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Uploaded By: timg Hole #16 (Taken 12/2016)
3 / 361ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #16 Basket to Tee

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Relaxing beauty.

5+    10/16/2016   10/17/2016
Review By: Msouders13
Played: 8  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 1.9 Years
1 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Quiet, can be a parking lot full of cars and you might not see another person on the course. Great, varied terrain, water shot if you want to (sometimes it plays slightly unfair depending on the pin position as overhang trees can too easily swat discs in the water) but there is an alternate tee/pin if you don't. Just a nice course. Deserves its 4 stars.
Cons: Some holes are really hard to 3 let alone birdy.
Other Thoughts: Slowly becoming my favorite course in middle Tennessee. Always improving and just a good layout/mature area.

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One of TN's bests

1    8/15/2016   8/22/2016
Review By: 3Throws of the Condor
Played: 69  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 16.7 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Great variety of holes long/short left/right uphill/downhill open/dense woods. A bad shot at any time can cost you your par with few exceptions. Multiple basket locations ( all have 2 except #6 and quite a few have 3) but single tee pads (which I prefer). Each different basket location makes for a completely different hole instead of just adding 50-150 ft. to the original hole. The courses is very well maintained and basket locations get rotated regularly. Most of the more open holes have corn fields bordering them which is not much of a hazard except mid to late summer when the corn is 8 to 10 feet tall like it is now 8/22 . There are also alternate holes for #3 and #9 for players who want to avoid the water. You can easily play this as a 20 hole course if you want to. #9 in the "A" position is probably considered the signature hole for this course although I really like #1 and #10. I'm a Sr. Grand Master so not much distance so best I've ever done here is 58 plus 4. Configured to its most difficult only excellent players would be shooting under par on this course consistently. If your in the Nashville area make it to this course you won't regret it. There is a little gas station/convenience store (Gils Market) that sells discs near park entrance and is very supportive of disc golf.
Cons: Need benches at the holes that are missing them. The skeeters can be really bad although 2016 has been unusually calm on that front.
Other Thoughts: Looks like they'll be adding 2 more holes to the original layout. Hopefully an additional 18 hole course can be added.

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Extremely challenging. Broke me mentally a few times.

5+    7/13/2016   8/14/2016
Review By: GMcAtee
Played: 411  Reviewed: 56  Exp: 8.8 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Sharp Springs is an extremely challenging course offering a ton of variety. It has it all: woods, open bombs, water carries, multiple pin placements, and even alternate holes for the beginners to avoid the water. The original baskets have held up the test of time and catch well. There is new signage throughout the course.

The rock formation on hole 9 creates a fun ace run. The corn creates and out of bounds line for several holes during a tournament and league play.
Cons: Slight elevation.
Hole 16 is a poke and hope in the long positions.
Hole 6 had to be moved making it a straighter shot due to players trying to retrieve discs from the neighboring turd factory.
Other Thoughts: I heard a rumor the baskets were going to be replaced by new Prodigy baskets. Ugghhh. It'd be a waste to replace the current baskets. That could downgrade my rating in the future.

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 My new double with Cedar Hill

2-4    8/5/2014   8/13/2014
Review By: upfromtheashes
Played: 42  Reviewed: 38  Exp: 13.4 Years
7 Helpful / 2 Not
- The available land is quite varied, and the course design makes good use of the topography. There are open holes, wooded holes, water holes, cornfield holes =)

- Good variety within the layout. Holes didn't feel repetitive.

- Large concrete teepads, in good shape.

- High quality baskets.

- Very nice signs which include distance and topographical map of hole.

- Multiple possible pin placements allowing for variety between rounds (which appears to be a staple of Nashville courses, but not everywhere so definitely worth mentioning)

- Alternate teepads for the water holes.

- Flow from hole to hole was good, no trouble navigating the course as first timers (once we found hole 1 lol).

- Practice putting basket

- Big field to warm up the arm before your round

- Course loops back around to the parking lot after hole 11.

- The park it's located in was attractive and looked to be well maintained. Course has been nicely mowed both times I've played it. The entire course looked well taken care of.

- Has some memorable holes, most notably the water holes.
I have to get pretty nit-picky to find negatives about this course. Here's the worst I could come up with:

- Not much elevation change available here. There's one long downhill hole, but mostly it's pretty flat.

- Some of the open holes could have been a bit more imaginative in their design in order to create better risk/reward scenarios.

- No pars. Evidently no one in Nashville believes in the concept of par, because every course I play has all these varying pin placements in all different distances, with no varying pars. Example: if position A on hole 10 (276 ft) is par 3, there's no way that position C (420 ft) should be par 3. "Everything is par 3" is a copout. Ball golf doesn't do that, and disc golf will be held back as long as this mentality prevails.

- I wouldn't have minded a little more length. Or perhaps just more baskets in the long positions.
Other Thoughts:
- This is my 2nd favorite course in Nashville behind Cedar Hill. It will likely become my regular doubleheader on my trips down there.

- Truth be told, I would have rated this course a 4.25 if I could have. I like it better than other course I've given a 4.0, but I don't like it quite as much as other 4.5 courses. Waffling between the two I decided to go with the higher number because I feel it's current 3.93 aggregate rating is a little too low.

- I've played this course twice this summer and haven't had any trouble with insects as some others have mentioned.

- Others have also mentioned some very thick rough, which I also hadn't noticed. The fairways are not tough to stay on. They aren't punitively narrow. That being said, I wouldn't bring a newer player to this course. There are better beginner courses in Nashville.

- Cornfields! It's funny the things that amuse us, but this was the first course of the 40 I've played with cornfields on it. It was kinda neat, kinda gives it a little different feel. (I'm sure this point would not apply to visitors from Iowa).

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 Variety in Nashville

5+    4/5/2014   4/9/2014
Review By: tampabay
Played: 41  Reviewed: 8
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Variety - I feel like every hole is so unique at this course. There are only two or three that felt similar. I love the different feel of every hole. I also enjoy that they have a lot of the trademark holes of a good course, the long bomber, the tight woods, the water hole, the downhill hole, a hole where you have to go over the top.

Woods - I love wooded courses and this one seemed to have just the right amount of woods. I really enjoyed holes 16-18 and I felt they had true fairways but they were still tight. This course does a good job of having long challenging holes, (1&2 in the longs, 16&17).

Location - Part of why this course is awesome is because they picked an awesome place to put it. This course is at a multi-purpose park but I can't think of any holes where there is any interference. Very well designed. Teepads/signs are all very good. The land the course is built on is just beautiful.

Difficulty - The difficulty on this course is varying, and I really appreciate that. A perfect example is hole 3. There is an alternate that plays over water that is a fairly short shot, but you have to make a gap or your disc will fall in the water. 3a however is probably only a 200-225 shot but it has such a tight fairway, albeit a very clear one, that it is a challenging 3. There are also plenty of holes that are long, wooded, and even a hole that forces you to go over the top. It has it all, woods, water, tight fairways, doglegs, distance, elevation.
Cons: Traffic - I don't know if this is fair to list as a con, but this course is always packed. There is only one other course within about an hour and this one is always slammed.

These are the differences I'd need to see to give this a 4.5-5, I think this is an incredible course.

Distance - I'd like to see a few wooded holes that were a little bit longer. I really liked the wooded holes but I wish they had a few more long tight tunnels.

Alternate pins - There were a few, but I wish they had more alternate pins that changed the hole completely. For example, hole 1 has alternate pins but it just makes it a little bit harder with the same starting shot. I enjoy the alternate pins they do have but I'd like a few more that were a little creative.

Mosquitoes - There is literally nothing the course can do about this. I'm leaving this purely as a warning.

Other Thoughts: My cons are very nit picky. I would give this course a 4.25, I wish it was a little bit longer and had a few changes, but I love this course. Very good course, second best in the Nashville area in my opinion (Cedar is #1 in my book). I think the local club has done an amazing job with this course. Very very good course. I also agree that it could have a little more elevation, but I think they do a great job with what they have.

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 A must play course

2-4    2/1/2014   2/11/2014
Review By: Vibramterraius
Played: 35  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 4.1 Years
This review was updated on 4/9/2014
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Parking area is good. The course is well maintained. Tees are some of the best in the area. Holes are adapted to most skill levels offering some short and some long throws to be made. Multiple basket placements makes it more fun to play.
Cons: Popularity of this course means that it can be very busy especially on weekends. Signs some are good and some are just not good. Can be a bit confusing to find the next hole. Some areas are almost too thick to wade through if you land in the rough.
Other Thoughts: Target 1: Throwing a decent anhyzer here will get you set up nice for the next throw where you could birdie.

Target 2: Though it is pretty much a straight inline throw if you hyzer here it can get you into trouble and make the disc hard to locate.

Target 3: Over water requires a decent hyzer throw some canopy can interfere you'll need waders if your throw don't make it. There's an alternate target non-water here too.

Target 4: Open throw here but as the seasons progress and foliage thickens hyzers will send you into a field of mess. Anhyzer too.much and your into rough wooded area. Distance driver is good to throw on this one.

Target 5: Target B requires a well placed anhyzer to reach it. If you makea bad throw here the rough isn't what punishes you as much as the trees blocking the way. Fairway driver or good midrange throw can set you up for a birdie.

Target 6: Allows you to throw long but much like #5 a hyzer will land you in the field which isn't a good place to be as the weather warms. Anhyzer can put youover a fenced area which make disc recovery a memorial experience. Distance driver good choice here.

Target 7: Begins open and abruptly funnels into woods with the target placed just inside the wooded area. Distance driver or faiway driver can reach this one but has the disc spins down trees come into play too.

Target 8: Well wooded targets although basically two paths to both target placements if you are going for the shorter distance then use an understable midrange and take the same path for the longer target.

Target 9: Big over the water throw likely the most challenging target on this course. Large rocks guard the face of the target. It gives an appearance of being.fairly open but there is enough wood and canopy hazards to interfere. Some times the deep sink hole here is without water other times its like a pond of mud. A flat stable throw with a distance driver will get you there but expect a birdie at best or use alternate tee.

Target 10: Distance or Fairway driver will reach here. Targets require holding a slight hyzer line. Just enough wood to deflect a disc that strays of line.

Target 11: Mostly open dog leg right with target unguarded as well. Off the tee to the right is woods and runs opposite and parallel to #10. Gravel access road is part of the fairway here too. Some use rollers here others keep throwing. Either way an anhyzer is needed to reach the target.

Target 12: An island of trees and rough guard the shorter distance target. The longer target is more open. Distance drivers work well here. Setting the throw to hyzer or follow the line of a gravel access road which curves along the right side of this target will help you get to the shorter target. Using a driver going left of the island with an slight anhyzer throw is a better choice for the long range target.

Target 13: Thirteen has a sharp dog leg right which requires a throw through a funnel of woods on each side of the fairway. The trees are tall so going over them is not really an option. Add to this that the.distance to the funnel area requires a disc to break early into an anhyzer. Some choose to try to cut over the edge of the right most trees. Others try to place the disc at the mouth of the funnel the use the second throw as a birdie attempt. Yet many try to work through with an anhyzer. The best throw I've witnessed here was using a slight anhyzer but throwing higher towards the left side of the funnel. This allowed the disc to slow and breal early into an anhyzer which glided through the funnel and onto the fairway on the otherside. It left the thrower with about a 50 ft. Putt to the target.

Target 14: Mostly open and straight. Distance or FW driver can reach.

Target 15: This is a favorite of many. An elevated tee offers a great throwing view to a wide open to the shorter target. You really get a graphic look athow your disc reacts when you throw as the complete unobstructed glide can be observed. The longer target offers a par 4 is only obstructed by the small island of tree in the middle of the fairway and just behind the shorter target. Use your snipper disc and let loose on 15.

Target 16: Narrow fairway that begins open then doglegs right and the target becomes more wooded. Requires a good throw with an anhyzer to get you in range of the target. Using the first throw to set up for a better approach throw is bet.

Target 17:
Straight and narrow fairway that is well wooded. Use of a distance driver with slow hyzer should land the disc close to the target.

Target 18: The final target again is well wooded and using an understable driver that glides late into a hyzer can find it's way home.

Really there are too many good points to this course to even focus on the negative ones. Overall it is an excellent course to play and offers a fair enough challenge to keep you coming back for even more fun and depending on how your throw is the day you play it can issue some punishment as well.

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 Forgot how great this course is

5+    10/23/2013   10/24/2013
Review By: Declarkus
Played: 117  Reviewed: 16  Exp: 14.6 Years
0 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Multiple pin placements w/ great signage, well maintained, great variety, benches on every hole.
Cons: Located in a swamp so it can be soggy at times, and the mosquitoes in the summer keeps me from coming here all the time. I actually think they're attracted to deet.
Other Thoughts: I really like this course. I rank it #2 in the Nashville area to Cedar Hill. There as been a lot of work done since I last played a year or so ago, and its really improved footing and appearance. Its a challenge, but its fair.

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 Troll's Review

1    10/15/2013   10/17/2013
Review By: Eric troll Biscuits
Played: 31  Reviewed: 29  Exp: 29.5 Years
1 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: 18 holes
multiple pin placements
Long warm up hole/practice basket
Well maintained
Great lay out and landscape, mix up, open to woods, to hills, to water, great design
great scenery!
Water hazards
Cons: Not much to say, I guess on the first hole, there were some large vines that looked like they were being preserved, but, I feel that it could be eliminated... its killing the trees, and eventually will die too..
Other Thoughts: This was my favorite in Nashville, still no Mt. Airy!
I know that some people(where I live) don't like the reviews I give.... Well, take a trip to Nashville. I compare courses to the whole world, not just my locality. Obviously, with Nashville's 3 to 4 different disc golf clubs, plethora of great courses... Its sad to say but Cincinnati is lacking behind

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 Big Brother of Rutherford Counties Barfield Course

2-4    7/22/2013   7/22/2013
Review By: The Uncle
Played: 5  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 5.4 Years
0 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Long yardage holes, Mach 5 baskets in good condition, well maintained, great mix of long, short, wooded, open, and difficulty.
Cons: Mosquitos, mosquitos, mosquitos. Unfortunately its been bad the 2 times I have played but apparently is better in the fall or early spring.
Other Thoughts: I tossed some plastic in a tree that required me to use about 20 mins to get down and I was overwhelmed with bug bites and it ended my round as soon as it started. I'll be back.

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 A Model Course

5+    1/7/2013   1/11/2013
Review By: WillAnderson
Played: 28  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 6.9 Years
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Bring the whole bag folks because this course will require it! It's a model course because of all the variety. Wooded holes, water holes, ace runs, tight technical roller lovers, open crank-it holes, "privacy" rest benches, & a beautiful landscape that's well maintained by the great folks of Smyrna & the Middle Tennessee Disc Golf Association. 2 holes #3 & #9 over water (with alts) will make or break you. The corn fields & dog legs add some beauty & challenge to the open holes. It's also a model course because of its flow. You start out technical, keep it low moderately wooded 1-3a. After that, a shot over a pond #3 opens up to an open cornfield area #4 & #6. Hole 5 is a tightly wooded make your line count that's hard to park but easy to par. Hole 7 brings you back into the woods & an ace run on #9 over a sink hole. #10 was designed for rollers and will punish you. Relief comes at hole 11 & 12 before #13 brings you back to Earth, requiring a big anhyzer RHBH or tomahawk. By the time you arrive at #15 with a smile or a shaking head, you'll be glad for the downhill ace run where everybody will try to throw out their bags. #16 provides serenity & rest before finishing up in the woods. This course is incredibly well maintained & designed. Even the benches are artistic & custom-made by volunteers. It is well mulched even for a pay course even though it's free!
Cons: They don't call the annual tournament Skeeter Heater for nothing! Bring Deep Woods Off & you'll be fine. It's gonna upset most beginners because of the difficulty if you have a home course that's for babies. The rough is rough lol.
Other Thoughts: Play this course often & watch your score at other courses shoot up! Because of the versatility of the holes & different lines/light elevation changes, you'll find a smorgasbord of different ways to attack each hole. Depending on what season & month you play, Sharp Springs will show a different character. The basket placement changes many times throughout the year, keeping the flow unique, relevant & fresh. NO MATTER WHAT SEASON, YOU'LL LOVE THE CHARACTER OF THIS COURSE!

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