith with a biiiig anhyzer angle on it just to stay out of that mess. I ended up about 280 feet down just inside the fairway. My Wraith is my most expendable disc, so I threw it again. Same shot, lofty anhyzer. Got about 330 feet down and was close to the basket. I walk up and couldn't find my disc in the 5 foot tall mess of gnarliness. Walked around for another 10 minutes trying to find it, finally did. Normally, I would have made a run for the putt and got my birdie, but the basket itself was also placed right in a vegetation wasteland, so I pitched up the hill about 15 feet and tapped it in for par instead.

By this point I was pretty much ready to call it quits, your shot selection shouldn't be "which disc do I care the least to lose" unless there's a ton of water in between you and the basket. I shouldn't have to dig through vegetation to find my disc WHEN IT LANDED PERFECTLY IN THE FAIRWAY ON HOLE 3, I shouldn't have to skip 700 foot holes because there IS NO FAIRWAY, I shouldn't have to cut my distance by throwing anhyzers so that my disc doesn't end up in shit city when the fairway is 10 feet wide!

I gave up on the brochure at this point because it wasn't much help anyway, I found a teepad on the side of a hill that looked down at a yellow basket about 150 feet away. No sign, of course. I decided to go ahead and throw to that basket from there. Tossed my Dart on an anhyzer down the hill and parked it. From this basket I could see the road, so I tapped in and then took the road back to the parking lot.

I made it throw like.. 6 holes this time? Maybe 7, I don't even know. This course should be condemned.

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5+    4/9/2017   4/9/2017
Review By: rvanderpool3
Played: 18  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: Challenging, but fair heavily wooded holes. 15 of 18 holes are heavily wooded tunnel shots. if you are missing your lines, it's gonna be a long round. There are a lot of 'real' par 4s on this course which is somewhat unique for the area.
Cons: The signage is a little rough/nonexistent, though this is getting better in the past few weeks. The teepads are smooth rubber. when dry they are fine. if they are the slightest bit damp, they do not provide much grip.
Other Thoughts: This course is very much worth playing. I play here once or twice a week. Very fun course which will make you use all the shots in your tool belt.

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Too confusing

2-4    7/25/2015   7/25/2015
Review By: KenanFlagler01
Played: 106  Reviewed: 100  Exp: 7.7 Years
This review was updated on 3/19/2016
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Pros: I like the rubber tee pads, but they are a con if you play soon after a rainstorm. They get slick. But in ideal conditions, I like them better than concrete pads.
Cons: Trying to figure out the navigation is really frustrating. Two tee pads, two or three baskets per hole...just give me a nice tee, a good layout, and a decent basket to throw to! There is signage and yardage for the gold (pro) and white (intermediate) tees, but not red (red). From the red tees you throw to the blue baskets (?), for the white tees you throw to yellow, and from the gold tees you throw to the furthest...? I don't know, it's just a mess.
Other Thoughts: I may give Leigh Farm ONE more chance, if I play with someone who knows the course well, but otherwise, it's not worth it. UNC is 8 minutes from here and it's a fantasic course. Better options than Leigh Farm in the area.

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 Lame Farm

5+    4/30/2013   4/30/2015
Review By: DrFurious
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3
3 Helpful / 7 Not
Pros: Another course in Chapel Hill to draw players away from cool courses like UNC and Dogwood.
Cons: This course has so much potential, but the dyslexic awkwardly designed fairways and the trash everywhere makes for a frustrating day. Before the course was designed, several of us were invited to check out the proposed lay-out. The land had a lot of potential, but for some reason the final design included dumb placement holes, shots around barns, ridiculous long holes that could easily be cut into three holes, missed opportunities where awesome holes could be (huge mound), etc. etc.
I got lost and missed several holes even though I've played the course (and saw it get designed/built!!)
Other Thoughts: If you like strange placement shots where an amazing ace-run could be, this is the course for you.

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 Tournament Potential

5+    1/18/2015   1/26/2015
Review By: adambenson87
Played: 7  Reviewed: 7  Exp: 17.4 Years
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: A good mix of long and short holes: par 3's, 4's and two 5's.

A variety of shots and elevation, open and wooded holes.

The wooded holes are open enough for there to be a discernible route, which makes these holes more like UNC's course and less like Southern Community course. Some holes start in the open and end in the woods and some start in the woods and end in the open, which makes for fun variety and shot making.

The par 4's are pretty interesting holes. You don't have to be a power player to reach them. A lot of doing well here is placement.
Cons: When it rains, you can hurt yourself slipping on the rubber tee pads if you're not careful. I noticed that many people have moved the tee pads off of the tees.

In the summer time, you have to worry about ants near the tee pads. Plenty of people have been turned away by this course, because they got ants all over them at some point.

If you're a visitor without a course map, it'll be hard to find the tee pads on some holes. So, visitors, print a map or use your phone.
Other Thoughts: Next Tee signage, new tee boxes, and getting rid of the ant problem would improve the course.

#15 is a strange hole. I'm not sure that this hole is a con, but I think the gold tee is.

This course mostly has Innova Disccatchers, but now they have silver metal baskets (DGA?) on some of the long placements. I think they'll end up changing them around, but if you want to play the long version, look for the DGA baskets on a few (5?) of the holes.

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 Course is now open, but I suggest waiting.

1    3/9/2014   3/9/2014
Review By: VinnyB
Played: 8  Reviewed: 4
1 Helpful / 3 Not
Other Thoughts: Lots of potential, but after all the construction, lots left to do. Signs need to be changed for hole number and for distance, signs for next tee pad are either small and bare wood (making them nearly impossible to see) or nonexistant. Some holes are being worked on still and if combined holes are upposed to have yellow-only baskets, they need to get the blue band off of them. My party met two guys that gave up (a little too easily, IMHO) after playing only 4 holes. When they get this right, it should be really nice. As it is, it's still fun, and I shot 4 birdies on my first time playing the course. So, if you want a little adventure, I say, go for it!

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1    3/6/2014   3/7/2014
Review By: reposado
Played: 278  Reviewed: 276  Exp: 6.4 Years
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The rec course at Leigh Farm is a decent play. It would probably earn a 2.5 on it's own merit. There are some interesting holes. There are a lot of short holes, fourteen of them under two-hundred feet, but a bunch of those are fairly interesting. (Particular 17, which passes one of the park's historic structures and finishes in a tunnelish area) They're pretty much all wooded and while tight, they aren't too tight for the intended audience. It it called a rec course. It certainly gets more interesting towards the end where many of the holes are just shortened versions of those on the longer layout. 10 and 13 stand out. Two of the longer holes on the layout at 277 and 334 feet respectively, they both shoot down hill and 10 finishes nicely to the right while 13 crosses a creek just before the basket. On average, it plays with a similar difficulty to the nearby Cornwallis except some of these holes are far easier than anything at Cornwallis and some of them are far tougher. It's much less consistent in it's level of challenge.

Some work is still going on here, but if you download the map before you go, you won't have any trouble following the rec course. It's fairly intuitive and as long as you have the map letting you know which general direction to go from the basket, you should be fine. Remember, the signs are inaccurate. (Sometimes they depict the hole correctly but the numbers are still wrong.) Don't use them. Use the map, and look for the blue numbers on the tee pad. Those indicate you are at the right place. It was recently closed for a good time and a lot of work has been done. There is nearby construction where an apartment complex is going in but the construction at the park is mostly done and it's a good looking clean park now that should provide a quick, fun round.
Cons: A bunch of the holes are less interesting. In particular, those pairs of holes which are combined into one hole for the advanced layout. I'm speaking of 1 and 2, as well as 3 and 4. They very much feel like hole segments. It's tricky putting two layouts into the same area and some of the holes of the rec course suffer that. Even beyond that, the experienced player will find little challenging here. Too many of the holes are just short pitches, as described above. I'm not really knocking it for the incomplete nature of the course as that will be finished soon enough and there are really only a few transitions that need much in the way of aid. (13 to 4, 15 to 16 and 11 to 12) That said, I'd recommend playing the rec course once before playing the advanced layout. It will help you understand how the course is built and it will make navigating much easier. Because right now, the advanced course is not the easiest to follow.
Other Thoughts: Now to Leigh's Lair. The advanced course here has a ton of potential. I think when it's all done, it will be a 3.5-level course on it's own. It's a nice design that boasts some real challenge while remaining playable by all but the most inexperienced players. It's got some long, curving holes with real distance for wooded holes and I doubt many will complain about the throws that the layout allows. Three of the holes combine two fairways from the easier layout, typically resulting in a one solid bend as you transition from one to the other. Six of the holes are on their own and this includes some of the best holes on the course, specifically the ones around the mound complex. 6 throws form ground level essentially up a ramp to a high placed tee on the edge of a sharp drop-off. 7 plays from the top of that mound to the top of a another smaller mound and 8 throws off that one. It's a nice sequence and it's made better when you come back that small mound and climb the back steps to throw once more from a ledge half-way up. The other holes are more like long pads for the regular course. In some cases, much longer pads.

As of now, it's one of the tougher courses to follow, even with the map, which as linked to here is hand-drawn and thus vague. Additionally it seems to be inaccurate in a few places, so I'll guide you through a few instances of trickyness, at least for now as I assume there will eventually be signs to help with this. (At least numbers on the pads, for most of the round I had no idea what number I was on and it took playing the rec course to better understand Leigh's Lair.) The first tee is the same as the rec course first tee. That confused me at first. 1 plays from the rec 1 tee to the rec 2 basket. Likewise, 2 plays from the rec 3 tee to the rec 4 basket. Both pretty nice holes. Then the layouts separate and there is a sign that indicates this. 4 does not tee off near the pump station as the map would indicate. Walk down the road to the bend and you well see the short pad in front of you. Turn around and find the long pad imbedded on the hillside. 5 is along the service road but it is much shorter than the map makes it look. The basket is tucked to the right of the road. From that basket, cross the road and you'll find a tee pointing straight at the mound. (This is labeled 7 on the map but I'm pretty sure it's 6 now as I couldn't find what was 6) From there the map is mostly accurate other than the numbers being one off. Most of the holes down the end stretch are matched up with short course holes. You just need to find the long pads.

Honestly, if you can wait until the course is finished being worked on, it would be advisable. Save yourself from the navigation nightmare. But even now, there's great golf to be played here with some of the toughest holes in Durham.

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 Long and Grueling

1    5/23/2012   12/10/2012
Review By: nyrblue2
Played: 28  Reviewed: 23  Exp: 7.7 Years
9 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: "Pro Level" 18 hole course, mixed with "Rec Level" 18 hole course (courses share some tees, fairways and baskets) in a quiet, mostly wooded section of a "nature-y" area

***I played the pro course from the long tees while I was here so my review will be mostly based on that, but I'll touch on a few rec course things I noticed

- Grueling - this course (the pro/advanced course) is long and challenging - it's both an endurance challenge and a disc golf challenge and will test your skills
- Parking right near hole 1 - bulletin board/kiosk with rec course map, pro course "sketch", basket position for pro course and a few flyers
- 2 tees for the pro course (white and gold - shared on some of the holes) and 2 basket positions
- Tees are rubber flypads for uniform surface
- Baskets are DisCatchers (some wear/age) with yellow band to help to pick out of the wooded backgrounds (rec course has blue ribbon over the yellow band to differentiate from the gold course)
- Very nice tee signs showing an accurate hole map, distances and par for each tee and basket position combination - these were some of the best I've come across (but surprisingly not the best during my visist - nod to Middle Creek for theirs)
- Good variety of hole types - numerous tightly wooded holes and numerous open holes - some long playing as true par 4 or more and some short ace runs
- Good elevation changes - from soft wooded downhill (#1), to a big bomb off the top of a hill (#8), to an uphill drive to a blind basket up over the lip of a grassy hill (#7), to a gradual uphill through trees (#4)
- Some real nice views in the middle of the course - basket #7 and tee #8 are up on a big hill giving you a nice look at the fields and trees around you
- Cool elevated basket (built up on some sort of step pyramid thing) on hole #8 (I think) - made for a challenging putt (which I probably missed)
- I thought some of the woods holes were really cool - hole #14 stood out to me as my favorite - precise drive needed through the trees with the basket perched on the other side of a mostly dry creek bed protecting from lazy layups - hole #17 was also very fun with the unique obstacle of a big, old barn smack right in the middle of the fairway, given you lines around both the left and right, but more trees await behind it between you and the basket
Cons: - Navigation "within" a hole - this course may be the most confusing one I've played yet in terms of some of the holes, in and of themselves (once a hole was figured out and completed, navigation from basket to next tee actually wasn't horrible, even without a map) - the interwoven rec course made for a head-scratching walk up and down some fairways - for instance, on hole 1, from the gold tee you can see the rec basket with the blue ribbon around the chastity belt, but the gold basket is beyond it hidden from sight - there is a rec tee up and left a bit, in between your tee and the visible basket, but I think that is actually the tee for rec hole #2 (so you backtrack uphill if you're playing the rec course) - I think rec hole #2 plays to gold hole #1's basket? Then I think gold hole #2 plays along the same fairway as rec hole #3? Very confusing - this needs to be explained better online, at the bulletin board or somewhere, probably with better maps for both courses, maybe overlaid on top of each other
- No overall course map for the pro course (the sketch online and on the bulletin board don't quite cut it) - to me, this is a must for any top-level course - even though hole to hole navigation wasn't too bad overall, I had to hunt a bit for some pro tees (holes 5 and 16, I think, come to mind)
- Parking lot was in pretty rough shape (potholes and muddy)
- A few of the fairways and areas around baskets were a bit mucky (I think behind basket 10 and the area around 16/17/18 and the walk back to the parking lot)
- Fairly high chance for lost discs, especially if playing solo - I know this is an inherent risk playing solo, but the many blind shots enhance this issue - spent a while looking for my disc in the tall grass at the bend on hole 3 and partway down the fairways on holes 5 and 9
- I admittedly don't have a huge arm and don't prefer super-long holes, but I've come to accept them and deal - however, holes 4 and 5 here I thought were annoying since they each almost played like 2 different holes - start with a big, wide open drive and then you have to play into a precise wooded entrance only to be greeted with more hundreds of feet of wooded golf - I dunno, maybe others will view this differently (as a cool, good feature), but it seemed like a "cheap" way to have a super-long hole or two on your course - maybe this could be a way to add more holes to the complex? I'm not sure how much additional un-used land there is to work with
- Hole #3 - doglegs are fine, but u-turns are annoying
- The rough was pretty abusive and I walked away with less blood than I came in with (starting on hole 1 on a RHBH that turned too much, too early into a big thorny bush)
Other Thoughts: - Course was overall pretty dry when I played, so I can't really say how the tees fare in wet weather
- Benches on a few holes, but probably not the majority
- Tight, gravel entrance road - don't bring your fancy, newly-washed car
- For the relative "remoteness" and isolation, it was interesting to climb the hill on hole 7 and see a modern office complex and parking lot out off the edge of the property
- Could have been an anomoly, so I don't want to list it as a "con", but when I finally found my drive on hole 5, my disc was covered...I mean covered...in ants - put my bag down in what I thought was a clear area maybe 20 feet away to clean the disc and take my second shot, but come back to find that my bag was now covered - not a fun way to spend the rest of the round, picking ants off you, your bag and your disc

This course was...unique. It was challenging and had variety, but was fairly unpolished. It seemed like a cross between an educational nature center, a rustic farm and a backwoods moonshine complex. The confusion over the first few holes was mostly an afterthought once the sign guided you to the rest of the pro course (except for the few other holes where they co-mingle again with multiple tees and baskets). This was probably the toughest course out of the 6 I played on my visit to the area. Normally that doesn't deter me, but in this case, it wasn't for the right reasons (confusing navigation, high chance for lost discs in abusive rough/foliage, etc.) - I'd rather play other tough courses that are in better shape and more refined (Buckhorn in this area, for instance). I think there is a lot of room for improvement and I think there is a lot of potential. If some things get fixed up (clarity on navigation, trim up the firways/rough a bit), I'd be interested to try it again and seeing some of the other reviews from frequent players mentioning improvements gives me hope that it will become even more spectacular over time. However, given my one-time fly-by (even considering the navigation issues that I know would be less of a issue playing a second time), I probably wouldn't go out of my way to play this one again if I'm only in town for a short visit again, given the many other solid course options in the Triangle. However, I give a lot respect to whoever built these courses. Installation of 2 courses over a wide spread of land, however rough they may be, is no small feat - hats off to you.

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 This isn't going to be pretty

5+    9/8/2012   9/8/2012
Review By: sloppydisc
Played: 201  Reviewed: 147  Exp: 9 Years
7 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: 18 challenging holes set in a wooded property right of I40 in Durham. Multiple tee pads. There are an Advanced and Gold position as well as Rec positions marked with red rocks.

Blue baskets for Rec layout and Yellow for Advanced and Gold. Signs at each pad showing positions and lengths.

Technical wooded course with a little bit of everything. Woods, hills, creeks, ups, downs, and many tough lines to hit.

Good variety of hole lengths. There are a few short ace run type holes and there are some long tough holes that wander through the woods. Don't expect to come out and play your typical Par 3 round of golf.

Long basket positions are significantly tougher than the shorts and add a whole new challenge to this course. Gold layout can crush you if that's what you're in to.

Seldom crowded as this course doesn't seem to be a favorite of local players. I played on a Saturday afternoon, and was the only person there.

Challenging. Arguably the toughest course in the Raleigh area.
Cons: Layout and navigation can be difficult. I would advise a guide your first time. I suspect there are still some lost souls out there from when it first opened.

Rubber tee pads. They are functional, but get muddy and washed out with debris at times.

Some would say that a few holes have 'unfairways'. Scattered trees in a few fairways can lead to some shots that are as much luck as skill.

A scenic beauty Leigh Farm is definitely not. Think of this as a reclaimed redneck garbage dump and you get the idea. There is garbage on some of the fairways and rough. This can include a lot of broken glass so wear good shoes.

During summer there are some kid's camps at the nature center. I have had to skip holes 16-18 at times due to dozens of kids near the baskets. It's rare, but possible.
Other Thoughts: The key to playing Leigh Farm is attitude. It isn't particularly scenic, nor does it offer any memorable holes. Just know that your round won't be a thing of beauty. Chances are you'll have to pull some creative get of trouble shots, and you'll nail a random tree or two. The over/under on eaten spiders is also about 3. As you wander through the woods, you'll most likely encounter a few of our friends that live in webs. It's just part of playing here.

But there are a bunch of challenging holes that will force you to use a ton of different shots. There are some elevated baskets, hillside shots, creeks to cross and many dog legs to navigate. This isn't my favorite course in the area, but playing it on occasion will show you where your game lacks.

The other nice thing about this course is that it does continue to get better. Every time I play Leigh Farm I can see the results of the work being done by volunteers. When this course first opened it was virtually unplayable. Now it is a good course that can offer one of the better challenges in the area.

The parking lot by Hole 1 is fairly small and can be muddy. I usually park behind the office building you'll see when you first pull in. Walk down the gravel driveway and you'll see the pad for Hole 5 on your left. This is usually the best place to start.

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